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Andhra Bank Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.C V R Rajendran Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.B A Prabhakar Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.B A Prabhakar Chairman and Managing director
Mr.R Ramachandran Chairman and Managing director
Mr.Sivakumar Gopalan Director
Mr.Nandlal L Sarda Director
Mr.A Krishna Kumar Director
Mr.Amit Goel Director
Mr.N Raja Gopal Reddy Director
Mr.Pankaj Chaturvedi Director
Mr.G Sivakumar Director
Dr.Naina Sharma Director
Mr.E E Karthak Director
Mr.Krishna Kumar Aravamudan Director
Mr.Sivakumar Gopala Director
Mr.Kailasam Raghuraman Director
Mr.G R Sundaravadivel Director
Mr.K Raghuraman Director
Mr.Prem Prakash Pareek Director
Mr.Manoranjan Das Director
Mr.N V R Reddy Director
Mr.N Rajagopal Reddy Director
Mr.V H Ramakrishnan Director
Mr.R Ramachandran Director
Mr.K Thamaraiselvan Employee Director
Mr.K K Misra Executive Director
Mr.Ajit Kumar Rath Executive Director
Mr.Satish Kumar Kalra Executive Director
Mr.B A Prabhakar Executive Director
Mr.S K Kalra Executive Director
Mr.A A Taj Executive Director
Mr.S K Kalra Managing Director & CEO
Mr.Suresh N Patel Managing Director & CEO
Mr.Mohammad Mustafa Nominee Director
Mr.Mustafa Mohammad Nominee Director
Mr.E E Karthak Nominee Director
Mrs.Madhulika P Sukul Nominee Director
Mr.Anandrao Vishnu Patil Nominee Director
Mr.K R Ananda Nominee Director
Mr.Pankaj Chaturvedi Non Official PartTime Director
Mr.N Venkata Ramana Reddy Part Time Non Official Director
Dr.(Ms.)Naina Sharma Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Amit Goel Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Nagi Reddy Venkata Ramana Reddy Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Pankaj Chaturvedi Part Time Non Official Director
Prof.Nandlal L Sarda Shareholder Director
Mr.G R Sundaravadivel Shareholder Director
Mr.A Krishna Kumar Shareholder Director
Mr.K Raghuraman Shareholder Director
Mr.G Sivakumar Shareholder Director
Mr.K Thamaraiselvan Workmen Employee Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.T V S Chandra Sekhar CFO & General Manager - Accounts
Mr.T V S Chandrasekhar CFO & General Manager - Accounts
Mr.S V Venkatasubramanian CFO & General Manager - Accounts
Mr.Y Amarnath Chief Financial Officer
Mr.T V S Chandrasekhar Chief Financial Officer
Mr.S V Venkatasubramanian Chief Financial Officer
Mr.S Suryanarayana Chief General Manager
Mr.R J Vaidyanathan Chief General Manager
Mr.V Satyanarayana Chief Manager
Mr.R S Vidyasagar Chief Vigilance Officer & General Manager
Mr.T R Ramabhadran Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.T R Ramabhadran Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.T V S Chandrasekhar Deputy General Manager
Mr.Y Amarnath Deputy General Manager
Mr.Y Amarnath Deputy General Manager & Co. Secretary
Mr.V B Bhagavathi General Manager
Mr.N Lakshman Kumar General Manager
Mr.K V Kannan General Manager
Mr.D Durga Prasad General Manager
Mr.P S Subba Rao General Manager
Mr.Rama Prasad General Manager
Mr.S V Venkatasubramanian General Manager
Mr.B Bhaskar Sarma General Manager
Mr.G Ravi Kumar General Manager
Mr.C Doraswamy General Manager
Mr.V M Parthasarathi General Manager
Mr.P R K Murthy General Manager
Mr.V Satyanarayanana Murthy General Manager
Mr.D Kishan Prasad General Manager
Mr.Ashwani Kumar Mittal General Manager
Mr.A V Ramakrishna Rao General Manager
Mr.R S Vidyasagar General Manager
Mr.T Venkaiah General Manager
Mr.Madan Mohan Tyagi General Manager
Mr.T V S Chandra Sekhar General Manager
Mr.B S Rama Rao General Manager
Mr.S R K Prasad General Manager
Mr.B Narendranath Reddy General Manager
Mr.V Sivasri General Manager
Mr.S V V Subramanian General Manager
Mr.M S Chalapati Rao General Manager
Mr.K S Rama Krishnan General Manager
Mr.R Athmaram General Manager
Mr.P Srinivas General Manager
Mr.M Anjaneya Prasad General Manager
Mr.B Raj Kumar General Manager
Mrs.Y Pramila Rani General Manager
Mr.R V Rajaram General Manager
Mr.Ch Rama Prasad General Manager
Mr.R Padmanabhan General Manager
Mr.B Narendranatha Reddy General Manager
Mr.M Seshachalapati Rao General Manager
Mr.T Ramakantha Paddilaya General Manager
Mr.P Nagendranath Rao General Manager
Mr.C Balasubrahmanyam General Manager
Mr.S V Venkata Subramanian General Manager
Mrs.Y Prameela Rani General Manager
Mrs.Prasanna Panicker General Manager
Mr.S Suryanarayana General Manager
Mr.V Sivasri General Manager & CVO
Mr.D Jogiraju General Manager (Accounts) & CFO
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