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Aries Agro Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Our Company was originally incorporated
as Aries Agro-Vet Industries Private Limited on
27th November, 1969 under the Companies Act, 1956.
It was converted into Public Limited Company as
Aries Agro-Vet Industries Limited on 30th December,
1994 The name was subsequently changed to Aries
Agro Limited on 27th October, 2006. Originally,
the Registered office of our Company
was located at 3-Agadhi Industrial Estate, Marol
Andheri (East),Mumbai 400 059 and was shifted to Aries
House, Plot No.24Deonar, Govandi (East), Mumbai 400
043 with effect from 23rd March, 1995

Our Company was founded by Dr. T.B. Mirchandani and Mrs
Bala Mirchandani, in the year 1969. The Company is
headquartered in Mumbai. Agromin (Chelated Micronutrients)
and Chelamin (Chelated Zinc) are the companys flagship

In 1969, the Company started off with a small range
of mineral feed additives for animals & birds.
The products attracted good margins.Our products
were immediately accepted by the consumers and slowly it
became the brand leader in the field of mineral nutrition
with a range of products including mineral premixes,
milk boosters, protein concentrates, vitamin premixes,
anti-coccidian and anti-bacterial feed additives.

In 1975, Aries diversified into nutrients
feeds for plant,considering the fact that in
India, the animal and agricultural farmer
are one and the same individual. We had in-house
expertise in the area of mineral nutrition and
thereby decided to concentrate on the
same.We conducted research on compounds that
could deliver mineral nutrients to plants more
efficiently. The research zeroed in on
Metal Chelates. The product had to be manufactured
in accordance with the locally available ingredients
and expertise which posed a challenge for us.
Thus further R&D had to be conducted in this arena
which solved the problem and Aries branched out
into Agrochemicals in 1975 with the introduction
of Chelated Micronutrients. We also conducted
in-house R&D to develop bactericides for agriculture.
Plantomycin was one of the first bactericide to
be licensed for agricultural use by the Govt.
of India. This was then followed by the introduction
of plant hormones.

In 2001, we expanded our product line to include
secondary nutrients sulphur, magnesium and calcium.
In 2002, Aries continued expanding its plant nutrition
product line to include value-added, water soluble
complexes of nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K).
Our Corporate Goal is to create value for farmers and
stakeholders.As of now, we have 4 manufacturing plants
at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata with
installedcapacity of 10,800 tpa, 5,400 tpa, 3,750 tpa
and 1,650 tpa respectively with total installed capacity
being at 21,600 tpa.