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AVT Natural Products Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1986 - The Company was incorporated on 12th March. It was promoted by
A.V. Thomas Group. The Company carries on processing of
soyabean, minor oil seeds and oil cakes by solvent extraction.

1987 - 60 Pref. and 110 No. of equity shares subscribed for by the
signatories to the Memorandum of Association. 15,99,890 No. of
equity shares then issued at par out of which 9,59,890 shares
were reserved and allotted to promoters, directors, their
relatives etc. (including 1,60,000 shares to non-resident Indians
on repatriation basis).

- Out of the remaining 6,40,000 shares, the following shares were
reserved for preferential allotment; (i) 2,40,000 shares to
non-resident Indians on repatriation basis (only 48,700 shares
taken up); (ii) 80,000 shares to employees (including Indian
working directors)/workers of the Company and (iii) 12,800 shares
to business associates of the Company (out of (ii) and (iii)
above only 14,600 shares taken up).

- The balance 2,07,200 shares along with the unsubscribed portion
of 2,69,500 shares out of the preferential quota were offered for
public subscription during April-May. Additional 1,60,000 shares
were allotted to the public to retain over-subscription.

1991 - The companies launched sunflower oil under brand name 'SUNBEAM'.

- Forfeiture on 8,500 No. of equity shares annulled.

1992 - In March, 17,60,000 Rights equity shares issued (Prem. Rs 13,
prop. 1:1). Additional 2,64,000 shares allotted to retain
over-subscription. Another 88,000 shares (prem. of Rs 13 per
share) offered to employees etc. (only 23,100 shares taken up).

1993 - The Company proposed to redeem the 12% redeemable cumulative
preference shares of Rs 6000 on 30.9.1993.

1994 - The Company has launched sale of coconut oil in Karnataka and
Sunflower oil in Kerala.

1996 - The Oleoresin division installed, an Effluent Treatment Plant at
Sathyamangalam and Bio Composting method to dispose the effluent
during the year.

1997 - Profitability of the Oleoresin division was not upto the mark due
to the closure of Sathyamangalam unit for 18 days on account of
villagers agitation on Environmental issue.

2000 - Kochi-based AVT Natural Products has commissioned its post
Marigold de-hydration centre at Tiptur, in Tumkur district , Karnataka.


-AVT Natural Products Ltd has entered into two agreements, one with M/s Pan American Seeds, USA and the other with Chrysantis USA


-AVT Natural Products Ltd has informed that AVT Natural Pte Ltd, Singapore, wholly owned subsidiary of the Company has entered into an agreement with Kemin Foods L.C.(USA) for managing their wholly owned subsidiary in Thailand, Siagra Company Ltd