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Can Fin Homes Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.T V Rao Additional Director
Mr.S Krishna Kumar Additional Director
Mr.Srinivas Ananthacharya Kadur Additional Director
Mr.K N Prithviraj Additional Director
Mr.P V Bharathi Additional Director
Mr.Sarada Kumar Hota Addl. Director & WTD
Mrs.Bharati Rao Addnl. & Ind.Director
Mr.S R Lyer Chairman
Mr.K N Prithviraj Chairman
Mr.S R Iyer Chairman
Mr.P R Yagnik Chairman / Chair Person
Mr.S R Iyer Chairman / Chair Person
Mr.P B Santhanakrishnan Director
Dr.Ashok Kumar Jain Director
Mr.T V Rao Director
Mr.Anil Kumar Nayyar Director
Mr.S A Kadur Director
Dr.K K Deb Director
Mr.S R Iyer Director
Mr.K S Madhava Murthy Director
Mr.K R Vijayendra Director
Mr.Subramaniyam Ramachandran Iyer Director
Mr.T V Rao Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.P B Santhanakrishnan Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Sarada Kumar Hota Managing Director
Mr.C Ilango Managing Director
Mr.S A Kadur Promoter Non-Exe.Director
Mrs.P V Bharathi Promoter Non-Exe.Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Rm Veerappan Asst. General Manager
Mr.R Murugan Asst. General Manager
Mr.N Babu Asst. General Manager
Mr.Sunil Mittal Asst. General Manager
Mr.B M Sudhakar Asst. General Manager
Mr.M Sundar Raman Asst. General Manager
Mr.J Sanjay Kumar Asst. General Manager
Mr.Jagadeesha Acharya Asst. General Manager
Mr.Prashanth Shenoy Asst. General Manager
Mr.B Prakash Shanbhogue Asst. General Manager
Mr.G K Nagaraja Rao Asst. General Manager
Mr.K S Sathyaprakash Asst. General Manager
Mr.Rm.Veerappan Asst. General Manager
Mr.Ajay Kumar G Shettar Asst. General Manager
Mr.Atanu Bagchi Asst. General Manager
Mr.A Madhukar Asst. General Manager
Mr.V Durga Rao Asst. General Manager
Mrs.M Shamila Asst. General Manager
Mr.T Bakthavalsalan Asst. General Manager
Mr.P Vijayasekhara Raju Asst. General Manager
Mrs.M Shamila Asst. General Manager & CFO
Mr.K S Sathyaprakash Asst. General Manager & Co. Secretary
Mr.K S Sathyaprakash Asst. GM , CS & Co. Officer
Mr.N Sivasankaran Chief Manager
Mr.D R Prabhu Chief Manager
Mr.R Madhu Kumar Chief Manager
Mr.V Arun Kumar Chief Manager
Mrs.Mallika Shetty Chief Manager
Mr.N Jayakumar Chief Manager
Mrs.Reshma Mallya Chief Manager
Mr.M Vinayaka Rao Chief Manager
Mr.T T Achuthanand Chief Manager
Mrs.J Meenakshi Chief Manager
Mr.Santosh Prakash Srivastav Chief Manager
Mr.R Hariharasubramanian Chief Manager
Mrs.Chitra Srinath Chief Manager
Mr.P Badri Srinivas Chief Manager
Mr.S N Venkatesh Chief Manager
Mr.M Naveen Prabhu Chief Manager
Mr.K Srinivas Chief Manager
Mr.M Sundar Raman Chief Manager
Mr.R Murugan Chief Manager
Mr.Prashanth Shenoy Chief Manager
Mr.G K Nagaraja Rao Chief Manager
Mr.V Durga Rao Chief Manager
Mr.Ajay Kumar G Shettar Chief Manager
Mr.B M Sudhakar Chief Manager
Mr.A Madhukar Chief Manager
Mr.Atanu Bagchi Chief Manager
Mr.H V Shekar Chief Manager
Mr.Sunil Kumar Mittal Chief Manager
Mr.N Babu Chief Manager
Mr.Jagadeesha Acharya Chief Manager
Mr.Prakash Shanbhogue B Chief Manager
Mr.Srinivasa Malladi Chief Manager
Mr.P S Mallya Chief Manager
Mr.Sanjay Kumar J Chief Manager
Mr.Prashanth Joishy Chief Manager
Mr.Prakash Shanbogue Chief Manager
Mr.H R Narendra Chief Manager
Mr.A Uthaya Kumar Chief Manager
Mrs.Veena G Kamath Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mrs.Veena G Kamath Company Secretary
Mr.Ajay Kumar G Shettar Deputy General Manager
Mr.P Vijayasekhara Raju Deputy General Manager
Mr.R M Veerappan Deputy General Manager
Mr.K S Sathyaprakash Deputy General Manager
Mrs.Shamila M Deputy General Manager
Mrs.M Shamila Deputy General Manager
Mr.Atanu Bagchi DGM & CFO
Mr.Prashanth Joishy SR. Manager