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Career Point Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Our Company was incorporated as public limited company on March 31, 2000, under the Companies Act.

The Promoter of our Company, Mr. Pramod Maheshwari has been in the business of tutoring for
competitive entrance examinations since 1993 and the business was being administered under
proprietorship firms of Mr.Pramod Maheshwari, Mr.Om Prakash Maheshwari and Mr.Nawal Kishore
Maheshwari, our Promoters.

However, during Financial Year 2002, our Promoters started undertaking tutoring services via Franchisee
Centres through our Company. Subsequently, from April 1, 2006 we also started providing tutoring
services through Company Operated Training Centres.

Major Events and Milestones

The table below sets forth some of the major events in the history of our Company:

S. No. Calendar Year Details

1. 2000 Formation of our Company as a public limited company viz., Career Point
Infosystems Limited

2. 2002 Launched franchisee learning centres as a part of our expansion plans

3. 2006 Ventured into providing tutoring services through Company Operated Training

4. 2007 Launched synchroEschool programme

5. 2007 Investment by M/s Volrado Venture Partners

6. 2008 Launched Career Point Knowledge Lab in Kota

7. 2008 Test launch of 'TechEdge' class

8. 2008 Executed management cooperation agreement with Singhania University for
establishing university off campus

9. 2009 Investment of Rs. 500 million in our Company by FTPES, portfolio managed by
Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private Limited.

10. 2009 Executed management services agreement with the Gopi Bai Foundation Trust
Kota (Raj.) for providing management services to Global Public School

11. 2010 Executed MOU with Hughes Communications India Limited 12. 2010

12. 2010 Investment of Rs. 100 million in our Company by Mr. Nadathur Srinivasa
Raghvan, Partner for and on behalf of Kalpa Partners.

13. 2010 Executed MOU with Gopi Bai Foundation Trust Kota (Raj.) for providing
Education Consultancy and Management Services for the proposed University at
Alania, Kota, Rajasthan