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Celebrity Fashions Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.K Sridhar Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Mr.V Rajagopal Chairman
Mrs.Rama Rajagopal Director
Mr.P S Raman Independent Director
Mr.N K Ranganath Independent Director
Mrs.Nidhi Reddy Independent Director
Mr.Vidyuth Rajagopal Joint Managing Director
Mr.Charath Ram Narsimhan Managing Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Charath Narsimhan Chief Executive Officer
Mr.J S Kumar Chief Financial Officer
Mrs.L Visalakshi Chief Financial Officer
Mr.C C Selin Reubalin Chief Operating Officer
Ms.Uma Maheswari Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.Senthil Kumar K Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Ramya K Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.K Ramya Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.A Rishi kumar Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Uma Maheswari Company Secretary
Mr.K Ramya Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.Ramya K Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.Charath Ram Narsimhan Compliance Officer
Mr.Charath Narsimhan Compliance Officer
Mr.L Visalakshi Deputy General Manager - Finance & Accounts
Mr.J Balaji Deputy General Manager - Purchases
Mrs.L Visalakshi DGM - Finance & Accounts
Mr.Selin Reubalin C C Exe. Vice President - Operations
Mr.Sankaranarayanan G General Manager
Mr.G Sankaranarayanan General Manager
Mr.L Visalakshi General Manager - Accounts & Finance
Mr.A M Gopinath General Manager - Commercial
Mr.W Charlie Manickarayan General Manager - HR
Mr.R Pushpa General Manager - Merchandising
Mr.Balaji J General Manager - Purchase
Mr.J Balaji General Manager - Purchase
Mr.A Martin Premkumar General Manager - Technical
Mr.Martin Premkumar A General Manager - Technical
Mr.A M Gopinath Vice President - Commercial
Mrs.Visalakshi L Vice President - Finance & Accounts
Mr.C C Selin Reubalin Vice President - Operations