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Coal India Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.S Bhattacharya Chairman
Mr.S Narsing Rao Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.S Bhattacharya Chairman & Managing Director
Dr.A K Dubey Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.S Narsing Rao Chairman and Managing director
Mrs.Zohra Chatterji Chairman and Managing director
Mr.N C Jha Chairman and Managing director
Dr.D C Panigrahi Director
Mr.R Mohan Das Director
Ms.Loretta Mary Vas Director
Dr.Satish Balaram Agnihotri Director
Mr.Vinod Jain Director
Dr.A K Dubey Director
Prof.Khanindra Pathak Director
Mr.A K Sinha Director (Finance)
Mr.Bipin Kumar Saxena Director (Marketing)
Mr.R Mohan Das Director (Personnel)
Mr.N Kumar Director (Technical)
Mr.Chandan Kumar Dey Director - Finance
Mr.Abhijit Chatterjee Director - Finance
Mr.C K Dey Director - Finance
Mr.A Chatterjee Director - Finance
Mr.Bipin Kumar Saxena Director - Marketing
Mr.B K Saxena Director - Marketing
Mr.S N Prasad Director - Marketing
Mr.R Mohan Das Director - Personnel
Mr.Shekhar Sharan Director - Technical
Mr.N Kumar Director - Technical
Ms.Loretta M Vas Independent Director
Ms.Sachi Chaudhuri Independent Director
Dr.Sheela Bhide Independent Director
Mr.Mohd Anis Ansari Independent Director
Mr.Kamal R Gupta Independent Director
Prof.S K Barua Independent Director
Dr.A K Rath Independent Director
Dr.S B Agnihotri Independent Director
Dr.Khanindra Pathak Independent Director
Mr.Alok Perti Independent Director
Dr.R N Trivedi Independent Director
Prof.Indranil Manna Independent Director
Mr.C Balakrishnan Independent Director
Dr.D C Panigrahi Independent Director
Mr.Vinod Jain Independent Director
Dr.Noor Mohammad Independent Director
Mr.A K Dubey Nominee Director
Mrs.Sujata Prasad Nominee Director
Mr.R F Gupta Part Time Director
Mr.Rajesh Kumar Sinha Part Time Director
Dr.Noor Mohammed Part Time Non Official Director
Prof.Indranil Manna Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Shri Prakash Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Kamal Raj Gupta Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Alok Perti Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.C Balakrishnan Part Time Non Official Director
Ms.Anjali Anand Srivastava Part Time Official Director
Mrs.Zohra Chatterji Part Time Official Director
Dr.A K Dubey Part Time Official Director
Mrs.Sujata Prasad Part Time Official Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.S Bhattacharya Chief Executive Officer
Mr.C K Dey Chief Financial Officer
Mr.D K Ghosh Chief General Manager (Finance)
Dr.H Sarkar Chief General Manager(F) / Company Secretary
Mr.M Viswanathan Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.M Viswanathan Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.G Bandyopadhyay General Manager (Finance)
Mr.P Chakraborty General Manager - Finance
Mr.G Bandyopadhyay General Manager - Finance
Mr.Vivek Bharadwaj Joint Secretary
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