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Crompton Greaves Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1937 - The Company was incorporated on 28th April, as a private limited
company under the name, The Cromption Parkinson (Works) Ltd. The
main objects of the Company is manufacture, distribution and
sales, installation and servicing of electrical and allied
equipment such as industrial motors, fractional horse power
motors, control gear, power and distribution transformers,
alternators, switchgear, tap changers, etc.

- The Company also undertakes the manufacture of railway equipments
as well as electronic equipment and micro processor based
systems in relation to communication, measurement, testing,
automation and control, computers and also Research & Development
and consultancy assignments in the areas of science and

- The Company has also undertaken manufacture and marketing of
industrial electronics, consumer electronics, household
appliances and railway signalling equipment.

- Greaves Cotton & Cromption Parkinson Ltd., Mumbai a company
incorporated on 7th June, as a private company with the main
objects of distribution and sale, installation and servicing of
electrical and allied equipment

1947 - It was a wholly owned subsidiary of Crompton Parkinson Ltd.,
England during the year.

1966 - Greaves Cotton & Cromption Parkinson Ltd., Mumbai was amalgamated
with the Company from 1st January, by an order of the Mumbai High
Court dated 18th July.

- After the amalgamation of GCCP, the Company's name was changed on
2nd August from Cromption Parkinson (Works) Ltd., to Cromption
Greaves Ltd.

1975 - The company had only one other technical collaboration agreement
with Hitachi Ltd., Japan for the manufacture of moulded case
circuit breakers, which was since expired.

1978 - It entered into various technical collaboration agreements with
several renowned manufacturers from U.S.A., U.K., Europe and

- It entered into technical collaboration agreement with
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, U.S.A., for the manufacture of
400 KV transformers, aluminium wound transformers and high
voltage vacuum interrupters, with Brush Electricals Ltd., U.K.,
for alternators, with Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers of U.K.,
for medium range on-load tap changers, with Emile Haefely,
Switzerland, for current and potential transformers and condensor
bushings, with Hundt & Weber, West Germany, for air circuit
breakers, with Westinghouse Brake & Signals, U.K., for signalling
relays and mosaic panels with Siemens AG, for push button
electronic telephone instruments, with Hitachi Ltd., Japan, for
motors and contractors and relays with Mitsubishi Electric
Corporation, Japan, for SF6 gas circuit breakers with NEI
Reyrolle, France, for auto recloser, with Power Conversion Inc.,
U.S.A., for lithium batteries and with Sekar Enterprises, U.S.A.,
for polymer concrete insulation.

- Pavana Investment Pvt. Ltd., incorporated on 26th April, with an
equity share capital of Rs 50 lakhs became a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Company.

- Hind Condensor Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pavana
Investment Pvt. Ltd. Both Pavana Investment Pvt. Ltd., and Hind
Condensor Pvt. Ltd., became deemed public companies.

- 2,40,000 bonus shares issued in the prop. 1:3.

1981 - Kerala Electric Lamp Works Ltd. (formerly Toshiba Anand Lamps
Ltd.,) became a subsidiary of the Company.

1986 - The Company jointly with the Punjab state Industrial Development
Corporation Ltd., promoted another company under the name Punjab
Power Generation Machines Ltd., for the manufacture of hydro
turbines upto 20 MW in Punjab.

- The Company promoted jointly with Economic Development
Corporation of Goa, Daman & Diu Ltd., another company under the
name of Goa Electricals and Fans Ltd., for the manufacture of
ceiling fans in Goa.

1987 - An up-to-date plant for the manufacture of vacuum interrupters
was commissioned at Aurangabad.

- An up-to-date plant for the manufacture of industrial electronic
items and a project for the manufacture of signalling systems
commissioned at Nasik and an instrument relays project were
commissioned at Pithampur.

- The diversification projects under implementation were fluid
purifiers at Aurangabad, rural automatic exchange and line
transmission equipment at Bangalore, transformers and reactors
at Malanpur near Gwalior, and a software development centre at
Mumbai and Bangalore.

- The Company developed and introduced 33 KV SF6 breakers, local
transformers and hydro generators.

- A new R&D laboratory in the field of illumination was added to
the existing laboratories in the areas of power electronics,
telecommunication and manufacturing engineering.

- Goa Telematics Ltd., another company promoted jointly with
economic Development Corporation of Goa was set up in Goa for the
manufacture of moderns, data communication terminals, etc.

- A new company under the name of CG-PPI Adhesive Products Ltd.,
jointly promoted with Pl Adhesive Products Ltd., Ireland was set
up in Goa for the manufacture of adhesive tapes for electrical
and electronics application.

1988 - The Company developed and introduced supervisory control and data
acquisition and programmable logical controllers.

- The Company commissioned under joint venture, plants for the
manufacture of telematics at Goa and television receivers at

1989 - The R&D wing progressed in developing and introducing new
products such as magnetic amplifier transistorised AC drive,
production line impulse tests, electronic chopper for fork lift
truck and energy efficient ceiling fans.

- 9,60,000 bonus shares issued in the prop. 1:1.

1990 - The rural telecommunication unit at Bangalore, the transformers
unit at Malanpur and M.P. and vacuum fluid purifier plant at
Aurangabad were commissioned.

- Fresh Collaboration agreements were entered into with Kato
Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Japan, for fluid purifiers,
with Westinghouse Brake & Signals Holdings Ltd., U.K., for point
machines and with Hitachi Ltd., Japan for lighting arresters.

- New products developed and introduced by the R&D wing were new
telephones such as feature phones, slim-line uniterruptible
power supply of computers, automatic test systems for motors,
MODCMS and data communication terminal 12 KV SF6 capacitor switch
and MCCR with Type C Co-ordination.

- The adhesive tapes project at Goa and the turbine project at
Punjab were implemented. A joint venture company under the name
of CG-Teltec Ltd., with foreign equity participation was promoted
by CG and Teltec of Denmark for the manufacture of radio
communication equipment at Bangalore.

- Another joint venture company was promoted under the name of
CG-Newage Electrical Ltd., with foreign equity participation from
Newage International Ltd., U.K., for the manufacture of electric
motors, generators and control systems thereof at Ahmednagar for
the manufacture of motors and alternators was commissioned in May

- Kerala Electric Lamp Works Ltd. (KELW) was amalgamated with the
company with the effect from 1st April. In terms of the Scheme
of Amalgamation, the shareholders of KELW were to be issued 264
No. of equity shares of Rs 100 each of the Company in the
proportion of one share of the Company for every 50 fully paid-up
equity shares of Rs 10 each of KELW.

1991 - The R&D wing progressed in developing new products such as
automatic test systems for motors and transformers, impulse test
systems, high performance polyurethane paint, ESMAP-2P, software
for FEA of electrical products and computer graphic cards, such
as CHROMA and an extended range of transistorised microprocessor
based AC drives.

- During February/March, the Company offered 6,40,000-12.5% secured
fully convertible debentures of Rs 475 each on Rights basis in
the proportion 1 debentures: 3 equity shares held (all were taken
up). Simultaneously another 32,000-12.5% debentures were offered
to the employees' on an equitable basis (all were taken up).

- Each debenture was compulsorily and automatically converted into
1 equity share of Rs 100 each at a premium of Rs 375 per share
on 1st August, 1992. Accordingly, 6,72,000 No. of equity shares
were allotted. 13,11,216 Rights equity shares (prem. Rs 700;
prop. 1:2) allotted on 19.3.1993.

- 264 No. of Equity shares allotted pursuant to a Scheme of

1992 - A joint venture project for manufacture of electric meters at
Gurgaon and Company's plant for manufacture of lithium batteries
at Goa were commissioned.

- The R&D unit developed new products like DC/AC current sensor and
mixed dielectric insulation system for 220 KV coupling

1993 - A joint venture projects for manufacture micro motors at EPZ,
Chennai and another for manufacture of solid state energy meters
at Gurgaon, Haryana were commissioned. The joint venture unit
for electronic battery chargers, a 100% export oriented unit at
Chennai, was launched.

- The R&D unit introduced new products like AC drives, static
convertors, brushless DC motors, SF6 capacitor switch, inverters
for railway applications, impregnating resins, furnace control
systems, auto synchronising units, GPIB controller/GPIB
instruments, industrial control display and monitoring software
design automation and automatic test systems.

- During January/February the Company offered 12,96,132 No. of
equity shares of Rs 100 each at a premium of Rs 700 per share on
Rights basis in the proportion 1:2 (all were taken up).

- Another 64,807 No. of equity shares of Rs 100 each were offered
to the employees' at a premium of Rs 700 per share on an
equitable basis (only 15,084 shares taken up). Unsubscribed
portion of 49,273 shares was allowed to lapse.

- The Company proposed to issue equity shares/convertible
bonds/dispository receipts upto the value of US $35 million or
Rupee equivalent thereof through International offering and/or
private placement with Foreign Financial Institutions.

1994 - A joint venture project for manufacture of medium voltage ring
main units at Nasik was commissioned. The Stampings factory at
Mumbai launched the non silicon range of electrical steel

- The Company submitted its bid to DOT for provision of cellular
services in seven circles in association with Millicons of

- A Company CG Communication Pvt. Ltd., was promoted to provide
cellular mobile telephone services in the telecom services in

- The Company undertook to invest 60% in CG Graphnet Pvt. Ltd., a
Company formed for selling up a network for offering a diverse
range of data and message handling services like E-Mail, Enhanced
fax and other value added services.

- It was also proposed to invest upto 40.5% in the share capital of
Skycell Communications Pvt. Ltd., a company formed for providing
cellular communication services.

- The Company has established a well equipped electricals (LV) and
an electronics laboratory at its Kanjur Complex, an engineering
laboratory and an EHV laboratory at Ambad, Nasik and an
illumination engineering laboratory at Worli.

- The Central R&D Laboratory set up at Kanjur is also recognised
by the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of

- New products such as electronic speed governor for hydel and
steam turbines, Co-generation packages for the sugar industry for
own use and to feed any surplus power into the grid, solid state
inter locking for railway yards, block multiplexes for date
communication for railway signalling, upgradation of soft
stenters and transformer technology absorption of AVS controller
from Powertec, USA, microprocessor based trip relay controllers
for air circuit breakers and micro processor based test measuring
instruments were developed and introduced.

- 52,50,000 of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 200 per share allotted
on private placement basis to FIIs.

1995 - A modern transformer factory with the latest manufacturing
equipment was set up at Bhopal with a present installed capacity
of 5000 MVA per annum and capable of undertaking manufacture of
8000 KV or HDVC transformers in future.

- The transformer division also developed a 290 MVA, 220 KV class,
3 phase generator transformer, the largest 3 phase 220 KV class
generator transformer in India.

- Hind Condensor Ltd., Goa Telematics Ltd. (GTL) and Northern
Digital Exchanges Ltd. (NODE) were amalgamated with the Company.

- The Company issued and allotted 11,06,440 shares and 2,893 shares
to the shareholders of erstwhile NODE and GTL respectively.

1996 - The Company was restructured in four main business group viz.
Power system, Industrial system, consumer products and Digital to
ensure enhanced focus and effectiveness.

- Indocom Industries Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of the company and
Lumino Lamps Ltd. were amalgamated with the Company. Consequent
to the amalgation 31,366 shares were issued to the shareholders
of erstwhile Lumino Lamps Ltd.

- The Company accessed the international capital market with an
issue of US $50 million which was fully subscribed at Rs 265 per
GDR. To this issue, 66,13,750 GDRs and an equal number of
underlying equity shares of Rs 10 each were allotted.

1997 - 2,49,343-14% secured non-convertible debentures Rs 100 each
issued on private placement basis are redeemable at a premium of
5% on 15th July.

- The 10,00,000-19% secured redeemable non-convertible debenture
of Rs 100 each redeemable at 5% in 3 equity instalments starting
from the end of 6th year from the May 1992 the date of allotment.

- The Kersons Manufacturing Company of India Ltd. (Kersons) and Goa
Electricals and Fans Ltd. (GEFL) were amalgamated with the
Company. Consequent to the amalgamation the company issued
1,11,030 and 4,792 shares to the shareholders of erstwhile GEFL
and Kersons respectively.

- Crompton Greaves, a Thapar group company, has formed a joint
venture with ELIN Energieversorgung (ELIN) of Austria to
manufacture gas and steam turbine driven generators, up to 45
MVA capacity, and hydel generators.

- Crompton Greaves Ltd., one of India's largest private sector
enterprises in electrical engineering, has opened its Energy
Conservation Cell at Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta to
help customers take on the soaring fuel prices.

- The 50:50 joint venture between Thapar group company Crompton
Greaves and Elin, Cg Elin power systems, would come up in
Mandideep near Bhopal.

- Crompton Greaves Power Systems group, one of the four divisions
of Crompton Greaves Ltd (CGL), has signed an MoU with Allied
Signal Amorphous Metals to develop amorphous metal transformers
for the Indian and export markets.

- N E C Corporation has formation of a joint venture with India's
Crompton Greaves Ltd, in Bangalore to manufacture microwave
telecom systems, turning out such gadgets as very small aperture
terminals and synchronous digital hierarchy microwave systems.

- Crompton will provide the technical knowhow and management
support to the joint venture for which it will be paid fee and
royalty on sales.

- Goa Electricals and Fans Ltd. (GEFL), a joint sector company
promoted by the Economic Development Corporation of Goa (EDC)
and Crompton Greaves Ltd. (CGL), is to be amalgamated with CGL
under the provisions of the Sick Industrial Companies (Special
Provision) Act, 1985.

- Crompton Greeves-Powerware, the 49:51 joint venture between
Crompton Greaves (CG) and the US-based Exide Electronics for
the manufacture of UPS systems, will unveil its range of large
UPS systems, in the 40-150 KVA range, in October.

- Crompton Greaves is joining hands with the $40 billion NEC of
Japan to set up a joint venture for the manufacture of
microwave radio equipment.

- The US$ 800 million Austrian company Elin is in talks with
Crompton Greaves to set up new joint venture company in the
power transmission and distribution sector.

1998 - CGL has recently forged an alliance with Link Middle East Ltd.
(LMEL) to form a 40:60 joint venture company, initially for the
manufacture of medium voltage vacuum switchgear at Dubai.

- Crompton Greaves in collaboration with Allied Electrical of the
US will soon commence commercial production of newly developed
transformer of higher rating.

- CGPL became a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGL after the transfer
of 110,000 equity shares held by Tamil Nadu Industrial
Development Corporation to CGL in May.

- Investment Information & Credit Rating Agency (ICRA) has assigned
an A1 rating to the Rs.150-crore short-term debt programme of
Crompton Greaves Ltd (CGL). The rating indicates highest safety.

1999 - PPGML, a company promoted by CGL and PSDIC in 1985 in technical
collaboration with Germany based Voest Alpine and Kossler, has
facilities for manufacture of hydro-turbines upto 120 MW at
Channo, Punjab.

- Crompton Greaves Ltd. that they have signed an MoU with Israel
based Tadiran Telecommunications Ltd., for marketing and
servicing Tadiran's Coral range of telecommunication product in
the Indian subcontinent.

- Crompton Greaves Ltd. (CGL) has entered into a technical
collaboration with Allied Signal Inc. for manufacturing
Amorphous Metal Transformers (AMT).

- The company has also signed a four-year wage settlement with its
employees at Nahsik and Satpur.

2000 - The Company has entered into an agreement with Bharti
Televentures Ltd., for the sale of its 40.5% shareholding in
Skycell Communications Ltd. for a sum of approx. Rs 95 crores
based on the enterprise value.

- Gautam Thapar Managing director of Ballarpur Industries has
joined Karan Thapar as Director in Crompton Greaves.

- The informatics division of Crompton Greaves has tied up with
Remedy Corporation for consultation, implementation and training
of eCRM and eBusiness infrastructure solutions in India.

- The Company has signed an agreement with French company
Schneider Electric for selling its low tension control gear
business located in Nasik in Maharashtra.

- The Company has entered into an agreement for sale of its Low
Tension Control Gear division located at Satpur, Nashik to
Schneider Electric India Ltd for approximately Rs 76 crore.

- The Company has hived off its joint venture subsidiary, Skycell
Communication Ltd., for a total sale consideration of Rs 124

- The Company has introduced two new fan models called Gothica and Exotica.

2001 - The Company which launched indiawomenpower.com, a women specific
portal, launched a portal on tenders called tenderpower.com.

- CG-Digital, a business unit of Crompton Greaves, has launched a new range of
digital and KTS/EPABX systems to suit varying needs of communication.

- The Company currently holds 30,99,993 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each in the
share capital of CG Igarashi Motors Ltd. and 1,91,978 No.of equity shares of Rs 100
each of the share capital of CTR Manufacturing Industries Ltd.

- The Company has proposed to transfer its shareholdings in CG Igarashi Motors and
CTR Manufacturing Industries to its 100 per cent subsidiary, CG Capital & Investments.

2001 - IN a bid to reduce its manufacturing costs, LM Thapar Group company Crompton Greaves
has begun importing electrical components from Chinese manufacturers for its consumer
products division.


-Crompton Greaves Ltd has informed that Mr S D Crowther has relinquished his Directorship from the Board of Directors of the company wef February 01, 2002.

-Crompton Greaves Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has divested its shareholding of 38% in CG Newage Electrical Ltd to Cummins India Ltd at a price of Rs 220.50 per share.


- Appointment of Mr S Labroo as an Additional Director.

-Solaris Chemtech Ltd has increased its holding in this company to 12.65 per cent after it acquired 9,50,000 shares from Greaves Ltd.

-The company has got approval for capital restructuring-according to which Rs 1520 million be utilised for adjustment against the balances in the following accounts as at March 31, 2003 and accretions/variations thereto during the period April 1, 2003 to July 31, 2003
1. Miscellaneous Expenditure (to the extent not written off or adjusted)
2. Deferred Tax Asset and
3. Debit Balance in the Profit and Loss Account.


- Delisting of shares from Madras Stock Exchange.

-Crompton Greaves Ltd has informed that the BoD at its meeting held today (July 22, 2004), the Board approved the following changes in the company's BoD: Appointment of Gautam Thapar as Chairman.Resignation of Mr KK Nohria as a Director.Both the above changes are effective from the conclusion of the AGM scheduled to be held on July 22, 2004

-Crompton Greaves - Hitachi CG Motor Engg becomes a subsidiary of the Company


-Crompton Greaves Board declares Interim Dividend

-Crompton Greaves keen on acquisitions in industrial systems

--Crompton picking up stake in Belgian firm


-Crompton Greaves picks up Hungarian firms

-Crompton Greaves to acquire stake in MCPPL

-Crompton Greaves to establish in MP


-Crompton Greaves forays into power distribution

-CG to take over electricity supply in Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra, from January 2008.


-Crompton Greaves takes over French firm

-Crompton Greaves joins hand with Dutch company

-Crompton Greaves to acquire MSE Power Systems and its group companies

- CG Wins 'Best Product' Award & Certificate of Appreciation at Elecrama 2008 - 22/01/08

-Crompton Greaves Ltd has bagged the prestigious 'GREENTECH GOLD AWARD 2007' in the Engineering Sector. This award is for Environmental Management systems for Green Products and Process Technologies developed at CG


-Acquisition of Sonomatra in France

-CGL becomes the 1st Indian Company to make 1200 kV Power Product (CVT). -- (21/01/09)

- Crompton Greaves gets the Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award-2008 -- (21/01/09)


- Crompton Greaves Ltd has appointed Mr. Suresh Prabhu as an Additional Director of the Company with immediate effect.

- Crompton Greaves Ltd has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with ZIV Aplicaciones y Tecnologia, S.L (ZIV)., headquartered in Spain, for establishing a Joint Venture Company in India, for the manufacture of Substation Automation Systems for Substations in EHV and UHV range, including protective relays, differential relays, bay control units, bus-bar systems, substation units, etc
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