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Dhunseri Petrochem Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1916 - The Company was incorporated at Calcutta. The main objects of
the Company is Cultivation of tea and manufacture of

- 21 Pref. shares issued at the discretion of the Directors.

1969 - 2,000 No. of equity shares issued for cash and 28,000 Bonus
Equity shares issued in the prop. 2:5.

1970 - The name of the Company was changed from Dhunseri Tea Co., Ltd.
to Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd.

1974 - 50,000 Bonus Equity shares issued in the prop. 1:2.

1976 - Pref. shares redeemed 50,000 Bonus Equity shares issued in prop.

1981 - In terms of a Scheme of Arrangement, the Company acquired two tea
estates belonging to Naga Hills Tea Co., Ltd., viz., Dilli Tea
Estate and Namsang Tea Estate. For this acquisition, 2,00,000
No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each of the Company were issued to
Naga Hills Tea Co., Ltd. without payment in cash.

1985 - 2,00,000 Bonus Equity Shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1990 - 9,00,000 Right Equity Shares issued in prop. 3:2.

1991 - Necessary steps were taken to raise funds by way of equity shares
to the public, for the expansion scheme undertaken by the Company
for its pharmaceutical as well as tea divisions.

- The Bahadur Tea Co. Pvt. Ltd., was amalgamated with the Company
effective 1st April.

- The company's packed tea under the brand name Lal Ghora and Kala
Ghora continued to we well received in the market.

1992 - 15,00,000 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1 on 13th May.

1993 - The company acquired Khagorijan Tea Estates and the number of tea
estates adds to seven in Assam.

- Santi Tea Estate Pvt. Ltd., was amalgamated with the Company as
per the orders received from the High Court of Calcutta.

1994 - Subject to necessary approvals the Company proposed to amalgamate
Choukhanybag Tea Co. Ltd. with itself.

- 15,00,000 No. of equity shares issued to public.

1995 - The Company has successfully launched its packet teas in few
states during the year.

1996 - 25,00,000 No. of equity shares allotted on conversion of
tradeable warrants.

1997 - A scheme of arrangement between the Company and Royal Refinery
Ltd. was sanctioned by the High Court, Calcutta. Accordingly,
the shareholders of the Company will be allotted one equity share
of Rs 10 each of Royal Refinery Ltd., for every seven shares held
by them in the Company as on 26th June 1988.

- The Company issued 15% Secured Non-convertible debentues worth
Rs 8 crores on private placement basis with Financial

- The Company has launched its Packet teas in some other States
also. Commercial production at the Company's packeting factory
at Jaipur commenced during the year.

- The Company has entered into agreement with National Securities
Depository Ltd. which would enable investors to hold and trade in
company's shares in dematerialised form.

2002-Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd has informed that Shri S L Dhanuka the Non-Executive Chairman of the company expired on December 16, 2002.


- Dhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on January 28, 2008, has appointed Sri. Bharat Bajoria as an Additional Director of the Company.