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History of Fulford (India) Ltd., Company
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Fulford (India) Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1948 - The Company was incorporated on 2nd March, under the name 'C.E.
Fulford (India), Ltd.', as a wholly owned subsidiary of C.E.
Fulford, Ltd., U.K. The company manufacture ethical
pharmaceutical products which include various speciality products
in the areas of antibiotics, antifungals, antiallergics,
dermatologicals and corticosteroids.

1968 - The Company was engaged in the business of manufacturing and
marketing pharmaceutical consumer products which included cough
tablets and herbal ointment marketed under the trade marks 'PEPS'
and 'ZAM'BUK' respectively.

- The Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Schering
Corporation U.S.A., which is 100% subsidiary of Schering-Plough
Corporation, U.S.A.

1971 - The Company introduced its first ethical pharmaceutical product
'GARAMYCIN'. With the assistance of Schering Corporation, U.S.A.
the Company undertook the manufacture of a range of other ethical
pharmaceutical products.

1980 - In December, Schering-Plough Investments, Ltd., a wholly owned
subsidiary of Schering Corporation U.S.A., acquired the entire
share capital of Schering-Plough Holdings, Ltd. Thus, this
company became a direct subsidiary of Schering-Plough Holdings,
Ltd. U.K.

- The Company has entered into an agreement dated 22nd January,
with C.E. Fulford Ltd., U.K. (now known as Shering-Plough
Holdings Ltd., U.K.) which grants to the Company a licence to
continue to use the words 'C.E. Fulford: or 'Fulford' as part of
the Company's corporate name.

- 1,000 Pref. and 1,000 Defd. shares converted into 20,000 No. of
Equity shares of Rs 10 each 1,10,000 bonus shares then issued in
prop. 11:5 on 15.2.1980.

1981 - The name of the company was changed to Fulford (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
effective from 9th March. The Company was converted into a
public limited company on 12th August, 1981.

1982 - 2,40,000 shares issued at par of which the following shares were
reserved for allotment. 80,000 shares each to ICICI and UTI and
10,000 shares to employees/directors of the Company. 70,000
shares offered to the public in November 1981.

1988 - 4,00,000 bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1.

1989 - A new dermatological product namely 'ENSAMYCIN' Cream was
launched during the period.

1991 - The Company focussed its promotional resources on new products
viz., new aminoglycoside (NETROMYCIN) and an anticancer

- 8,00,000 bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1.

1992 - Another anti-cancer product 'DROGENIL' was launched during the

1994 - Company has launched two new products viz., 'LEUCOMAX' and
'ELOCON' during the year. LEUCOMAX is an anti-cancer drug
launched jointly with M/s. Sandoz India Ltd. while ELOCON is a
low/medium potency steriod.

- 16,00,000 bonus shares issued in proportion 1:1.

1995 - ELOCON cream was launched by the company. Company has also
received duty exemption for its anti-cancer product LEUCOMAX.

1996 - The Company has launched 'TOP NITRO: & ETHYOL during the year.

1997 - During the year the company launched 'Alaspan' syrup, a hi-tech
product for relief of symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis
which was well accepted in the market. A new brand of Interferon
Alpha-2b viz. 'Viraferon', was also launched for Hepatitis

- Schering-Plough (India), Ltd. and Wellnex Pharmaceuticals Pvt.,
Ltd. are subsidiaries of the company.

- The company has also declared an increase in dividend from Rs.2
at the end of March 1995 to Rs.2.10 at end of March 1996. Net
sales of the company increased by Rs.4,8368 crores from Rs.
92.5211 crores at the end of March 1995 to Rs.97.3579 crores at
the end of March 1996.

1998 - India (FIL), the Indian arm of Schering Plough, US, is
prominent in the dermatology and antibiotics segment of the
pharmaceutical industry. Its products enjoy leadership position
in their respective categories.

- FIL is active in four main therapeutic areas - dermatology,
anti-histamines, antibiotics and oncology, with the skincare
segment (dermatology) accounting for around 50 per cent of the
total turnover.

- The company plans to enter the anti-inflammatory category which
is growing between 5-10 per cent per annum. This segment is
dominated by companies including Knoll Pharmaceutical, Hoechst
Marion Roussel and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

- Other products which the company introduced are a new
moisturising skin preparation in the dermatology segment and
Viraferon for the hepatitis segment.

- The company has a strong balance-sheet and a good financial track

- It also manufactures decongestants and steroids in the form of
ointments, creams, injectables, tables and capsule form.

- Fulford have ventured into its parent company's crore areas
such as anti-allergy, anti-infection and anti-cancer.

1999 - Polarmine, an anti-histamine, dominates its segment in its range
was been further enhanced with introduction of non-sedating

- The Company had to suspend production of certain products during
the second quarter since the material on hand did not meet the

- The Company has achieved Y2K compliance for all its internal
operations in December 1998.

- The Company is dependent upon suppliers of critical materials and
services, and also public utility providers like power, telecom,
etc. Y2K compliance by these agencies is, therefore, critical to
the company's business.

2001 - City-based pharma company Fulford India Ltd. has permanently closed
down its production facility at Andheri.

-Fulford India Ltd has appointed Mr. Ashley Morris as Director.


- Fulford India Ltd has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company have appointed Mr. Rodney Unsworth as Additional Director of the Company with effect from March 23, 2009.


- Fulford India Ltd has appointed the following persons as Additional Directors of the Company w.e.f. February 02, 2010:

1. Mr. Ramesh Subrahmanian
2. Mr. Christopher McNamara
3. Ms. Hwee Ping Chua.

- Fulford India Ltd has informed that Mr. Rajesh Marwaha has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Company with effect from February 02, 2010.
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