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Indraprastha Gas Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.R Chandra Mohan Additional Director
Mr.Puneet Kumar Goel Additional Director
Mr.Gyanesh Bharti Additional Director
Mr.Rajendra Kumar Additional Director
Mr.R K Sharma Additional Director
Mr.I S Rao Additional Director
Mrs.Gitanjali Gupta Kundra Additional Director
Mr.Rajeev Mathur Additional Director
Mr.Vikram Dev Dutt Additional Director
Mr.Sandeep Kumar Additional Director
Mr.Manoj Jain Additional Director
Mr.Raghu Nayyar Addnl. & Ind.Director
Dr.Sudha Sharma Addnl. & Ind.Director
Mr.M Ravindran Chairman
Mr.S Ramesh Chairman
Mr.K K Gupta Chairman
Mr.M Ravindran Chairman & Addl.Director
Mr.B C Tripathi Chairman / Chair Person
Mr.S Venkatraman Chairman / Chair Person
Mr.K K Gupta Chairman / Chair Person
Prof.V Ranganathan Director
Mr.S S Rao Director
Mr.R K Verma Director
Mr.I S Rao Director
Mr.Raghu Nayyar Director
Dr.Sudha Sharma Director
Mr.Gyanesh Bharti Director
Mr.K K Gupta Director
Mrs.Gitanjali Gupta Kundra Director
Mr.S S Dalal Director
Mr.R Chandra Mohan Director
Mr.Puneet K Goel Director
Mr.Rajeev Mathur Director
Mr.Santosh Kumar Director
Mr.R Chaturvedi Director (Commercial)
Mr.Manmohan Singh Director (Commercial)
Mr.R Chaturvedi Director - Commercial
Mr.Rajesh Chaturvedi Director - Commercial
Mr.V Nagarajan Director - Commercial
Mr.Santosh Kumar Bajpai Independent Director
Mr.E S Ranganathan Managing Director
Mr.Narendra Kumar Managing Director
Mr.Rajesh Vedvyas Managing Director
Mr.M Ravindran Managing Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Rajesh Agrawal Chief Financial Officer
Mr.S K Jain Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.S K Jain Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.Rajesh Agrawal Vice President
Mr.Rajesh Agrawal Vice President (Finance)
Mr.Rajesh Agrawal Vice President - Finance