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Kalyani Steels Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1973 - The company was incorporated on 28th February, at Pune. The
company was promoted by Mr. B.N. Kalyani. The Company
manufacture mild steel/carbon/alloy steel ingots and billets and

1979 - The company entered into a technical and management consultancy
contract with the Gulf Venture, Company at Doha, in the State of
Qatar for processing scrap.

1981 - The Company promoted a new company under the name and style of
Kalyani Brakes Ltd., to manufacture 1,00,000 sets of hydraulic
air and air over hydraulic brakes and brake systems in
collaboration with Bendix Group of Companies, U.S.A.

1982 - The Company received a letter of intent for the manufacture of
additional 18,000 tonnes of steel per annum. The Company
negotiated with Hiremates Chemicals Ltd. (HCL), to run its
chemical manufacturing unit for a period of 5 to 7 years.

- The Company undertook to set up a seamless pipe project at
Baramati, Dist. Poona in Maharashtra.

1983 - Chakrapani Investment & Trader Ltd. and Suryamukhi Investment &
Finance Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company.

- Surajmukhi Investment & Finance Ltd. and Hikal Chemical
Industries Ltd. are subsidiaries of the Company.

- 3,00,000 Bonus Equity shares allotted in the prop. 1:2 on 7th

1984 - The Manufacture of chemicals was undertaken on a pilot project

- 2,25,000 No. of equity shares offered at par for public
subscription during April.

1985 - Laddle Furnace Vacuum Degassing Equipment was installed.

- In April, 50,000-15% secured non-convertible redeemable
debentures of Rs 100 each were privately placed with Army Group
Insurance Directorate. These debentures are redeemable at a
premium of 5% after 7 years from the date of allotment.

- In April, the Company issued 1,12,500-15% secured,
non-convertible redeemable debentures of Rs 100 each as rights in
the proportion 1 debenture for every 10 shares held. These
debentures are redeemable at a premium of 5% at the end of 7
years from the date of allotment.

1986 - The company installed on ultra high power furnace to commence
ferrous and non-ferrous casting manufacturing activity.

1987 - During the year, the Company undertook installation of
electro-slag refining facility and continuous casting unit with a
view to modernising and upgrading the manufacturing technology.

- 56,250 No. of equity shares issued at par for the benefit and
welfare of Senior Executives of the Company.

1989 - Dandakaranya Investment & Trading Ltd., Dronacharya Investment &
Trading Ltd., Hastinapur Investment & Trading Ltd., Cornflower
Investment & Finance Ltd. and Campamela Investment & Finance Ltd.
ceased to be subsidiaries with effect from 12th October, 1989.

- 11,81,250 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1 on 4th April.

1990 - The Company offered 33,07,500-14% Secured Redeemable Partly
convertible debentures of Rs 150 each to the equity shareholders
and employees on rights basis in the proportion of 2 debentures:
3 equity shares held all were taken up. 11,66,666 debentures
were issued to the public through the prospectus (all taken up).

- These debentures consist of part A of Rs 60 and part B of Rs 90.
Part A of Rs 60 will be automatically and compulsorily converted
into one equity share of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 50 per
share on the expiry of 6 months from the date of allotment. Part
B of Rs 90 will be a non-convertible portion of the debentures
redeemable at par in three equal annual instalments at the end of
the 6th, 7th and 8th year from the date of allotment.

- The Company also issued 19,90,000-14% secured redeemable
non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each on rights basis in the
proportion of 21 debentures: 50 No. of equity shares held (81,462
debentures were taken up). The balance 18,84,890 debentures were
allotted to financial institutions. These debentures are
redeemable at a premium of 5% at the end of 7 years from the date
of allotment.

- 12,62,500 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1 on 1st

1991 - The Company allotted 5,00,000-19% secured redeemable
non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each and 12,00,000-19%
secured redeemable debentures of Rs 100 each to financial
institutions on private plant basis.

- These are redeemable at a premium of Rs 5 per debentures at the
end of 6th, 7th & 8th year from the date of allotment i.e.
3.2.1992 and 14.2.1992 respectively.

1992 - The Cold Pilger mill HPT 90 and HPT 55 were installed.

- The Company undertook to set up facilities for carrying out
threading and coupling of seamless pipes to enable the Company
explose oil country tubular goods market more effective.

- During September, the company had offered 46,00,000-16% fully
convertible debentures of Rs 155 each on Rights basis in prop. 1
deb: 2 equity shares held.

- Another 2,30,000 debentures were issued to the employees' on an
equitable basis (only 54,050 debs. taken up).

- Each debenture was to be converted into one equity sum of Rs 10
each at a premium of Rs 145 per share on expiry of 6 months from
date of allotment of debentures. Accordingly 46,54,060 No. of
equity shares were allotted.

- The Company also offered 12,88,000-16% non-convertible debentures
on Rights basis in proportion 7 debs: 50 equity share held.

- Another 64,400 debentures were issued to employees on equitable
basis (only 100 debs. taken up). Each debenture had a warrant
attached entitling the holder to apply for 1 equity share at a
premium of Rs 165 per share.

1994 - During February-March the Company offered 90,85,000 Rights equity
shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 50 per share in prop. 3:5
(all were taken up) on 19th April.

1995 - The Company embarked upon an integrated steel making project of
2,90,000 tpa at village Ginegera, dist. Raichur in Karnataka.
The entire project has been divided into two parts and was being
set up in technical arrangement with Tata Korf Engineering
Services Ltd. for usage of korf technology from Brazil.

- The first part of the project for manufacturing of pig iron is
being set up by Kalyani Ferros Industries Ltd. (KFIL) with a
capacity 2,40,000 tpa.

- The second part of the project i.e. more cost effective carbon
and alloy steel plant having a capacity of 2,90,000 tpa was being
set up for which the hot metal was to be provided by KFIL, as an
input for production of billets and rounds.

1997 - The Company entered into a joint venture agreement with Carpenter
Technology Corporation, USA for manufacture and marketing of
speciality steels. The joint venture entails transfer of Mundhwa
plant into a separate company viz Kalyani Carpenter Special
Steels Pvt. Ltd. It also envisages promotion of another company
viz Kalyani Carpenter Metal Centres Pvt. Ltd. to look after the
marketing and distribution of the licensed products in India.

1998 - The company has fully implemented the cost effective Carbon and
Alloy Steel project through the Mini Blast Furnace route at
Ginigera. Trial runs of the Hospet Project have shown good

1999 - Crisil today undertook a four-category downgrade of the BBB+
(moderate safety with relatively higher standing within the
category) rating assigned to two non-convertible debenture
(NCD) issues of Kalyani Steels Ltd. for an aggregate amount of
Rs 56.90 crore, to D (default grade).

- Kalyani Steels, has exported its first consignment of high
value-added special steel to the US.

- The company has been formed to manufacture high value-added
steels like stainless steel, tool steel, and die steel for the
world markets. These products will find high-tech applications
in the automotive, electronics and engineering industries.

2000 - Kalyani Steels Ltd is setting up a new plant at Ranjangaon to
manufacture higher alloy steel grades.

- Kalyani Carpenter, a joint venture between Kalyani Steels and
Carpenter Technology USA has opened its first steel services
centre in Pune district to provide rapid delivery of stock anywhere
throughout India.

- Private sector steel majors Tisco, Kalyani Steel and the public sector
Steel Authority of India are all set to form a three-way joint venture for
undertaking e-commerce activities in the steel sector.

- The Company intend to acquire 18,64,700 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each
of Hikal Chemical Industries Ltd. together with 18,64,700 No. of equity shares
proposed to be issued by HCIL as bonus shares for a total consideration of
Rs 71,048,690 from the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Surajmukhi
Investments & Finance Ltd.

2001 - Kalyani Steel has sold 43,53,472 No. of equity shares of Bharat Forge Ltd and
22,231,052 No. of equity shares of Kalyani Carpenter Special Steel for a consideration
of Rs 96 crore to KSL Holdings.

- The management of the Pune-based Kalyani Steels has transferred its entire holding in Bharat Forge and in its joint venture, Kalyani Carpenter Special Steels, to a newly formed company, KSL Holdings, for a total consideration of Rs 96 crore.


-Shareholders approve the scheme of arrangement between Kalyani Ferrous Industries Ltd. with the Company


-Kalyani Steels forges alliance with Gujarat NRE


-Kalyani Steels Ltd has entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Gerdau S.A., Brazil.
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