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Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.A Satish Kumar Additional Director
Dr.P A Shankar Additional Director
Mr.Pankaj Vaish Additional Director
Mr.Prakash P Mallya Additional Director
Mr.Ashok Narain Additional Director
Mr.R Ravi Kumar Additional Director
Mr.Vivek Deep Additional Director
Mr.R Ravikumar Additional Director
Mr.R Sharan Additional Director
Ms.E V Sumithasri Additional Director
Mr.N Malayalaramamirtham Additional Director
Mr.Vivek Srivastava Additional Director
Mr.Suvendu Pati Additional Director
Mr.K Babuji Additional Director
Dr.Y N Lakshminarayana Murthy Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Mr.Pankaj Vaish Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Mr.Prakash P Mallya Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Mrs.E V Sumithasri Director
Mr.Pankaj Vaish Director
Mr.N Malayalaramamirtham Director
Dr.P A Shankar Director
Mr.Prakash P Mallya Director
Mr.K R Pradeep Director
Mr.S G Prabhakharan Director
Mr.S Dattathreyan Director
Mr.B K Manjunath Director
Mr.D L N Rao Director
Mr.Kusuma R Muniraju Director
Mr.R Sharan Director
Mr.A Satish Kumar Director
Mr.K Ravindrakumar Director
Mr.N Saiprasad Director
Mr.N S Venkatesh Executive Director & CFO
Mr.Parthasarathi Mukherjee Managing Director & CEO
Mr.Rakesh Sharma Managing Director & CEO
Mr.P R Somasundaram Managing Director & CEO
Mr.K S R Anjaneyulu Managing Director & CEO
Mr.Vivek Deep Nominee Director
Mr.Ashok Narain Nominee Director
Mr.R Ravikumar Nominee Director
Mr.Suvendu Pati Nominee Director
Mr.K Babuji Nominee Director
Mr.Raghuraj Gujjar Non Executive Chairman
Mr.Raghuraj Gujjar Part Time Chairman
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.M Palaniappan CFO & President
Mr.M Palaniappan Chief Financial Officer
Mr.R M Meenakshisundaram Chief General Manager
Mr.A J Vidya Sagar Chief General Manager
Mr.A J Vidyasagar Chief General Manager
Mr.B Murali Nair Chief Technology Officer
Mr.N Ramanathan Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.N Ramanathan Company Secretary
Mr.S Venkateswaran Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.N Ramanathan Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.A Rajendran Compliance Officer
Mr.S Prabakaran Compliance Officer
Mr.V Prakash Executive Director
Mr.K S R Anjaneyulu Executive Director
Mr.Rajat Baldhi Executive Director
Mr.P Premkumar General Manager
Mr.A Shankar General Manager
Mr.R K Gurumurthy General Manager
Mr.S Ramanathan General Manager
Mr.Sudhir Kaushik General Manager
Mr.Peeush Jain General Manager
Mr.Ashok Kumar Pareek General Manager
Mr.S Suresh Babu General Manager
Mr.Raghu Nagarajan General Manager
Mr.V Sudarsan General Manager
Mr.Niranjan K Rao General Manager
Mr.J V S Chetty General Manager
Mr.S R Narayanamurthy General Manager
Mr.S Ravishankar General Manager
Mr.T N Sundaram General Manager
Mr.R M Kumarappan General Manager
Mr.R Kamalasekaran General Manager
Mr.R V Raman General Manager
Mr.R M Meenakshisundaram President
Mr.A J Vidyasagar President
Mr.Sudhir Kaushik Senior Vice President
Mr.B Nedumaran Senior Vice President
Mr.Ashok Kumar Pareek Senior Vice President
Mr.Peeush Jain Senior Vice President
Mr.P Premkumar Senior Vice President
Mr.R K Gurumurthy Senior Vice President
Mr.A Shankar Senior Vice President
Mr.R Kamalasekaran Senior Vice President
Mr.R M Kumarappan Senior Vice President
Mr.V Madhusudhana Rao Senior Vice President