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MMTC Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mrs.Vijay Laxmi Joshi Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.D S Dhesi Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Ved Prakash Chairman & Managing Director
Mrs.Vijay Laxmi Joshi Chairman and Managing director
Mr.M G Gupta Director (Finance)
Mr.Anand Trivedi Director (Marketing)
Mr.Ved Prakash Director (Marketing)
Mr.Sunir Khurana Director (Marketing)
Mr.Rajeev Jaideva Director (Personnel)
Mr.M G Gupta Director - Finance
Mr.Praveen Kumar Jain Director - Marketing
Mr.Ashwani Sondhi Director - Marketing
Mr.P K Jain Director - Marketing
Mr.Ved Prakash Director - Marketing
Mr.Anand Trivedi Director - Marketing
Mr.Rajeev Jaideva Director - Personnel
Mr.A K Bhalla Government Nominee Director
Mr.J K Dadoo Government Nominee Director
Dr.Inder Jit Singh Government Nominee Director
Mrs.Aruna Makhan Independent Director
Mr.S R Tayal Independent Director
Dr.Subas Pani Independent Director
Mr.N Bala Baskar Independent Director
Mr.Arvind Kalra Independent Director
Mr.Anil Baijal Independent Director
Mr.H L Zutshi Independent Director
Mr.Rana Som Independent Director
Mr.Arun Balakrishnan Independent Director
Mr.G S Vedi Independent Director
Mr.Anil Razdan Independent Director
Mr.Rajani Ranjan Rashmi Nominee Director
Mr.Ajay Kumar Bhalla Nominee Director
Mr.P K Chaudhery Nominee Director
Mr.B P Pandey Nominee Director
Dr.Rajan Katoch Nominee Director
Mr.Madhusudan Prasad Nominee Director
Ms.Anita Agnihotri Nominee Director
Mr.Anil Razdan Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Arun Balakrishnan Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.G S Vedi Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.S Krishnan Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Arvind Kalra Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Rana Som Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.N Bala Baskar Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Dr.Subas Pani Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Skand Ranjan Tayal Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.J K Dadoo Part Time Govt.Director
Mr.Balkrishna Khanderao Shukla Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.R Anand Part Time Non Official Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.G Anandanarayanan Asst. Company Secretary
Mr.Ved Prakash Chief Executive Officer
Mr.M G Gupta Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Vijay Pal Chief General Manager
Mr.Vijay Pal Chief General Manager (F&A)
Mr.M G Gupta Chief General Manager (F&A)
Mr.Vijay Pal Chief General Manager - Fin. & Accounts
Mr.G Anandanarayanan Company Secretary
Mr.Manohar Balwani Company Secretary & General Manager
Mr.Manohar Balwani GM & Company Secretary
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