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Notes to Accounts of Momai Apparels Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. Corporate Information.

Momai Apparels Limited ("the Company") was incorporated on January 21, 2010 as a private limited company under the Companies Act and registered with the ROC with name "Momai Apparels Private Limited". The Company was converted into a public limited company vide fresh certificate of incorporation dated September 05, 2013. The CIN of Momai Apparels Limited is L18109MH2010PTC199178. The Company is listed on the NSE SME platorm "Emerge". The registered office of the Company is situated at Unit No. 305-309, 3rd Floor, Pacific Plaza, Plot No. 570, TPS IV, Of Bhawani Shankar Road, Mahim Division, Dadar (West), Mumbai - 400 028, Maharashtra, India. MAL is engaged in the business of manufacturing of non-branded intimate garments.


The Company does not have any executed contracts of material capital commitment & other material commitment as at the reporting date.


There are no outstanding Foreign currency exposure (hedged or unhedged) as at the reporting date.


Previous year's figures have been regrouped, reclassified/ reinstated wherever necessary to correspond with the current year's classification/disclosure.

Mar 31, 2014

1. The Company has only one class of Equity Shares having par value per Share. Each Shareholder is entilled to one vote per share Of the shares mentioned above, company has issued 24,98,000 ( nos) Equity Shares (Bonus Share) having (ace value of Rs 10 each By way of capitalisation of its free reverses under the approved of 4 Bonus Shares for 5 Equity Shares already field by the existing shareholders of the company.The Same has been approved vide resolution passed the meeting of shareholders of the company held on 27th February 2014 held at its registered office.

2. Also company has made preferential allomtment 32 ,53 835 (nos| Equity share of face value of Rs 10/- per share at a premium of Rs 17/- per equity share. The Same has been approved vide Specs resolution passed at the meeting of shareholders of the company held on 27lh February 2014 held at its registered office.

3. As per records of the Company, including its registers of Shareholders/Members and other declaration received from shareholders regarding beneficial interest, the above shareholding represents both legal ana beneficial ownerships of shares as at March 31st 2014.

4. Reconciliation of the number of shares outstandino Share Capital beginning and at the end of the reporting period

5.Terms/ Rights Attached to Equity Shares

The company has only one class of shares referred to as eguity shares having a par value of Rs 10 per share. Each holder of equity shares is entitles to one vote per share. The company declares and pays dividends in Indian Rupees The final dividend proposed by the Board of Directors is subject to the approval of the shareholders in the ensuing Annual General Meeting, except in the case of interim dividend

6. Company has made preferential allotment 32 ,53,835 (nos ) Equity share of face value of Rs 10/- per share at a premium of Rs 17/- per equity share. The

7. Same has been approved vide Special resolution passed at the meeting shareholders of the company held on 27th February 2C14 held at its registered office.

8. The Inventories have been valued at cost The Inventory s physicaily verified by the management at regular intervals. Cost of Inventory comprises of Cost of Purchase, Cost of Conversion and other Costs incurred to tying them to their respective present location and condition. Costs of Haw Materials and Packing Materials are determined on FIFO basis

Mar 31, 2012

1. Balance of Unsercured Loans, Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors and advances are subject to confirmation.

2. As explained to us, there are no dues to Small & Micro Scale Enterprises, exceeding 30 days.

3. payment to Directors :

Directors Remuneration Paid of Rs. Nil/- (P. Y. Rs. Nil/-).

4. Deferred Income Tax as required by the Accounting Standard - 22 of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has been provided by the company by crediting Rs. Nil/- for the year ended 31.03.2012 to Profit & Loss A/c.

5. Related party Disclosure

A) Related parties with whom transactions have taken place during the year is as follows:

Name Relating

Ashapura Apparels Pvt Ltd Associate Concern

Momai Apparels Associate Concern

Harshad H. Thakkar Directors

Oct 27, 12:00 am
Oct 27, 4:14 pm
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