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Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. Management Team and Organisation
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Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mrs.Zohra Chattedi Additional Director
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Additional Director
Dr.N Sundaradevan Additional Director
Mr.B Surender Mohan Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Sarat Kumar Acharya Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.S K Acharya Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.A R Ansari Chairman and Managing director
Mr.S Boopathy Director
Mrs.Zohra Chatterji Director
Dr.N Sundaradevan Director
Mr.N S Palaniappan Director
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Director
Mr.S Rajagopal Director
Mr.C V Sankar Director
Mr.Subir Das Director
Mr.Sarat Kumar Acharya Director
Mr.R K Mishra Director
Mr.B Surender Mohan Director
Mr.R Kandasamy Director
Mr.J Mahilselvan Director
Dr.Sanjay Govind Dhande Director
Mr.S K Roongta Director
Mr.L N Vijayaraghavan Director
Mr.A P V N Sarma Director
Dr.A K Dubey Director
Mr.V Murali Director
Mr.M M Sharma Director
Mr.M B N Rao Director
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Director (Finance)
Mr.K Sekar Director (Finance)
Mr.Sarat Kumar Acharya Director (Human Resources)
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Director - Finance
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Director - Finance & CFO
Mr.Sarat Kumar Acharya Director - Human Resources
Mr.Subir Das Director - Mining
Mr.M S Ravindranath Director - Mining
Mr.P Selvakumar Director - Planning & Projects
Mr.V Thangapandian Director - Power
Mr.S Rajagopal Director - Power
Mr.S Boopathy Director - Projects
Mr.Azad Singh Toor Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Chandra Prakash Singh Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.K Madhavan Nair Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Sanjay Govind Dhande Non Official PartTime Director
Mr.Chandra Prakash Singh Part Time (Ind.) Director
Mr.Azad Singh Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.C Balakrishnan Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Vikrarn Kapur Part Time Official Director
Mr.C V Sankar Part Time Official Director
Mr.Rajesh Lakhoni Part Time Official Director
Mr.A K Dubey Part Time Official Director
Mrs.Sujata Prasad Part Time Official Director
Mr.Vivek Bharadwaj Part Time Official Director
Dr.Rajeev Ranjan Part Time Official Director
Mr.N S Palaniappan Part Time Official Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.S Rajagopal CEO (NTPL)
Mr.M S Ravindranath CGM (Barsingsar Project)
Mr.P Jayakumar CGM (Chennai)
Mr.C Senthamilselvan CGM (Civil/Mines)
Mr.R Suresh CGM (Commercial)
Mr.R Sreenivasan CGM (Contracts)
Mr.R Seetharaman CGM (Finance)
Mr.K John Simon CGM (GWC & Services)
Mr.Benjamin Rayappan CGM (HR)
Mr.J George Jacob CGM (IE Wing)
Mr.K Veeraprasad CGM (Mine-1)
Mr.K Alagar CGM (Mine-IA & Mine Plng.)
Mr.K Alagar CGM (Mine-IA)
Mr.S Kumaraswamy CGM (Mine-ll&Expn.)
Mr.D Vaitheeswaran CGM (Operation/Mine-I)
Mr.S Muthu CGM (PSE)
Mr.K Veeraprasad CGM (SME & Conv./Mines)
Mr.G Ramakrishnan CGM (SME&Conv./Mines)
Mr.C Senthamilselvan CGM (TA)
Mr.K Kanagarajan CGM (TPS-I & Expn.)
Mr.B Krishnamoorthy CGM (TPS-I)
Mr.M Kamalanayanan CGM (TPS-II)
Mr.S Jeyaraj CGM (Trans.&Mech.Services)
Dr.P T Shanmugasundaram CGS (Medical)
Mr.S Boopathy Chief Executive Officer
Mr.C Ramachandran Chief Executive Officer
Mr.I Susai Arul Raj Chief Executive Officer
Mr.S Sathiyanarayanan Chief Executive Officer
Mr.K Chandran Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Rakesh Kumar Chief Financial Officer
Mr.K Alagar Chief General Manager
Mr.R Sreenivasan Chief General Manager
Mr.N Muthu Chief General Manager
Mr.K M Suresh Babu Chief General Manager
Mr.N Ilamparuthi Chief General Manager
Mr.R Mohan Chief General Manager
Mr.Syed Abdul Fateh Khalid Chief General Manager
Mr.R Kanagachalam Chief General Manager
Mr.T Avudaithangam Chief General Manager
Mr.M Maheswaran Chief General Manager
Mr.R Venkataraman Chief General Manager
Mr.N Panneerselvan Chief General Manager
Mr.D Ravindran Chief General Manager
Mr.K Sridhar Chief General Manager
Mr.B Gouthaman Chief General Manager
Mr.G Balasubramanian Chief General Manager
Mr.R Nagarajan Chief General Manager
Mr.K Ramakrishnan Chief General Manager
Mr.R Deivam Chief General Manager
Mr.G Srinivasan Chief General Manager
Mr.N Pandian Chief General Manager
Mr.N S Ramalingam Chief General Manager
Mr.T Gnanasekaran Chief General Manager
Mr.M Palani Chief General Manager
Mr.SThirunavukkarasu Chief General Manager
Mr.M Rajasekaran Chief General Manager
Mr.V Ranganathan Chief General Manager
Mr.N Sankar Chief General Manager
Mr.P Selvakumar Chief General Manager
Mr.V Shanmuganathan Chief General Manager
Mr.V Chandrasekaran Chief General Manager
Mr.R Vikraman Chief General Manager
Dr.T Kannadasan Chief General Manager
Mr.Kaushal Kishore Anand Chief General Manager
Mr.Aravind Kumar Chief General Manager
Mr.Nadella Naga Maheswar Rao Chief General Manager
Mr.K Mohan Reddy Chief General Manager
Mr.P Sollin Selvan Chief General Manager
Mr.V Subramani Chief General Manager
Mr.S Sankaranarayanan Chief General Manager - Finance
Mr.V Chandrasekaran Chief General Manager - Finance
Mr.R Venkatajalapathy Chief Law Officer
Mr.K S Balasubramanian Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.Deepak Srivastava Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.Siv Raj Singh Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.Shiv Raj Singh Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.Manoj Kumar Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.K Viswanath Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.K Viswanath Company Secretary
Mr.K Viswanath Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.C Senthamilselvan Executive Director
Mr.K Veeraprasad Executive Director
Mr.T Avudaithangam Executive Director
Mr.R Sreenivasan Executive Director
Mr.K M Suresh Babu Executive Director
Mr.N Ilamparuthi Executive Director
Mr.C Ramachandran Executive Director
Mr.N Muthu Executive Director
Mr.R Mohan Executive Director
Mr.N Panneerselvan Executive Director
Mr.S Thirunavukkarasu Executive Director
Mr.V Renganathan Executive Director
Mr.S Sankaran Executive Director
Mr.S Sridhar Executive Director
Mr.S Ramalingam Executive Director (Mines)
Mr.B Sivagnanam Executive Director (Plg.&Conts.)
Mr.R Mohan Executive Director - Commercial
Mr.N Muthu Executive Director - HR
Mr.C Senthamilselvan Executive Director - Mines
Mr.Syed Abdul Fateh Khalid Executive Director - Mines
Mr.N Panneerselvan Executive Director - Mines
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