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Oil India Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Upendra Prasad Singh Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.S K Srivastava Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.A P Sawhney Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Utpal Bora Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.N M Borah Chairman and Managing director
Mr.S K Srivastava Chairman and Managing director
Mr.S Mahapatra Director
Mr.B N Talukdar Director
Mr.N K Bharali Director
Mr.Biswajit Roy Director
Mr.Sudhakar Mahapatra Director
Mr.T K Ananth Kumar Director (Finance)
Mr.S Rath Director (Operations)
Mr.U S Borah Director - Finance
Mr.T K Ananth Kumar Director - Finance
Mrs.R S Borah Director - Finance
Mr.P K Sharma Director - Operations
Mr.S Rath Director - Operations
Mr.Atul Patne Government Director
Mrs.Rashmi Aggarwal Government Director
Mr.A Giridhar Government Director
Mr.Sunjay Sudhir Government Nominee Director
Mr.G H Amin Independent Director
Prof.Bhaskar Ramamurthi Independent Director
Mr.Suresh Chand Gupta Independent Director
Mr.Anup Mukerji Independent Director
Prof.Shekhar Chaudhuri Independent Director
Capt.Pawan K Sharma Independent Director
Prof.Gautam Barua Independent Director
Prof.Sushil Khanna Independent Director
Mr.Vinod K Misra Independent Director
Mr.Alexander K Luke Independent Director
Mr.Nalin K Srivastava Nominee Director
Dr.(Mrs.)Archana S Mathur Nominee Director
Mr.D N Narasimha Raju Nominee Director
Mr.Upendra Prasad Singh Nominee Director
Mr.S Panda Nominee Director
Mr.Subhasish Panda Nominee Director
Mr.Nalin Kumar Srivastava Nominee Director
Mrs.Rashmi Aggarwal Nominee Director
Mr.Amar Nath Nominee Director
Mr.Shekhar Chaudhuri Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Bhaskar Ramamurthi Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Suresh Chand Gupta Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Anup Mukherjee Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Mr.Gautum Barua Non Official PartTime (Ind.) Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.S R Krishnan Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.S R Krishnan Company Secretary & Compliance Officer