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Petron Engineering Construction Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Sanjay Jain Ind.& Non Exe.Director
Mr.T S Das Managing Director
Mr.Ajay Hans Managing Director
Mr.Sudhir Kumar Jain Non Executive Director
Mr.Sanjay Jain Non Executive Director
Mr.R Sankaran Non Executive Director
Dr.S Rama lyer Non Executive Director
Mr.Ravi Keswani Non Executive Director
Mr.Sanjay Jain Non Ind.& Exe.Director
Mr.Sudhir Kumar Jain Non Ind.& Exe.Director
Mrs.Nandita Vijay Gupta Non Ind.& Exe.Director
Mr.Sanjay Jain Non.Exe\Ind.Director
Mr.Sudhir Kumar Jain Non.Exe\Ind.Director
Mrs.Nandita Vijay Gupta Non.Exe\Ind.Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Manish Jantikar Asst. Vice President
Mr.Himanshu Mohapatra Chief Financial Officer
Mr.R N Pandey Chief Financial Officer
Mr.G K Roy Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Manoj Verma Head
Mr.K Raghavan Head
Mr.Manish Jantikar Head
Mr.Pulkit Goyal Head - Finance & Accounts
Mr.J Banerjee Head - Human Resource
Mr.Naresh Shah Head - Legal & Co. Secretary
Mr.Manoj Verma Head - Procurement & Logistics
Mr.S P Mridha Head - Projects
Mr.G S Jain Head - Projects
Mr.Gautam Sen Head - Projects
Mr.Raman Trehan Joint President (Procurement)
Mr.G S Jain President - Projects
Mr.K Raghavan Senior General Manager
Mr.Gautam Sen Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.Gautam Das Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.S K Datta Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.S C Pyne Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.Naresh Shah Senior VP (Legal) & Co. Secretary
Mr.K Raghavan Sr. General Manager - Proposals
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. Vice President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. Vice President (Legal) & Company Secretary
Mr.Harsha R Kamath Sr. Vice President (Proposals)
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. VP (Legal) & Co. Secretary
Mr.Manoj Verma Vice President - Procurement
Mr.S P Mridha Vice President - Projects
Mr.Milind Sathe Vice President - Proposals
Oct 26, 12:00 am
Oct 26, 4:14 pm
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