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Petron Engineering Construction Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Sanjay Jain Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mrs.Nandita Vijay Gupta Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Ajay Hans Managing Director
Mr.Ravi Keswani Non Executive Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Manish Jantikar Asst. Vice President
Mr.R N Pandey Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Himanshu Mohapatra Chief Financial Officer
Mr.G K Roy Chief Operating Officer
Mr.G S Jain Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Manoj Verma Head
Mr.K Raghavan Head
Mr.Manish Jantikar Head
Mr.Pulkit Goyal Head - Finance & Accounts
Mr.J Banerjee Head - Human Resource
Mr.Naresh Shah Head - Legal & Co. Secretary
Mr.Manoj Verma Head - Procurement & Logistics
Mr.S P Mridha Head - Projects
Mr.G S Jain Head - Projects
Mr.Gautam Sen Head - Projects
Mr.Raman Trehan Joint President (Procurement)
Mr.G S Jain President - Projects
Mr.K Raghavan Senior General Manager
Mr.S C Pyne Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.Gautam Sen Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.Gautam Das Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.S K Datta Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.S P Mridha Senior Vice President - Projects
Mr.Naresh Shah Senior VP (Legal) & Co. Secretary
Mr.K Raghavan Sr. General Manager - Proposals
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. Vice President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. Vice President (Legal) & Company Secretary
Mr.Harsha R Kamath Sr. Vice President (Proposals)
Mr.Naresh Shah Sr. VP (Legal) & Co. Secretary
Mr.Manoj Verma Vice President - Procurement
Mr.S P Mridha Vice President - Projects
Mr.Manoj Verma Vice President - Projects
Mr.Milind Sathe Vice President - Proposals