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Pochiraju Industries Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Pochiraju Industries Ltd. was set-up in the year 4th May 1995 with a
capital investment of Rs.25.00 Lacs and is in production and marketing of
cut flower roses since its inception. Our company during the last four
years has established its brand image for its flowers in domestic and
European auctions.

Pochiraju Industries Ltd. is a closely held limited company promoted by
P. Sudhakar a first generation professional entrepreneur. P. Sudhakar
and his family are the majority holders with very few outside equity holders.

Our company is located in spiraling 23.5 acres land at Satyamangalam
village, Hosur Tq., Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu, a noted Agri Export
Zone for floriculture. It has 3 hectares of covered green house area under
which different varieties of duch roses are grown under controlled

It has three cold rooms each of 150 sq. mt. Capacity with packing and
grading hall facilities of another 500 sq. mts. Utilities include sump tank
of 3.5 Lacs lts. Capacity with a pump house attached for irrigation and
fertigation, a DG. room with a standby generator of 89.5 Kva,
stores, employees canteen, administrative office and staff quarters.

Our company has land and other infrastructure facilities sufficient enough
for adding another 3 hectares. Our company employs about 100 casual
labours for its agricultural operations available in surrounding villages.
Presently our company grows the seven varieties of Dutch roses. Our
companys flowers and varieties are known for their quality, stem length,
bud size with good foliage and free from any pest and disease.

Our company proposes to outsource other varieties of roses and other
flowers from different growers in India as well as from Malaysia, Singapore
and Australia for its international marketing. Currently it proposes to expand
another 3 hectares with the following varieties of roses and other flowers
Roses: Passion, Hollywood, Bianca, Polo, Tropical Amazon, Royalbaakara,
etc. Coronations, Chrysanthemums, Tube roses, zeberas, etc.

Major Events


04-05-1995 Obtained Incorporation certificate
05-06-1995 Obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business
24-10-1997 Increased its authorized Capital from Rs. 25.00 Lacs to Rs. 35.00 Lacs
25-02-1999 Increased its authorized Capital from Rs. 35.00 Lacs to Rs. 350.00 Lacs
10-09-2003 Change of name from Pochiraju Flori-Tech Ltd. to Pochiraju Industries Ltd.
31-07-2003 Alteration of Main objects
05-09-2003 Increased its authorized Capital from Rs. 350.00 Lacs to Rs. 500.00 Lacs
29-10-2003 Alteration of Memorandum of Association by sub division of Equity shares
10-10-2003 Increased its authorized Capital from Rs. 500.00 Lacs to Rs. 2000.00 Lacs
04-01-2006 Obtained sanction letter from Oriental Bank of Commerce for Rs. 1000.00 Lacs
21-01-2004 Obtained letter from National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) for
activation of ISIN Number
25-01-2006 Cooperation Contract on Hyaluronic Acid Technology between our company
and Biofin Laboratories SRL
22-02-2006 Obtained Provisional allotment of Plot letter from SP Bio Tech Park Private
17-04-2006 Consolidation of Equity shares of the Company from Re. 1/- to Rs. 10/-
17-06-2006 Alteration of Articles of Association to include / substitute the provisions of
Stock Exchange Listing requirements.


- Pochiraju Industries Limited has informed that the Board of Directors in their meeting held on April 30, 2007 approved the following:

(1) The board has appointed Smt. P. Sailaja as an Additional Director.

(2) The resignation sent by Sri. P. L. N. Serma, an alternate director to Dr. P. Suvarchala Devi, has been accepted by the board.