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Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.R N Nayak Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.I S Jha Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.R N Nayak Chairman and Managing director
Mrs.Rita Acharya Director
Mr.R T Agarwal Director (Finance)
Mr.R P Sasmal Director (Operations)
Mr.R P Singh Director (Personnel)
Mr.V M Kaul Director (Personnel)
Mr.I S Jha Director (Projects)
Mr.K Sreekant Director - Finance
Mr.R T Agarwal Director - Finance
Mr.R P Sasmal Director - Operations
Mr.R P Sasmal Director - Operations & Projects
Mr.Ravi P Singh Director - Personnel
Mr.I S Jha Director - Projects
Mr.R P Singh Executive Director
Mr.Ajay Kumar Mittal Independent Director
Mr.R Krishnamoorthy Independent Director
Dr.K Ramalingam Independent Director
Mr.R K Gupta Independent Director
Mr.Mahesh Shah Independent Director
Ms.Rita Sinha Independent Director
Mr.Santosh Saraf Independent Director
Mr.Jagdish I Patel Independent Director
Ms.Rita Acharya Nominee Director
Mrs.Joyti Arora Nominee Director
Dr.Pradeep Kumar Nominee Director
Mr.Rakesh Jain Nominee Director
Ms.Rita Sinha Non Official PartTime Director
Mr.Santosh Saraf Non Official PartTime Director
Mrs.Jyoti Arora Part Time Director
Mr.Pradeep Kumar Part Time Director
Mr.R Krishnamoorthy Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.R K Gupta Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Jagdish Ishwarbhai Patel Part Time Non Official Director
Dr.K Ramalingam Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Ajay Kumar Mittal Part Time Non Official Director
Mr.Mahesh Shah Part Time Non Official Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.S K Soonee Chief Executive Officer
Mr.P Seethapathy Chief Manager
Mr.Jagmohan Sharma Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Seema Gupta Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Y K Sehgal Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Ashwani Jain Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Arun Kumar Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Parvez Hyatt Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.V K Saksena Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.Parvez Hayat Chief Vigilance Officer
Ms.Divya Tandon Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Divya Tandon Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.P R Raghuram Executive Director
Mr.R K Singh Executive Director
Mr.S K Sharma Executive Director
Mr.R K Chauhan Executive Director
Mr.Bhoj Paul Executive Director
Mr.D K Singh Executive Director
Mr.D C Joshi Executive Director
Mr.Bharat Bhushan Executive Director
Mr.V Sekhar Executive Director
Mr.B P Gantayet Executive Director
Mr.Atul Trivedi Executive Director
Mr.K V S Baba Executive Director
Mr.M Krishna Kumar Executive Director
Mr.D K Sarma Executive Director
Mr.Y K Sehgal Executive Director
Mr.J P Singh Executive Director
Mr.D K Valecha Executive Director
Mr.N Ravikumar Executive Director
Mr.Jagmohan Sharma Executive Director
Mr.Oommen Chandy Executive Director
Mr.N S Sodha Executive Director
Mr.Prabhakar Singh Executive Director
Mr.Sanjeev Singh Executive Director
Mr.Anil Jain Executive Director
Mr.S K Gupta Executive Director
Mr.A K Sinha Executive Director
Mr.Pankaj Kumar Executive Director
Mr.V K Agarwal Executive Director
Mr.S Sen Executive Director
Ms.Seema Gupta Executive Director
Mr.I R Kidwai Executive Director
Mr.Devendra Kumar Executive Director
Mr.S Vaithilingam Executive Director
Mr.B Mishra Executive Director
Mr.P Pentayya General Manager
Mr.U K Tyagi General Manager
Mr.Pankaj Kumar General Manager
Mr.S Gupta General Manager
Mr.P K Agarwal General Manager
Mr.V K Srivastava General Manager
Mr.K V S Baba General Manager
Mr.D C Joshi General Manager
Mr.S Vaithilingam General Manager
Mr.D K Sarma General Manager
Mr.T S Singh General Manager
Mr.S K Sharma General Manager
Mr.P Mukhopadhyay General Manager
Mr.P Mukhopadyay General Manager
Mr.U K Verma General Manager
Mr.Awadhesh Mani General Manager
Mr.R K Chauhan General Manager
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