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Prime Focus Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

We were incorporated as a Private Limited Company on June
24, 1997. Thereafter, the word 'Private' was deleted from our
name under the provisions of Section 43A(2). Pursuant to this,
our Company was converted into a public limited Company,
vide a fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated April 24, 2000,
issued by the ROC. The Company traces its roots to the
proprietary concerns of its Directors - 'Video Works' of
Mr. Naresh Malhotra and 'Video Workshop' of Mr. Namit
Malhotra which were merged to form Prime Focus Private

The promoters had predicted the importance of achieving
critical mass in the growing Entertainment Industry and identified
the need to provide the entire spectrum of services involved in
feature films and ad films industry. Our Promoters have three
decades of experience in the film industry, which is
complimented by a team of creative personnel and competence
in the latest relevant technology in post-production.

They began as proprietary concerns started by our founders - Video Works
(EQR) of Mr. Naresh Malhotra and Video Workshop (Post Production - NLE)
of Mr. Namit Malhotra. Both the firms were merged in 1997, to form
Prime Focus as a consolidated entity built up of advanced technology
and inhabited by selective native talent. Since then, we have grown to
become one of the leaders of Asia in post production and visual effects
services with locations & partners across the world. With our
creativity and customer service, we have established ourselves as is a
sought after destination in the country for post production services in
feature films, visual effects, digital intermediate, ad-films, music
videos, broadcast design and TV shows.

We have been a pioneer in the use of digital technologies in post
production for the past decade and continue to lead the industry.

Major Milestones

1995-1996 : Non-Linear Editing, TV Serial Editing

Video workshop, the proprietary concern, pioneered the non linear
editing revolution by installing the Media 100 system way back in 1995
to cater to the lower end television shows.

1996 - 1997

Prime Focus emerged as one of the leading television post production
facilities with 23 shows per week on broadcast.

1997 : Online Systems, Ad and Music video editing

We entered the growing music video and commercials market through the
acquisition of one of the earliest Discreet Fire system. This enabled
our company to establish itself in the broadcast design, ad films and
music videos market as a creatively charged and talented unit. We are
now one of the largest Discreet Fire/Smoke site in the world.

1998 - 1999:

We consolidated our position in the commercials and broadcast design
space as one of the top companies and created a niche in the highly
demanding domain of commercials.

2000 : Telecine, Film Promos

Lead by the strategy of integration through technology, we set up one
of the best telecine facilities to cater to the growing demands of
commercials and feature films. Most telecine at the time was being done
internationally due to the lack of quality facilities within the
Country. We were the first company to train our people outside India on
the color correction technologies. We were also the first to bring in
an expat colorist to make sure the market got what they wanted and we
groomed our local talent under the experience of expats. This gave us
an instant world class profile and the efficient local talent. We have
has emerged as the largest site for thomson Spirit in the Asia-Pacific

2001-2002 : Film Scanning/Recording, ISO certification

After having built a quality profile on telecine, we decided to get
into the feature film space by offering film scanning and recording
services. There again we brought in the best scan and record systems.
This lead to our foray into visual effects and Digital Intermediate. We
also made the first Indian film shot on DV.

2003 : Digital Film Lab

After having built expertise in the digital film world, we pioneered
into the Digital Intermediate ('DI') space delivering the first DI in
July 2003. We set up a world class DI facility with the same
specification of kit and processes as followed at other successful
centers of the world. This has created a major change in the way films
get finished and the overall standard with regard to visual enhancement
is clearly visible in the films being made today in Indian Film

We also set up the first fully integrated and calibrated digital
intermediate pipeline for frame by frame feature film colour
grading/restoration in India.

We introduced the Motion control rig ('MILO') in India which is the
first and only such rig in India, till date. The rig was got to help
execute visual effects sequences which were earlier not even

2004 : Mocon/Visual Effects and Expansion of DI

In order to build the market and demonstrate our confidence in the
space we co - produced the first visual effects film titled 'Gayab'
(Invisible). This was co - produced with the eminent Ram Gopal Verma's
company and met with reasonable success while our work was greatly

Continuing the trend We, introduced the first Panasonic Varicam HD
camera and co-produced another high profile film called 'Life Ho To
Aisi' with Indian stars and eminent director Mahesh Manjrekar which
released in 2005 and got critical reviews for its special effects work

In July 2004, we set up a world class DI facility through a strategic
partnership with India's premier laboratory 'Adlabs' offering end to
end services and with the depth of infrastructure being larger than
most in the world.

(Source : Company Management)

2005 Geographical Expansion

To provide the commercials industry with a boutique facility, with
infrastructure and interiors at par with international studios, we
setup a studio in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Also a facility in Chennai has
been commissioned to cater to the South Indian Film market.

Technology Profile

We have one of the world's largest and most advanced technology
infrastructures. We are also one of the largest Autodesk Fire/Smoke
site in the World. PFL has the largest installed base of telecine
suites, and is Thomson's biggest site in Asia Pacific region.


* Spirit Datacine 4K
* Spirit Datacine HD/SD 2K
* Da Vinci 2K
* Pogle Megadef
* Ursa Diamond Keycode Telecine

Visual Effects

* Discreet Inferno/Flame
* Shake (with furnace and motion)
* After Effects/Combustion
* Maya/3DS Max

Milo Motion Control Rig
Digital Film Lab

* Northlight Film Scanner (4K/2K)
* Spirit Datacine HD/SD 2K
* Lustre Grading Systems
* Arri Laser (Film Recorder)
* Celco Fury (Film recorder)
* Discreet Smoke/Fire


* Sound Studios
* Avid/Media 100/FCP

High Definition Production

* HD Camera kits and accessories
* HD Editing and Finishing
* HD to Film

Services Profile


Dailies (SD/HD)

We specialise in dailies telecine transfer for feature films and have
capabilities to offer High Definition dailies as well.

Our dailies transfer telecine's are situated within India's biggest
laboratory, Adlabs, ensuring that telecine is completed immediately
after processing without any delays.


At Prime Focus we have in the offering Spirit 4K and the classic
Spirit. We have the largest installed base for Thomson's Spirt
Telecine's in Asia - Pacific region.

We are the only company in India, which has a locally trained talent
pool of some of the finest colorists in the business today. Apart from
local talent, we also have expats working for us from Europe and US.

Our grading suites are equipped with full spec Pogle Megadef and Da
Vinci 2K which provides unparallel picture quality and superior color
control. Our suites offer the film maker, the ultimate in digital film

Feature Film Mastering (PAL/NTSC/HD)

We provide High Definition film mastering services for feature films
and for Digital Cinema applications in India. Our telecine services are
also highly demanded by feature film production companies for satellite

Visual Effects


At Prime Focus, we have been continuously advocating the increased use
of CGI in Indian films. We have trained and recruited some of the
finest CGI talent and continue to expand the same, pushing the overall
industry standard.


At Prime Focus, we proudly boast of having some of the finest
compositors in the industry, whose work is steadily changing
perceptions of the ability and quality of Indian talent.

Seamless compositing is a given. Our compositor's creative and
technical expertise has been fundamental in Prime Focus producing
world-class visual effects. Our compositors are supported by a team of
trained rotoscopy, wire and rig removal and tracking/keying artists.

Title Design

At Prime Focus we have created some creatively charged spell bounding
title sequences, wherein the entire project, right from creative
conceptualization to execution was handled by us. Our team of creative
editors, digital artists and traditional artists create title sequences
that make a difference.

VFX Supervision

Our experienced Visual and Digital effects supervisors together, manage
all creative, technical and logistical issues ensuring timely execution
and delivery on each visual effects project.With our visual effects
supervisors being involved right from inception stage, creative
potential is fully realised.


Our animatronics department is newly established, but is capable of
handling projects involving miniatures and pupets. Digital Film Lab
Digital Intermediate

We have the premier Digital Film Lab in India with a quality spec
comparable to any other in the world. We have also been credited with
introducing this technology in India and having done the first full
length feature way back in July 2003.

Since inception, we have completed 30 full length feature films. This
further illustrates the robust pipeline that we have successfully
engineered which we continue to expand.

The pipeline consists of the following components:

* Editorial Prep
* Scanning
* Assembly
* Color Correction
* Dustbusting
* Digital Opticals
* Digital Preview
* Recording
* Digital Deliverables
* Digital Sub-titling for Negative

Our digital film lab is fully calibrated; ensuring 100% consistency
when the final print is projected in cinema hall's worldwide. With the
largest installed capacity for Digital Intermediate in Asia - Pacific,
Prime Focus, has capability to handle multiple projects at the same
time whilst ensuring quality check on each project.

Hi-Resolution Film Scanning & Film Recording

At Prime Focus we also act as a bureau facility for scanning &
recording services to other visual effects/digital post houses. We
have the only 4k/2k pin registered scanner in India and we have also
developed our proprietary technology to ensure that we can capture and
reproduce the information correctly.

Tape to film (incl. Hi - Definition)

We pioneered the digital film making revolution in India and outputted
the first DV to film and HD to film successfully. We were benchmarked
with reputed facilities in Los Angeles and Australia and we delivered
perfectly. We also enjoy loyal patronage from advertisement media
houses, advertisement agencies, television networks and production
houses for tape to film transfers.

Digital Opticals

As the term suggests all kinds of dissolves, ramps, color changes,
flashes, fades, title scrolls, etc are done digitally. The greatest
challenge in executing digital optical is the consistency of matching
the digital v/s the real film. Our proprietary calibration technologies
have enabled that the shots in a scene look absolutely seamless. Prime
Focus has executed digital optical for more than 100 feature films


We offer feature film production companies a one stop shop solution for
all deliverable requirements including:

a. IP's (Digital or Optical)
b. IN's (Digital or Optical)
c. Sub - Titled Negative
d. Textless IP and IN
e. Answer Prints
f. Check Prints
g. PAL & NTSC, all aspect ratios

* Full Frame
* Letterbox
* 16:9 Original Projection aspect ratio
* 16:9 Full Height Anamorphic
* 4:3 Pan and Scan

h. HD

Milo Motion Control RIG

We introduced the first and yet only world-class Milo Moco Rig in
India, to give further impetus to the use of visual effects in Indian
feature films and advertising films. The rig is ably supported by a
full service crew (trained extensively by internationally acclaimed
professionals), involving operators, engineering and attendants to
ensure ease of setup & operation across any shooting locations in the

H D Production

* HD Cameras

Prime Focus pioneered HD production in India, by introducing the first
High Definition Cameras in India. At Prime Focus we have the Panasonic
Varicam. The camera is supported with a full accessories kit (ultra
prime lenses, HD monitors, waveform monitor) and attendants.

* HD Post

We have a complete lineup of suites fully geared to handle HD projects
including offline and online. Our Smoke's are HD (10bit) enabled and we
have, both FCP and Avid HD systems for offline editing.

* HD to Film

We have outputted the first full length High Definition feature film
and currently have multiple HD projects in or pipeline. Our HD
pipeline, is fully calibrated and our high dynamic range HD enabled
color correction systems allow for shot by shot color correction before
output to film enabling a fantastic look i.e. like film.

Ancillary Services:


Apart from professionals including engineers, supervisors and other
technicians, we have an equally huge inventory of high quality video
equipment for indoor and outdoor shootings. We specialise in
Multi-Camera Setup's for Live Events, Game Shows, Concerts etc,. Some
of the equipments available for rentals include digital cameras, HDV
cameras, full Triax setups, digital and analog betacam recorders,
waveform monitors, video-scopes, projection screens, camera talkback
systems, projectors along with the services of technicians.

* Sound Studios

We commissioned two sound studios recently. This represents a move into
modern music recording and post production, establishing new standards
for sound studios in India, acoustic and aesthetic. The sound studios
would cater to the advertising films enhancing the service profile of
Prime Focus to become a truly end to end integrated studio for
advertisement films.

* Offline Editing

As Prime Focus, we have our roots firmly entrenched into offline
editing services. We started as an offline editing company, became one
of the best in offline editing and are currently maintaining our
position and standard. We are known for our editors who have creatively
set benchmarks in the industry and keep raising the bar.

We have a totally separate lineup of suites geared with the latest NLE
machines. We also have linear suites (Digi A/B/C roll) for cut to cut
editing requirements. Together with our brilliant editors the offline
editing setup churns out a demanding number of edits per day. We also
rent out NLE systems for dry hire in studio or at client location.

* Interformat Transfers

We have a dedicated team of professionals to carry out inter-format
transfers for your final master to be delivered to the channel or for
other requirements. Being an extremely crucial service oriented work,
our team knows their job well having a whole list of technical
specifications required by different channels for their broadcast
master quality.

The transfer station is well equipped with all kinds of VTR's

* HD D5
* Digi Beta (NTSC and PAL)
* NTSC to Pal and vice - versa
* Hi-band
* Beta
* DV


- Prime Focus Ltd has informed that Mr. G P Aiyar is been appointed as Additional Independent Director w.e.f. July 03, 2009.