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Raymond Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.H Sunder Addl. Director & WTD
Mr.Gautam Hari Singhania Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Gautam Hari Singhania Chairman and Managing director
Dr.Vijaypat Singhania Chairman Emeritus
Mr.Boman R Irani Director
Mr.Akshay Chudasama Director
Mr.Shailesh V Haribhakti Director
Mr.Boman Irani Director
Mr.Pradeep Guha Director
Mr.Shailesh Haribhakti Director
Mr.P K Bhandari Director
Mr.Nabankur Gupta Director
Mr.I D Agarwal Director
Mr.I D Agarwal Independent Director
Mr.Nabankur Gupta Independent Director
Mr.Pradeep Guha Independent Director
Mr.Boman Irani Independent Director
Mr.Akshay Chudasama Independent Director
Mrs.Nawaz Gautam Singhania Non Executive Director
Mr.H Sunder Whole Time Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Sanjay Behl CEO & CFO
Mr.H Sunder CFO & President - Finance
Mr.M Shivkumar CFO & President - Finance
Mr.Sanjay Behl Chief Executive Officer
Mr.M Shivkumar Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Thomas Fernandes Director & Company Secretary
Mr.Thomas Fernades Director - Secretarial & Co. Secretary
Mr.Thomas Fernandes Director - Secretarial & Co. Secretary
Mr.Aniruddha Deshmukh President
Mr.Sudhanshu Pokhriyal President
Mr.Rakesh Pandey President
Mr.Robert Lobo President
Mr.Gaurav Y Mahajan President
Mr.Shreyas Joshi President
Mr.Robert Lobo President (Operations) - Group Apparel
Mr.Rakesh Pandey President - Business Development
Mr.S L Pokharna President - Commercial
Mr.H Sunder President - Corporate Affairs
Mr.Harshal Jayavant President - Engg.
Mr.Harshal Jayavant President - Engineering Business
Mr.H Sunder President - Finance & CFO
Mr.H Sunder President - Finance & Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Shreyas Joshi President - Group Apparel
Mr.K A Narayan President - HR
Mr.Robert Lobo President - Operations
Mr.Rakesh Pandely President - Retail & Business Development
Mr.Rakesh Pandey President - Retail & Business Development
Mr.H Sunder President - Strategy
Mr.Aniruddha Deshmukh President - Textiles & FMCG
Oct 21, 12:00 am
Oct 21, 4:14 pm
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