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Notes to Accounts of RCI Industries & Technologies Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. Reconciliation of the shares Outstanding but the beginning and at the end of the reporting period

2. forms/ rights attached to equity shares

a. The company has only one class of equity Snares having a par value of Us. 10 per share. Each sell holder of equity shares is entitled to one volt per share.

b. The company has not declared or paid any divident to the shareholder at any rime since inception of the company

c. During the 2013-14 the Companyp has 28,80,000 40 per share including premium in of Rs. 30 per share to public via IPO and the company is listed on BSE SME. platform

3. ICICI bank Car Loan

* The loan is taken twin ICICI Bank carrying an interest rate of I l.Q8% per annum and is secured against leased assets - Principal repayment of Rs. 3.41 lakhs due within next 12 months has been shown as Other Current Liabilities

4. Secured Logins from hanks

* Working Capital Ijoans are .secured by hypothecation oJ'present and inventories, outstandings and receivables


a. The Company have Nil derivative positions as at 31st March, 20 15

b. The year end foreign currency exposures. that have not been hedget by a derivativceierivative -instrument or otherwise are Payable In USD - 8 49,66.879 (Rs. 3 1.08.80,931) and Keel tables in USD - S 13 1,57,055 (Rs. 82,35,10.575)

6. Related party transactions

Details of related parties:

Description of relationship Names of related parties

Key Management Personel {KMP} Mr. Rajiv Gupta

Relatives of KMP (Relation with KMP) Mr. Ramesh chand Father, Mrs. Satywali Gupta Mother Mrs. Mamta Gupta(wife) Ms. Ritoka Gupta (Daughter) Mr Pradeep Gupta Brother)

Subsidiaries RCI World Trade Link DMCC (Dubai). RCI Skills & Davelopment Pvt Ltd

Investment Partnership Firm Salya Metals l

Enterprices in which KMP / Ace MaL-nx &. Salulions Ltd, Relatives of KMP can exercise Manila Q oh pvt Ltd, AlI Heavens Significant inlluerce Reslauranl Pvt Ltd, Metalrod Ltd

7. Contingent Liabilities and Commitments As at As at Particulars 31 March 2015 31 March 2014 Rs. Rs.

Contingent Liabilities

(A) Claims against the company-/ disputed liabilities not acknowledged as ilebt.s *

in reaped of statutory dues 374,845 236,497

(B) Guarantees to Banks and b'innneiul Institutions against credit facilities extended to

Satya Metals ** 130,000,,000

(Partnership firm in which the company is a partner)

* The company has been advised that the demand is Irkety to be either deleted or substantially reduced anti accordingly no provision is considered necessary.

* * The firm 'Satya Metals was taken over by company wef 01-04-2014 and is now a proprietorship unit of the company in the name of RCI Copper. Consequently the credit limits to the extent utilised has been shown in short term borrowings

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