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Siemens Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details


- The Company was incorported on 2nd March, as a private limited
company under the name 'Siemens Engineering and Manufacturing Company
of India Private Limited'.

- The Company Manufacture switchboards, switch gear, different types of
motors upto 315 KW, assembly of railway signaling equipment, X-ray and
other electromedical equipment, installation, testing and commissioning
of electrical plant and equipment undertaking repair work of motors,
generators, transformers, calorific and measuring instruments, certain
household appliances and marine electrical equipment and selling of
products manufactured by the Company as well as those of its licensees.

- On 23rd March, the Company entered into a collaboration agreement
with two foreign companies, viz., Siemens & Halske AG and
Siemens-Schuckertwerke AG of West Germany.

- By an agreement dated 7th May, the Company took over with effect from
1st April, all the assets and liabilities of the then existing 'Siemens
Department' of Protos Engineering Company private Limited as a going

- When the company was incorporated at its repair shop, switchboard
manufacture was being carried on at Worli, Mumbai.


- The Company acquired at Calcutta a godown-cum-workshop for repairing
electrical equipment. The Company undertook the manufacture of H.T. &
L.T. switchboards, control boards and panels, etc., at this workshop.


- The Company took over the East Asiatic Siemens-Reiniger-Werke AG as a
going concern with the corresponding assets and liabilities.

- 500 shares allotted without payment in cash. 3,500 shares issued to
promoters, directors, etc.


- 1,000 No. of equity shares issued without payment in cash.


- 7,000 No. of Equity shares issued - 3,770 to Siemens AG of West
Germany. 3,230 to other members.


- On 1st October, the name of the Siemens & Halske AG was changed to
Siemens AG and at the same time, it took over the manufacturing and
business activities of Siemens-Schuckertswerke AG and
Siemens-Reiniger-Werke AG, all the 6,120 No. of equity shares held by
them in the capital of the Company were transferred to Siemens Asia
Investments AG of Zurich, Switzerland, which was a wholly owned
subsidiary of Siemens Ag.


- The name of the Company was changed from Siemens Engineering &
Manufacturing Co. of India Ltd., to Siemens India Ltd., with effect
from 23rd October. The name of the company again changed from Siemens
India Ltd., to Siemens Ltd., with effect from 31st March, 1987.


- Siemens-Reiniger-Werke AG and Siemens-Schuckertwerke AG were merged
with Siemens AG on 10th July and 30th July, respectively.

- Shares sub-divided. 12,00,000 shares issued at par in March 1971:
6,00,000 shares allotted to Siemens Asia Investment AG and 6,00,000
shares offered to public.


- 24,00,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.


- 24,00,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.


- The Company offered for public subscription 5,00,000 - 13.5% second
debentures of Rs 100 each during May. These debentures are redeemable
during October 1992.

- The Company also issued 4,00,000 - 14% third debentures of Rs 100
each which are redeemable in three equal instalments on 6th, 7th, 8th
year from 13th June, 1991, at premium of 5% payable during second

- 36,00,000 Bonus shares issued in prop. 1:2.


- A new company under the name of Siemen Communication Systems Pvt.
Ltd., was incorporated as a subsidiary of the Company to undertake the
manufacture of certain items of Telecommunication equipment for export
purposes. Siemens Telecom Ltd. is another subsidiary of the Company.


- 27,00,000 Bonus Equity shares in prop. 1:4 and allotted on 5.6.1987.
74,38,800 No. of equity shares then issued (prem. Rs 30 per share) as

- (i) 67,50,000 shares as rights in prop. 1:2 (only 65,29,497 shares

- (ii) 3,37,512 shares to employees (all were taken up) and

- (iii) 3,51,288 shares to Siemens AG, West Germany other than as
rights to maintain their equity holding at 51%. 49,703 additional
shares allotted to employees out of the unsubscribed rights quota to
retain oversubscription. All these 72,68,000 shares allotted on


- The Medical Engineering division installed five kidney stone crushers
units known as 'Lithostar' and a number of biplane angiograph
equipments and a Gamma camera.

- The Company introduced for the first time automatic warning systems
for the Indian Railways. The Company developed low tension switchgear
equipment compatible with electronic circuits.

- A software centre was established at the head office in Mumbai to
cater to the software package requirements of the control and
automation systems and also to tap the export market.


- Examination tables with new 800 MA high frequency generators coupled
with image intensifier television systems were introduced in the
market. The Company installed two more magnetic resonance units.

- The drives and projects division introduced in the market a new range
of microprocessor-based digital D.C. Drives and energy optimizing A.C.

- The Medical Engineering division secured an order for the
installation of all imaging equipments in the Manipal group of
hospitals at Bangalore, Manipal and Mangalore.

- The Company issued 4,00,000 - 14% fourth debentures of Rs 100 each
which are redeemable in one lot at a premium of 15% on 13th December,


- The Company undertook a project to set up a plant at Waluj in
Aurangabad district of Maharashtra for the manufacture of switch gears
and miniature circuit breakers.

- The Company proposed to set up a factory at Saltlec, Calcutta, for
manufacture of public switching systems. The Company also proposed to
manufacture Transmission equipments.


- The new series of the state-of-the-art-technology contractors and
bi-relays were being introduced by the Switchgear division at the Kalwa

- The Motors, drives and automation division launched the
microprocessor based and modular drives for machine tools and compact
controllers. To protect the functioning of vital equipment in various
industries, the division proposed to launch microprocessor based
Digitalised Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) - the Siemens
System 42.

- The Medical engineering division launched a mobile C-arm image
intensifier system, saving valuable foreign exchange.

- The motors, drives and automation division launched the
microprocessor based modular drives for AC and DC applications,
microprocessor based digital uninterrupted power supply and micro PLC
Simatic 90U.

- To enhance non-conventional sources of energy generation, the Company
developed and supplied 250 KW windmill generators.

- The Medical Engineering division introduced a low cost mid-tier whole
body scanner SOMATOMARC and a low field permanent magnet MRI system
MAGNETOM p8. Also, developed a high frequency mobile X-ray Unit.

- WTL, undertook to manufacture Rural Automatic Exchange (RAX) in
Calcutta with technology from C-Dot.

- The name of Siemen Communication Systems Pvt. Ltd. was changed to
Siemens Information Systems, Ltd.


- The Software centre (Siemens Communication Software Ltd.) would be
part of global R&D Centre for the Public Communication Network Division
of Siemens AG, Germany. The Nashik works was selected as the global
manufacturing base for SIPART DR20 Digital Controller.

- In order to meet-stringent control requirements of chemical and
petro-chemical industries, the Company introduced State-of-the-art
advanced process control system at Nashik.

- The Company issued 69,22,666 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a
premium of Rs 125 per share on Rights basis in the proportion of 1:3.
All were taken up.

- Another 3,46,104 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of
Rs 125 per share were offered to the employees, etc. of the company and
its Associate Companies. All were taken up.

- The Company issued 3,60,230 additional equity shares of Rs 10 each at
a premium of Rs 125 per share to Siemens AG to maintain their 51%
shareholding in the Company after the rights issued and issue to

- 76,29,000 shares issued as rights equity shares.


- The automation system division launched new products viz. Simatic
S5-1154 a mid range hot standby PLC, the LS/Coros B WIN a windows

- The components division introduced new products such as same filters,
film capacitors, ferrites into the entertainment field.

- The motors, drives and UPS systems division introduced Smallex UPS
(upto 5 KVA), single phase and mid range of UPS (upto 30 KVA three
phase input and single phase output, a state-of-the-art and very
compact drive micromaster to serve the entire market of drives and UPS
in low voltage areas.

- The Medical Engineering division introduced a new mobile high
frequency X-ray unit with Digital Technology SIMOX-D. The division was
the first to introduce the heart catherisation equipment.

- The Company added a sophisticated flow solder machine and upgraded
the test set up incorporating a number of automatic testing stations at
Nasik. Also an enterprise wide IT system, the SAPR/3 was introduced.

- The Company through a joint venture with International Ferrites Ltd.
with ACC, Siemens. Metsushita components GmbH & Co. KG and WEBEL
proposed to manufacture soft ferrites in which the Company would be 10%
equity partners in this project located at Kalyani.

- The Company entered into a MOU with M/s. Asia Chip Card, Singapore
and Semiconductor Corp. Ltd. to enter the smart card business.


- The Automation system division introduced SITRANS range of
transmitters, SIMATIC Pcs distributed Contrl Systems (DCS) and the
OXYMAT/ULTRAMAT range of gas analysis.

- The motors, drives and UPS Systems division introduced the latest
generation of both AC & DC drives.

- The private communciation systems division introduced in India the
latest version of Siemens AG private exchanges. The division
introduced HICOM 100 KTS a fully digitized and ISDN telesystem.

- The Railway and Transport System Division proposed to introduce 3 -
phase drive packages for diesel electric locomotives. The switch gear
division commissioned SAPR3. New products such as high technology
feature-packed, state-of-the-art equipments and systems i.e. large
digital EPABXs microwave transreceivers, optical fibre cables and
access products.

- Efforts were made to introduce new products and technologies such as
wireless and fibre in subscriber loop, SDH ATM for long distance
transmission network.

- The Company's R&D unit developed mobile C-arm X-ray unit with high
resolution image intensifier system type 'Optimobile D' process
controller SIPART-DR 20, Microprocessor Controlled current source
inverter SIMOVERT-A, microprocessor controlled voltage source DC link
converters for three phase AC Drives type SIMOVERT-P, net range power
contractors and relays, Point Machine and motor for special machine
tools type IPH-6.

- The Company has developed 24 KV out door vacuum circuit bracker, new
series of ILA 8 motors and generators upto 710 KW for variable
frequency drives, micro-processor based loco-energy meter to display
all loco parameters to driver, stand alone PLC - MICRO 90, new
generation of contactors, bi-metal relays and limit switches, new range
of high frequency X-ray generators etc.


- The Company suffered losses due to discontinuence of the operations
of the Telecommunications division, the cost of Voluntary Retirement
Scheme, higher operating costs, lower capacity utilisation etc.

- The Company received necessary permission during the year to issue
preference shares upto Rs 180 crores on private placement basis.

- Authorised capital increased. 50,000,000 pref. shares issued on
private placement basis.


- 57,000,000 10.5% pref. shares issued during the year.

- The Company proposes to transfer the Tool Room facility located at
Kalwa Works, Thane, Maharashtra to a proposed 100% subsidiary company.

- The Company proposes to transfer Industrial elctronic equipment
manufacturing facility at Nashik to another 100% subsidiary company and
Automotive Systems Division at Nashik to Siemens Automotive Systems
Pvt. Ltd.


- Siemens AG, Germany is the holding company and holds 14,482,470 No.
of Equity shares of Rs 10 each in the company as on 30th September.

- Siemens Communication Software (SCS), a division of SPCL, will also
take away the part of software development associated with public
communications business from Siemens Information Systems Ltd, a
subsidiary of Siemens Ltd.

- Siemens Public Communications is a 70:30 joint venture between
Siemens Germany and Siemens Ltd India.

- Siemens Telecom Ltd, a joint venture between Siemens and Bharti
Telecom formally launched its Euroset and Emerald series of phones in
Bangalore on 17th February.

- Siemens has set up a core team to network with the private operators
as they being their rollout. The joint venture would be supplying to
Bharti's network in Madhya Pradesh and has got the trial from Essar for

- IBM Global Services India, a joint venture between IBM and the Tatas,
has entered into a services contract with Siemens to support the
latter's IT infrastructure in India.

- IBM and Siemens have entered into an IT partnership to support
Siemens India's infrastructure.

- The Company consolidated its position as a 'Total Solution Provider'
in Power Transmission and Distribution business by setting up a new
manufacturing unit of High Voltage Circuit Breaker at Aurangabad.

- The Motion Control Group of Siemens AG has formed a technical
collaboration with HMT for training and technical know-how to
manufacture CNCs (Computer Numerical Controls).


- Electronic Hi-Tech Components Ltd. (EHC), has entered into a joint
venture with California-based Siemens Solar Industries and set-up 1
mega watt (MW) photo voltaic production facility at Nashik.

- Siemens Solar Industries (SSL) holds 74 per cent stake while EHC,
another Siemens subsidiary has picked-up 26 per cent in the joint

- The Indian venture at Nashik will be the fifth joint venture of

- A wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens, Germany with a 51 per cent
equity stake, Siemens is in the business of automation, medical
engineering, power generation, power transmission and distribution
systems, switchgear and telecommunication systems.

- Siemens has set up Unisphere Solutions Inc along with these companies
to target leadership in the converged voice and data and Internet
networking solutions.


- The Company launch of 'total hotel solutions' for the hospitality
industry to cater to the growing needs of the corporate travellers.

- Siemens launched its new line of information and communication
solutions - Hicom 150 E Office and ESL8i - targeted at small and medium

- The Company has launched its fifth round of voluntary retirement
scheme in four years.

- Siemens has launched a new C-Arm-Multimobile 4C, a multi-use mobile
image intensifier television system, in the domestic market.

- The Company and Brokat signed a MoU which will pave the way for
millions of mobile phone users to conduct transactions with their
mobile phones including purchasing products and services, paying bills,
and even auctioning items.

- The private communications systems division of Siemens Ltd, has
formed a strategic marketing alliance with the telecom giant ITI Ltd.

- The Company will be launching three new WAP enabled phones in the
Indian market in July.

- Siemens Ltd has introduced the Multimobile 4C medical system that is
a mobile image intensiffer television system. - Siemens Teleco Ltd the
joint venture company between Siemens and Bharati Telecom, has launched
the sleek and compact hand cellphone Siemens C-28.

- Siemens and its India subsidiary has been permitted to take full
control in VXL Landis & GYR, with Birla VXL choosing to opt out of the
joint venture.

- The advanced engineering arm of Siemens, ATD-ITPS, has entered into
an agreement with software company Offsite Management Systems (OMS) in
order to jointly undertake the marketing and project engineering of
chemical, oil and gas offsite automation systems.

- Siemens has launched three WAP-enabled devices, C35i, M35i and S35i.

- The Company has informed that the company is in the process of
divesting its 51% holding in Siemens Telecom Ltd., in favour of Bharti
Telecom Ltd., the other joint venture partner in STL.

- Dr. G. Wilhelm has resigned and D. K. Wucherer was appointed as a
Director w.e.f October 1.


- Siemens Ltd. is launching the A35 mobile phone in the country.

- Siemens Information Systems Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens
Ltd, signed a partnership contract with Avraham Goldratt Institute of

- Siemens received the approval of its shareholders to go ahead with a
buyback of shares from the open market through the two premier stock

- Siemens has announced the launch of two of its latest cell-phone
models -- ME45 and S45 -- which feature EMS, the new industry standard
for enhanced messaging, alongside a flexible memory capability and


- Siemens Ltd has informed that Mr. S.K. Thackersey has ceased to be a
Director of the company with effect from January 17, 2002


-Mr. P.M Champi has been appointed as the Director of the company.

-Siemens Mobile Acceleration, a subsidiary of Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group has tied up with Contests2win India (c2w).

-Mr Prashanth Doshi has been appointed as Officiating Compliance Officer of the company
in the absence of Mr. Ashok P Jangid.

-Siemens Ltd has introduced new mobile with low prices of Rs.5000 in an attempt to
acquire lower market segment.

-The Energy group of Siemens segment has bagged the order of supplying two gas turbines
to the Konaseema Power project in Andhra Pradesh.

-Appointed Mr Deepak S Parekh as an Additional Director of the company .

-Yashoda acquire cath lab from Siemens

-Siemens bags order worth Rs 4830 million from the Ministry of Railways


-Siemens launches total imaging matrix technology

-Ties up with State Bank of India for financing the purchase of medical equipments made by the company

-Siemens shares delisted from Delhi Stock Exc

-Bosch inks pact with Siemens to roll out refrigerators

-Siemens announced a strategic alliance with Aethra Telecomunicazioni, Italy to offer a range of video and audio conferencing solutions in India

-Siemens sets up Liaison Office in Colombo
-Siemens unveils three water and dust-resistant mobile handset models. The M65 and C65 models are priced at Rs 18,000 and Rs 9,000 respectively. The third S65 at Rs 21,000 will be available soon in the Indian market.

-Siemens enhances ties with Enterasys on February 17, 2005


-Siemens secures contracts over Rs 2500 mn

-Siemens to enter into O&G engg

-Siemens wins a follow-up contract for a turnkey project to build the Bugok II 550-MW
combined cycle power plant

-Siemens acquires Isolator business of Elpro International

-Siemens acquires a 50% stake in Flender Ltd

-Siemens joins hand with Huawei-3

-Siemens in alliance with Huawei-3Com to offer high performance networks to Indian enterprises

-Siemens Ltd has announced that Mr Harminder Singh, Director of the Company passed away
on December 06, 2006.


-Siemens Ltd has informed that Mr Vijay Paranjape, Executive Vice President & Head of Automation & Drives Division of the Company and Mr Vilas B Parulekar, Executive Vice President & Head of Transportation Systems Division of the Company have been appointed as the Additional Directors w.e.f. February 01, 2007

-Siemens Ltd on April 23, 2007 has announced that it will acquire a 77% stake in iMetrex Technologies Ltd. Based in Chennai, iMetrex is a leading provider of products and solutions in the areas of electronic security, safety and building automation systems.

-Siemens Ltd appointed Dr. Armin Bruck as the Managing Director of the Company, effective January 01, 2008.

-Delivery of three double-strand slab casting lines for the Hyundai Steelworks Dangjin in Korea.


-Siemens to Acquire Morgan Construction Company

-The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1.

-Siemens to launch PETNET services in India

-Siemens establishes new subsidiary for rail transportation sector


- Siemens produced its first 145kV gas insulated switchgear (GIS) from its recently inaugurated GIS factory at Aurangabad.

-Siemens starts its gas-insulated switchgear unit in Aurangabad

-Siemens to merge Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Ltd with the company