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Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1936 - The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 29th
June. The Company became a deemed Public Limited Company since
1975 and became a Public Limited Company on July 28, 1989.

- The company was promoted by the late Raghbir Singh Sandhanwalia
and his associates. The main object of the company manufacture
of sugar.

- It was proposed to merge the operations of Simbhaoli Industries
Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) with the company. SIPL is manufacturing alcohol
with licensed capacity of 13,360 thousand kilo litres per annum.

- 1,200 shares issued as bonus shares in prop. 1:1 in 1980-81.

1984 - The quantity of sugar cane crushed and the recovery were low due
to drought and severe frost. As a part of the capital programme,
a high pressure lipi boiler was commissioned during the year.

1985 - The plant operations were adversely affected due to a strike by
cane growers in the west U.P. region, large diversion of
sugarcane to khandsari and gur manufactures and low yield of
sugar cane in the fields owing to severe pyrilla attack on the
crop in the previous year.

- After successful completion of the capital programme, the company
took up a modernisation programme involving mainly the
installation of a Buckau Wolf milling tandem of modern design in
place of the existing Stork Workspoor milling tandem.

- 2,400 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1987 - The plant operations were adversely affected due to unfavourable
climatic conditions which affected the sugar crop in the Western
Zone of Uttar Pradesh.

- The Company embarked upon an expansion programme for increasing
the sugarcane crushing capacity from 2,750 tonnes per day to
5,000 tonnes per day. The programme also involved
addition/replacement of equipment/builders, construction of sugar
godown, expansion of boiler house, power house and underground
and overhead water tanks and improvement in the effluent disposal

- 4,800 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1989 - The recovery rate was also lower due to early start of the
crushing season in the month of October.

- Equity shares sub-divided. 14,40,000 bonus shares issued (pro.
3:2) in Jan. 1990. 6,00,000 No. of equity shares issued (prem.
Rs. 10 of which 30,000 shares offered to employees/workers of the
Company (only 20,800 shares taken up). The remaining 5,70,000
shares alongwith 9,200 shares not taken up by employees were
offered to the public in November. Additional 90,000 shares
allotted to retain oversubscription.

1990 - Some of the fixed assets, namely, land, buildings, railway siding
and plant and machinery were revalued as at 31st March.

1991 - Crushing capacity of 5000 tpd was achieved. The performance of
the plant was satisfactory except for frequent breakdown of
certain power generation equipments.

1993 - Performance of the sugar and distillery divisions were reported
to be satisfactory. Certain new brands launched by the
distillery division was well received in the market.

1994 - A net 4500 litres per day distillation plant was commissioned in
its distillery division.

- In the distillery division, the Company undertook to set up a net
efficient treatment plant for maximising the bio gas productivity
at expanded capacity. A new boiler was also being commissioned
for meeting the stream requirement.

1995 - During the year, the project for the establishment of a new
distillery for manufacture of 45000 LPD of industrial alcohol and
20,000 LPD of extra neutral alcohol was in progress. It was to
be eligible for 100% free sale sugar for the first nine years of
its operation.

- In addition, a high pressure boiler and 12 MW power turbine were
being set up at Simbhaoli. A total of 5 MW 1 hour power was to
be available as surplus from the system which was to be offered
to UP State Electricity Board.


-Simbhaoli Sugar Mills starts manufacture of Ethanol


-Simbhaoli Sugars commissions Greenfield sugar unit at Brijnathpur.


- Simbhaoli Sugars Limited has informed that Mr. Kamal Samtani has been elevated to the position of Company Secretary of the Company and shall continue to be the compliance officer. The contact particulars are as follows: 1) Name: Kamal Samtani, Company Secretary, 2) Email: kamal@simbhaolisugars.com; samtanikamal@gmail.com.

-Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd has re-designated Mr. Sanjay Tapriya as Director (Finance) of the Company.


- Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd has appointed Mr. B. K. Goswami as an additional director on the Board of the Company by way of resolution passed through circulation on June 11, 2010 by the Board of directors of the Company.
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