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Notes to Accounts of Sirohia & Sons Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015


2. Information in accordance with requirements of Accounting Standard 18 on Related Party Disclosures prescribed under the Act:-

A Enterprises over which Key Management Personnel & Relatives of such Personnel are able to excercise significant influence

GCS Chemicals Pvt Ltd

HTC Trading Pvt Ltd

Jai Trading Co

Ricky Credit Co Pvt Ltd

Sirohia Properties & Trading Co Pvt Ltd

Tinkharia Tea Pvt Ltd

Sonajuli Plantations Pvt Ltd

B Key Management Personnel of the Company

Rajat Sirohia, Whole-time Director Rakesh Sirohia, Managing Director Jitendra Sirohia, Chief Financial Officer Rajesh Sirohia, Director Debjit Banerjee, Independent Director Richa Choudhary, Independent Director Akhtar Khan, Independent Director Ajay Kumar Shaw, Independent Director CS Neha Gupta, Secretary


Previous year figures have been reclassified, regrouped, aggregated and segregated, wherever necessary, so as to conform to current year's groupings.

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