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State Bank Of Mysore Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Pratip Chaudhuri Chairman
Mr.Pratip Chaudhuri Chairman / Chair Person
Mrs.Arundhati Bhattarcharya Chairperson
Mr.Ramesh Chandra Srivastava Director
Mr.K Guruswamy Director
Mr.M Mahmood Dawla Director
Mr.Murli Radhakrishnan Director
Mr.K N Nayak Director
Mr.Madhumita Sarkar Deb Director
Mrs.S Ramasubramanian Director
Mr.R Raghavendra Director
Mr.A Prabhakara Director
Mr.J S Phaugat Director
Mr.B Ramesh Babu Director
Mr.Ramesh Chandra Srivastava Director
Mr.K Gururaj Acharya Director
Mr.Rajeev N Mehra Director
Mrs.Akila Krishnakumar Director
Mr.Milind S Katti Director
Mr.Gururaja Rao Director
Mr.Purna Chandra Jen Director
Mrs.May Rose Steele Director
Mr.D D Maheshwari Director
Mr.K N Prabhashankar Director
Mr.A K Deb Director
Mr.Raghavendra R Employee Director
Mr.K Guruswamy Employee Director
Mr.Sharad Sharma Managing Director
Mr.S Vishvanathan Managing Director
Mr.N Krishnamachari Managing Director
Mr.Dilip Mavinkurve Managing Director
Mr.B Ramesh Babu Nominee Director
Mr.S Selvakumar Nominee Director
Mr.J S Phaugat Nominee Director
Mr.Ravi Nandan Sahay Nominee Director
Mr.Vijay Kumar Monga Nominee Director
Mr.Neeraj Vyas Nominee Director
Mr.Murli Radhakrishnan Nominee Director
Mr.A Prabhakara Nominee Director
Mrs.Madhumita Sarkar Deb Nominee Director
Mr.B S Gopalakrishna Nominee Director
Mr.Shyamal Acharya Nominee Director
Mr.K N Nayak Nominee Director
Mr.A K Deb Nominee Director
Mr.K Gururaj Acharya Nominee Director
Mr.V G Kannan Nominee Director
Mr.Ramesh Chandra Srivastava Nominee Director
Mr.K Guruswamy Non - Workman Director
Mr.S Ramasubramanian Shareholder Director
Mr.K Lakshmisha Shareholder Director
Mr.R Raghavendra Workmen Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.V Viswanathan CFO & General Manager
Mr.M P Sridharan CFO & General Manager
Mr.Sudhir Dubey Chief General Manager
Mr.Saswata Chaudhuri Chief General Manager
Mr.Kalyan Mukherjee Chief General Manager
Mr.T Keshav Kumar Chief General Manager
Mr.Sajeev Krishnan Chief General Manager
Mr.Anil Mittal Chief Vigilance Officer
Mr.George Thomas Compliance Officer
Mrs.Anuradha Deputy General Manager
Mr.K N Nayak Deputy General Manager
Mr.A K Mishra Deputy General Manager & Compl. Officer
Mrs.Anuradha Deputy General Manager & Compliance Officer
Mr.K N Nayak Deputy General Manager (A&S)
Mr.V Viswanathan Deputy General Manager - Finance & Accounts
Mr.George Thomas Deputy General Manager - Finance & Accounts
Mr.V Viswanathan Dy. General Manager (F&A)
Mr.Ravinder Kumar Madaan General Manager
Mr.S Bangara Raju General Manager
Mr.K Nageswara Rao General Manager
Mr.Ashok Kumar Pradhan General Manager
Mr.A Karunanithi General Manager
Mr.Suresh S Savekar General Manager
Mr.A N Krishnan General Manager
Mr.George M Kurian General Manager
Mr.K S Subbaraman General Manager
Mr.Rajiv Mathur General Manager
Mr.Ashok K Pradhan General Manager
Mr.M A Samad General Manager
Mr.C P Kishor Babu General Manager
Mr.K Nageshwara Rao General Manager
Mr.M R Jayesha General Manager
Mr.S Venkateswarlu General Manager
Mr.Kalyan Mukherjee General Manager
Mr.V Pattabhiraman General Manager
Mr.Saswata Chaudhuri General Manager
Mr.S Vijay Kumar General Manager
Mr.K Lakshmisha General Manager
Mr.Bibhupada Nanda General Manager
Mr.N Parthasarathy General Manager
Mr.Subhabrata Ray General Manager
Mr.Rajeev Mathur General Manager
Mr.J Ramakrishnan General Manager
Mr.Vijay Dube General Manager & CVO
Mr.S Vijay Kumar General Manager (Commercial & Institutional)
Mr.S K Bhasin General Manager (Operations)
Mr.Abhay Nath General Manager (Planning & Development)
Mr.A K Basu General Manager (Technology)
Mr.T Thomas Mathew General Manager (Vigilance & Inspection)
Mr.Saswata Chaudhuri GM & Group Exe. (Corporate Banking)
Mr.K Lakshmisha GM & Group Executive [Agriculture & MSME]
Mr.V Pattabhiraman GM-(Tech & Risk Mng) & Group Exe [Per. Banking)
Mr.Kalyan Mukherjee GM-(Treasury & F&A) & Group Exe (Govt. Business)
Mr.S Vijay Kumar GM-[Operations] & Corp. Development Officer
Oct 20, 12:00 am
Oct 20, 4:15 pm
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