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Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1972 - The Company was incorporated on 15th July, as a Private Limited
Company by Shri Rajnikant C. Patel and his family members, and in June
1982, the company was acquired by Shri Uttamlal N. Mehta.

- The Company is primarily engaged in the manufacture of various
Pharmaceuticals formulations and bulk drugs. The products of the
Company enjoy good reputation and are well accepted in the market.

- The Company has taken up manufacture of bulk drugs as a strategic
value added backward integration to its formulation activities.

1989 - On 28th June the Company became a deemed Public Company under
the provisions of Section 43-A of the Act and by a Special Resolution
passed on 25th July, 1992 at the Annual General Meeting, the Company
became a Public Limited Company within the meaning of Section 3(1)(iv)
of the act and adopted a new set of articles.

1992 - Torrent Laboratories Limited, was amalgamated with the Company
with effect from 1st April by an order of the Honourable High Court of
Gujarat, dated 22nd December.

- The Company proposes to undertake an expansion-cum modernisation of
its existing facilities, setting up facilities for manufacture of new
products apart from setting up a separate in-house Research &
Development Centre.

- The Company further broad base its product range through in-house
manufacture of Ranitidine HCL, Diltiazem, HCL and Atenolol with an
installed capacity of 12 tpa each.

- The company proposes to set-up in-house production facilities for
Large Volume Parentrals with an installed capacity of 14.5 million
bottles p.a. for better quality control and for diversifying the
product range to include dextrose/saline injectibles and value added
items like fluconazole infusion.

1993 - The Company proposes to modernize its present manufacturing
facilities located at Vatva and Chhatral to conform to the GMP
requirements as also to incorporate the latest technology available in
the field.

- During the year, Torrent Medi-Systems Limited (TMSL) was merged with
the Company with effect from 1st April consequent to the scheme of
amalgamation approved by the Honourable High Court of Gujarat.

- The Company proposes to install 2 nos. 100 cfm air compressors to
meet the additional requirement of compressed air.

- The Company has issued 12,88,400 No. of Equity shares of Rs 10 each
as fully paid bonus shares to the shareholders in the ratio of one
share for every one share held by them on 7 August.

- The Company has issued 1,25,49,056 No. of Equity shares of Rs 10 each
as fully paid bonus Shares to the shareholders in the ratio of 487
shares for every 100 shares held by them on 12 November.

1994 - The Company issued 1,74,144 Equity Shares of Rs.10 each as fully
paid up shares to the shareholders of TMSL after cancelling 9,300
Shares held by the Company in TMSL.

- The Company was the first to launch ranitidine (Ranitin), nifedipine
(Calcigard,) atenolol (Betacard), domperidone (Domstal), diltiazem
(Dilzem), amiodorane (Cordarone), Lisinopril (Listril), etc. in the
Indian market.

- The Company is a leader in the Cardiovascular segment with a number
of brand leaders in its product portfolio like Dilzem, Cordarone,
Listril, etc.

- Torrent occupies the third position in the industry in
Gastro-Intestinal Drugs segment with well established products like
Ranitin, Topcid, Domstal, Omizac, etc.

- During the year the Company launched a number of new products like
Zirtin, Tyklid, Flutamide and Topcef, all of which were well received
in the market place.

- The Company has created specialized 'Disease Management Groups' top
strengthen promotion of Psychotropic and Cardiovascular products.

- During the year manufacturing of several other new bulk drugs was
also undertaken like Norfloxacin, Ciprofloxacin, Ranitidine, Atenolol,
Diltiazem, etc.

- The Company is considering technical tie-ups with Indian and Foreign
research institutes for new molecules in the chemical and biotechnology
spheres and for pharmacological screening of new compounds.

1995 - During the year the Company launched a number of new products
like Lomef (Lomefloxacin), Dilzem Inj. (Diltiazem), Depidol LA
(Haliiperidiil Decanoate) Oncoden (Ondancetron), Nimotide (Nimodipne),
Pefcin (Pefloxacin) which have gained wide acceptance in the
pharmaceutical market.

- The Company proposes to introduce OA/GYN and General Purpose
Radiology with a new marketing tie-up with Dynamic Imaging of UK.

- The Company proposes to launch new molecules to strengthen its
product portfolio and to consolidate leadership in the relevant
therapeutic segments.

- The Company has entered into a strategic alliance with Pfizer Inc.
USA the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

1996 - During the year, your company introduced six new drugs, Lozapin,
a drug of therapeutic choice to treat resistant Schizophrenia, was made
available for the first time in the country. All the six new drug
introductions, comprising, Licab XL, IV Metro, Vasotrate, Clonotril and
Teralfa were received enthusiastically by the medical fraternity.

- During the year, it has also set up a state-of-the-art information
management system.

- The company introduced Lamitor (Lamotrigine) an advanced
anti-epileptic, Serenata (Sertraline) - an anti-depressant - and Tozar
(Losartan), an anti hypertensive under a new class of molecules called
Angiotensin II inhibitors. It also launched Syscan (flucanozole) eye
drops for the treatment of ophthalmic fungal infections.

1997 - The company has strategic alliances with world-renowned
pharmaceutical giants like Sanofi, France, for cardio-vascular
produces; and Novo Nordisk, Denmark, in the area of diabetic care.

- Torrent has become one of the largest exporters of medical
formulations from India, with sales in over 70 countries and a network
of overseas marketing offices.

- Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited, a pharmaceutical company belonging
to Torrent Group, has entered into an agreement with Sanofi Pharma of
France, to launch a 50:50 joint venture company, Sanofi Torrent India
to develop the Indian and global pharmaceutical industry.

1998 - Other new products introduced in the market include Normabrain
800 and Amlocar which have been well received by the medical
fraternity. The company's drug Lozapin for the treatment of resistant
schizophrenia also is amongst the first time launch in the country.

- The Mehtas-controlled Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd is seeking tie-ups
for molecular research in therapeutic segments such as anti-infectives,
cardio-vascular and neuropsuchiatry.

- The company has a tie-up with the Denmar-based Novo Nordisk to
manufacture and market insulin and a venture with the French firm,

1999 - Among the new products launched recently included Nikoran IV for
critical care in cardiology and a novel drug approved for launch in the
anti-epileptic category.

2000 - Torrent Pharmaceuticals covers various therapeutic groups such
as cardiovascular formulations, psychotropic formulations and
gastro-intestinal drugs. Apart from this, the company has a marginal
presence in the bulk drugs segment. It has tie-ups with various
international majors.

- The flagship company TPL has undertaken a major restructuring.
exercise by creating three distinct divisions to give focus on mega
brands, super speciality and sub-speciality products respectively.

- The Company has launched a new product Eurepa (repaglinide) with a
therapeutic profile suited to Indian type-II diabetic patients.


- The Company has launched all over the country an oral anti
impotence drug 'Androz' (sidenafil nitrate).

- The Company has launched De Platt (clopidogrel) the drug of choice
for treating heart attack and stroke.


-Torrent Pharmaceuticals has launched leflunomide - a new generation
rheumatoid arthritis drug, at a big discount to its innovator, multinational
Aventis Pharma.

-Torrent Pharmas manufacturing facilities certified with ISO 14001:1996.
-Torrents R&D Centre received ISO/IEC 17025:1999 for its facilities by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).


-Torrent Pharma sets up a wholly owned subsidiaries in Germany and Brazil.

-Torrent Pharma launches 'Aripiprazole' new antiseptic drug under the Brand name
of Arip MT.

-a) New API manufacturing plant for catering to regulated markets; (b) New formulations facilities at one or more locations for catering to regulated markets & meeting the anticipated growth in the domestic market. ii) Incorporate a wholly owned subsidiary in USA.

-Torrent unveils COX 2 variants
-IDMA Quality Excellence Award Gold Trophy for its formulations and API facilities.


-Torrent Pharma launches Ecogat

-Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd, in association with State Mental Health Authority, Health and family Welfare Department, launches 'Sanidhya - Torrent Medical Healthline' in Bhat near Gandhinagar in Gujarat

-Torrent, the Indian pharmaceutical major, announced the launch of Rozucor - the New 'Super Statin' in Karnataka.

-Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited (TPL) has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited (DRL) for licensing and supplying the formulation of one of Torrent's blockbuster drug 'Domstal O' in the Gastro Intestinal segment

-Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd has launched Etoricoxib, the new generation anti-arthritic drug under the brand name Torcoxia

-Launches Duloxetine, a new-age anti-depressant under the brand name 'Symbal'.


-Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd launches a new anti-epileptic drug Levetiracetam

-Torrent acquires Pfizer generic subsidiary in Germany

-Torrent Pharmaceuticals signs agreement with Novo Nordisk, Denmark to establish new, dedicated formulation and packaging facility for Insulin, exclusively for Novo Nordisk


-Torrent Pharma Receives USFDA Approval

-Torrents Azuca launches 2 new blockbusters, Pregeb and Piopod
-Entered into an in-licensing deal with Tasly of China to market its Cardiotonic pill in India
-Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd has announced that the Company has launched Nexpro Fast (Immediate Release Esomeprazole), a Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), for the first time in India to treat peptic ulcers and GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease).
-The API and formulations manufacturing facilities located at Indrad (Gujarat, India) got US FDA approval
-Torrent Pharma launches AzuCa, its super-specialty Diabetes division


- Torrent unveils laxative in tablet form

-Torrent Pharma launches CVpill, The worlds first polypill in Cardiac care

-Indians to get slimmer and fitter: Torrent Pharma launches Rimoslim; Indias first Rimonabant

-Torrent Pharma launches Fibotab; Indias first bulk laxative in tablet form


-Torrents New Insulin Facility to produce 26 million vials pa for Novo Nordisk
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