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Transwarranty Finance Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

Our Company was incorporated on August 09, 1994 as a public
limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 with Registration
No. 11 - 80220 under the name of Trans Warranty Finance Limited
and obtained certificate of commencement of business on August
30, 1994 from the Registrar of Companies, Maharsahtra. The name
of our Company was changed to Transwarranty Finance Limited with
effect from July 08, 2005. Our Company was incorporated with the
object of providing various financial services to corporate, financial
institutions and retail.

Being a NBFC, our Company got registered with the Reserve Bank of
India (RBI) as a deposit accepting company on August 06, 1998
bearing registration number 13.00971 and commenced our
operations as a fund based financial services company along with fee
based financial services. Our sources of funds were bank finance, fixed
deposit and securitization of receivables by foreign companies for the
fund based business. Subsequently, from the year 2002 -03, we exited
fund based business on account of reducing interest spreads and
increased focus on fee based advisory services and commenced
offering a wide range of fee-based services.

In the year 2005 our Company also ventured in the area of business
process outsourcing by entering into agreement with Citi Financial
Consumer Finance India Limited for retail banking products.

In the year 2005 our company requested RBI to convert our Company
from Category ''A' to Category 'B' NBFC (i.e., from eligible for
acceptance of public deposits to not eligible for acceptance of public
deposits), since our Company had stopped fund based activities and
acceptance of public deposits and on said requisition RBI had
issued new certificate bearing Registration no. B13.00971 to convert
our company into category 'B' NBFC w.e.f. May 12, 2005. Subsequently,
to give effect to change of name of the Company from 'Tans Warranty
Finance Limited' to 'Transwarranty Finance Limited', the RBI has issued
fresh certificate of registration dated May 12, 2006.

In the year 2005-06 in order to become an integrated financial service
provider, our company acquired a minimum of 51% shareholding in
Transwarranty Capital Pvt. Ltd, Transwarranty Forex & Commodities
Pvt. Ltd. and Transwarranty Credit Care Pvt. Ltd. and converted
these into our subsidiaries.

Major events in the history of our Company since inception

Year Key Events, Milestones and Achievements

1994 Incorporation of Trans Warranty Finance Limited
1994 Received Certificate of Commencement of Business from RoC,
Maharashtra, Mumbai
1998 Received NBFC Registration from Reserve Bank of India
2005 Commenced BPO business by entering into an agreement with
Citi Financial Consumer Finance India Limited for retail banking
2005 Received certificate for changing category from 'A' to 'B' NBFC
(i.e., converting from accepting Public Deposits to non accepting
Public Deposits)
2005 Changed the name our Company from Trans Warranty Finance Limited
to Transwarranty Finance Limited
2006 Acquired 54.90% stake in Transwarranty Capital Pvt. Ltd and converted
it into our subsidiary company, which is registered with
- BSE, Cochin Stock Exchange and OTCEI as stock broker for Cash
Market Segment,
- NSE as a Stock Broker in both, cash and futures and options segments.
- SEBI for carrying out Merchant Banking Activities
- AMFI for carrying activity of Mutual Fund Distribution
2006 Acquired 51% stake in Transwarranty Forex & Commodities Pvt. Ltd
and converted it into our subsidiary company, which is registered with
the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and proposes to acquire
membership of National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)
2006 Acquired minimum 51% stake in Transwarranty Credit Care Pvt. Ltd
and converted it into our subsidiary company, which proposes to launch
private equity/venture fund.


- Transwarranty Finance Limited has appointed Mr. G K Prem Kumar as Associate Vice President & Company Secretary w.e.f. 01.03.2007. Further, Mr. G K Prem Kumar will be the Compliance Officer of the Company for compliance of all regulatory matters.


- Transwarranty Finance Ltd has informed that Mr. Kersi Kaikhushru Dastur has been appointed as an Independent Director by the Board of Directors in their meeting held on June 10, 2009.