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History of Wadala Commodities Ltd., Company
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Wadala Commodities Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1984 - The Company was incorporated as a private limited Co. on 9th
March, 1984. The Co. was formerly known as Noble Soya House Ltd.
The Co. manufactures and deal in Soya Milk and Extruded Soya Milk
Beverages and Fruit Juice and fruit based products. The company
was promoted mainly by Dr. A. S. Aiyer with financial support
from the Bhiwandiwalla Group and the Godrej Group.

- The Co. undertook to set up a project for manufacturing 18,000
kilo ltrs. per annum of soya milk and 2,000 Tonnes per annum of
extruded soya food products, it has signed the Technical
Collaboration agreement with Kitburn Co. Ltd. Japan for the
manufacture of non-beany flavoured soya milk beverages.

- The Company also entered into an agreement with Alfa-Laval of
Sweden for supply, on a turnkey basis, a complete soya milk

- Another collaboration agreement was entered into with Simon Foods
Engineers, U.K. (SFE) for the manufacture of texturised vegetable
proteins. SFE were to supply equipment and technical know-how
and they were to assist in the installation and commissioning of
the extruded food machinery.

1985 - 46,90,000 shares issued at par of which 20,50,000 shares were
reserved and allotted on a firm basis to promoters, directors,
etc. Out of the remaining 26,40,000 shares. 2,34,500 shares to
employees of the company and associate companies and 52,800
shares to business associates of the company were reserved for
preferential allotment. Only 2,78,600 shares taken up out of the
preferential quota. The balance 23,52,700 shares, along with the
unsubscribed portion of 8,700 shares out of the preferential
quota, were offered for public subscription during April-May

1987 - The Company undertook to install aseptic packaging line against
the original plan of having 3 packaging line and proposed to meet
the additional investments through savings generated from import
substitution of extruded products.

1988 - New flavours and formulations were developed for beverages and
fruit based products and formulations for instant cereal and
legume based foods. In addition, high protein and calorie
products were also developed.

- 17,50,000 No. of equity shares issued in prop. 35:100 (only
2,80,363) shares taken up). The balance 82,400 shares were
allowed to lapse.

1989 - Registration was obtained from the govt. for the manufactures of
Coconut Milk, Toilet Soaps and Animal Feeds.

1990 - Tomato Puree was launched and was well received in Mumbai. The
Company proposed to establish its own manufacturing and marketing
network for fruit drinks, tomato puree and other food products.

- With effect from 1st January, Vegoils Ltd., was merged with the
Company. 2,70,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each of the
Company held by Vegoils Ltd., were cancelled. Additional
58,00,000 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each were issued and
allotted to the shareholders of Vegoils Ltd., in the proportion
of four equity shares of Rs 10 each of the Company for every
equity share of Rs 10 each held by them in Vegoils Ltd.

1991 - The Company launched its own fruit drinks in four flavours under
the brand name 'Jumpin' in October. Distribution of iodised salt

- With effect from 30th July, the name of the Company was changed
from 'Noble Soya House Limited' to 'Godrej Foods Limited'.

- As per the Schemes of Amalgamation of Vegoils Ltd., with the
company. 2,70,000 No. of equity shares of the company held by
Vegoils Ltd., were cancelled. 58,00,000 shares issued to the
shareholders of Vegoils Ltd., in the proportion 4 shares in the
company to every share held in Vegoils Ltd.

1993 - The Company commenced distribution of mineral water under the
brand name 'Godrej Golden Valley'. The Company has entered into
a distribution agreement with Blue Diamond Growers Incorporated
California for distribution of flavoured almonds in consumer
packs throughout the country.

- During April-May, the Company issued 9,82,808-zero interest fully
convertible debentures of Rs 100 each on Rights basis in the
proportion 8 debentures: 100 equity shares held.

- Another 49,140 debentures of the same category were offered to
the employees on an equitable basis. Part A of Rs 20 of the
face value of each debentures was to be automatically and
compulsorily converted into 2 equity shares of Rs 10 each on

- Part B of Rs 80 of the face value of each debenture was to be
converted into 2 equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs
30 per share within 17 months from the date of allotment of
debentures. Accordingly 19,62,832 shares were allotted.

1994 - The Company entered into a joint venture with Selvia Nederlands
BU (wholly owned subsidiary of Metropolitan Public Ltd.) on 28th
April 1995.

1995 - The Company entered into a joint venture agreement with Selviac
Nederlands BV for the setting up Godrej Pillsbury Pvt. Ltd.

- The Company proposed to expand the capacities in the beverage
plant by 18,000 kls. of soya milk and 16,000 kls. of fruit
drinks and other fruit beverage plant was augmented by adding two
more aseptic packaging lines.

2000 - The Company has extended its product portfolio by launching a new
range of fruit beverages called Xs across the nation.


-Godrej Foods Limited has informed that the equity shares of the Company have been delisted from the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange w.e.f. January 21, 2004.


-Delist Securities from the Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange w.e.f. March 21, 2005 & from the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE) w.e.f. April 19, 2005


- Company name has been changed from Godrej Commodities Ltd to Wadala Commodities Ltd.


- Wadala Commodities Ltd has informed that on April 23, 2010, the Board of Directors of the Company has approved appointment of Mr. Mathew Eipe as an Additional Director with effect from May 01, 2010.
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