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Yash Management & Satellite Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

4th August, 1993 in Bombay. The Certificate of Commencement of
Business was obtained on 22nd September, 1993.

The company has been promoted by Mr. Anurag Gupta and
Mr.D.K.Goyal. The object of the company is to provide a wide
range of financial services under one roof.

At present the company is mainly engaged in

- financial consultancy

- lease and hire purchase syndication

- loan,NCD,PCD and other debt instrument syndication from
FI's and Banks

- arranging bill discounting limits

- inter corporate deposits

- bridge loan against public issue/ right issue

- preparation of feasibility reports

- capital structuring etc.

- consultancy to public / right issue The company has many
reputed companies as its clients. Some of them are

Beta Naphthol Ltd.,

Indo Zinc Ltd.

Beryl Drugs Ltd.

Vakrangee Investments Ltd.

Chambal Breweries & Distilleries Ltd.

Forvision Market Services Ltd.

Mrinal Dyeing Co. Ltd.

Mrinal Texturising Co. Ltd.

Arlabs Ltd.

Ashibej Industries Ltd.

Tainwala Financial Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Innovative Print Forms Ltd.

Mikugura Software Ltd.

Now, the company plans to expand its operation to include more
sophisticated activities like fund based activities and merchant
banking services.


According to the Memorandum of Association of the Company, the
Main Objects of the Company are as follows :

To carry on business of and to act as Financial Consultants,
Management Consultants, Lease Consultants, Managers/Registrars
and Share Transfer Agents to Public including Rights Issues,
Fixed Deposits/Debenture Scheme and provide advice, services,
consultancy, in various fields like general administrative,
secretarial, Commercial marketing, Financial, Legal Economic,
Labour, Industrial, Scientific, Technical Feasibility Reports,
Accountancy, Computer Data Processing, Public Relations, Shares,
Portfolio Management, State and Central Statutes, Direct and
Indirect Taxation, Customs, Excise, Octroi and other levies and
to carry on business as Financiers.

A Special Resolution passed at the General Meeting of the
Company held on 5-7-94 has approved, inter alia, the
commencement of the following activities which appear under
'Other Objects' in the Company's Memorandum of Association :

To carry on business as financiers, mortgage brokers, financial
agents and advisers.

To carry on and undertake the business of leasing and hire
purchase finance company and to finance lease operations such as
hiring, letting on hire equipments, plant and machinery and to
assist finance or hire purchase or deferred payments or to
subsidise finance or to assist in subsidising or financing the
sale and maintenance of goods or commodities on terms and
conditions and to undertake lease finance for immovable and
movable properties including land and buildings, plant and
machinery, equipments and vehicles such as automobiles, ships,
aircrafts, computers, commercial and industrial equipments and
to lease and deal with them including sale and re-sale thereof
and to carry on the business of leasing and financing services,
advisory and counselling services, and to undertake venture or
take on lease or in exchange, hire patents, licenses, rights,
privileges for land, tenements, buildings, easements, immovable
and movable property.

To carry on the business of advertising and publicity agents,
press agents, advertising, consultants, display specialists and
to underwrite and execute agencies thereof.

To carry on the business as investment Company and to subscribe,
buy, sell, underwrite and to acquire and hold and deal in
shares, debentures, convertible debentures, bonds or other
obligations, securities of any kind issued or guaranteed by any
company constituted or carrying on any business in India or
elsewhere in debentures, convertible debentures, bonds,
obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any
Government, Municipal local authority or otherwise firm or
persons, whether in India or elsewhere.


The company has been extending consultancy services in the area
of project and finance to the small scale and medium scale
industries in addition to syndication in bills discounting,
inter corporate deposit, institutional Inter-corporate Deposit,
Non Convertible Debentures, Partly Convertible Debentures and
other instruments. At present the company has some merchant
banking assignments lined up and the issues are expected to be
launched during the last quarter of 1994 to the middle of 1995.
The company has started syndication of lease financing, inter
corporate deposits, investment banking, short term deployment of
corporate/trust funds and trading of securities at a modest


-Delist securities from Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange, (MPSE) with effect from February 15, 2005.