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YES Bank Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.Ravish Chopra Additional Director
Mr.M R Srinivasan Additional Director
Mr.Diwun Arun Nanda Additional Director
Mr.Ajai Kumar Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Mr.Ajai Kumar Addnl.Non Executive Director
Mr.Ashok Chawla Addnl.Non Executive Director
Mr.M R Srinivasan Director
Mr.Diwan Arun Nanda Director
Mr.Sanjay Palve Executive Director
Mr.Pralay Mondal Executive Director
Mr.Rajat Monga Executive Director & CFO
Lt. Gen.Mukesh Sabharwal Independent Director
Mr.Vasant V Gujarathi Independent Director
Mr.Saurabh Srivastava Independent Director
Mr.Brahm Dutt Independent Director
Mr.Wouter Kolff Independent Director
Mr.Arun K Mago Independent Director
Ms.Radha Singh Independent Director
Mr.Bharat Patel Independent Director
Mr.Ajay Vohra Independent Director
Mr.Diwan Arun Nanda Independent Director
Mr.Ravish Chopra Independent Director
Mr.Rana Kapoor Managing Director & CEO
Mr.S L Kapur Nominee Director
Mr.M R Srinivasan Non Exe.Non Ind.Director
Mr.M R Srinivasan Non Exe.Part Time Chairman
Ms.Radha Singh Non Exe.Part Time Chairperson
Mr.S L Kapur Non Executive Chairman
Mr.Ravish Chopra Non Independent Director
Mr.M R Srinivasan Non Independent Director
Ms.Radha Singh Part Time Chairperson
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Binoj Davies Asst. Vice President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Ajay Desai CFO & President
Mr.Rajat Monga CFO & Sr. Group President
Mr.Rajat Monga Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Viraal Balsari Chief Sustainability Strategist
Mr.Shivanand R Shettigar Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.Shivanand R Shettigar Company Secretary
Mr.Sanjeev Kapoor Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
Mr.Binoj Davies Compliance Officer
Mr.Asit Oberoi COO & Sr. President
Mr.Ajay Desai Group Exe. Vice President
Mr.Kapil Juneja Group Exe. Vice President & Country Head
Mr.Guljiv Sahwney Group Exec. Vice President
Ms.Prerana Langa Group Exec. Vice President & Country Head
Mr.Aditya Sanghi Group President
Mr.Varun Tuli Group President
Mr.Devamalya Dey Group President
Mrs.Sonu Bhasin Group President
Mr.Arun Agrawal Group President
Mr.Deodutta Kurane Group President
Mr.Jaideep Iyer Group President
Mr.Surendra Jalan Group President
Mr.Amit Kumar Group President
Mr.Asit Oberoi Group President
Ms.Chitra Pandeya Group President
Ms.Namita Vikas Group President
Mr.Neeraj Dhawan Group President
Mr.Nirav Dalal Group President
Mr.Parag Gorakshakar Group President
Mr.Punit Malik Group President
Mr.R Ravichander Group President
Mr.Rajan Pental Group President
Ms.Shubhada Rao Group President
Mr.Sumit Gupta Group President
Mr.Sumit Kakkar Group President
Mr.Sanjay Nambiar Group President
Mr.Rajat Monga Group President & CFO
Mr.Rajat Monga Group President & Chief Financial Officer
Mr.Kavita Venugopal Group President & Chief Risk Officer
Mr.Ashish Agarwal Group President & Chief Risk Officer
Mr.Amit Kumar Group President & Country Head
Mr.R Ravichander Group President & Head
Mr.Amit Sanan Group President & Head
Mr.Devamalya Dey Group President - Audit & Compliance
Mr.Suresh Sethi Group President - Transaction Banking
Mr.Vikas Dawra Managing Director
Mr.Punit Malik Managing Director & Sr. Vice President
Mr.Saurabh Bhat President
Mr.Devang Rawal President
Mr.Kapil Juneja President
Mr.Manish Vora President
Mr.Nikhil Sahni President
Mr.Rajnish Datta President
Mr.Vikram Kaushal President
Mr.Aspy Engineer President
Mr.Neelesh Sarda President
Mr.Nitin Puri President
Mr.Nitin Sane President
Mr.Sanjiv Misra President
Mr.Subramanian Ayyar President
Mr.Vijay Kumar President
Mr.Vinod Bahety President
Mr.Jayan Menon President
Mr.Abhay Sapru President
Mr.Ajay Mehta President
Mr.Ajit Chandgude President
Mr.Anand Ganesan President
Mr.Anand Bajaj President
Mr.Dhavan Shah President
Mr.Jyoti Prasad Ratho President
Mr.Karan Ahluwalia President
Ms.Lata Dave President
Mr.Manoj Ralhan President
Mr.Shubhada Rao President & Chief Economist
Mr.Anindya Datta President & Chief Marketing Officer
Mr.Malcolm Athaide President & Chief Risk Offcer
Mr.Parag Gorakshakar President & Chief Risk Offcer
Mr.Sumit Kakkar President & Chief Risk Offcer
Mrs.Namita Vikas President & Chief Sustainability Officer
Mr.Jayan Menon President & Chief Xperience Officer
Mr.Shivanand Shettigar President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Vikram Kaushal President & Country Head
Mr.Ajit Chandgude President & Country Head
Mr.Dhavan Shah President & Country Head
Mr.K Somasundaram President & Country Head
Mr.Karan Ahluwalia President & Country Head
Mr.Munindra Verma President & Country Head
Ms.Namita Vikas President & Country Head
Ms.Rinki Dhingra President & Country Head
Mr.Vivek Bansal President & Country Head
Mr.Abhay Sapru President & Country Head
Mr.Sanjay Nambiar President & General Counsel
Mr.Pramesh Khanna President & Head
Mr.Kingshuk Chakraborty President & Managing Director
Mr.Nirav Dalal President & Managing Director
Mr.Rakesh Arya President & Regional Business Head
Mr.Devang Rawal President & Regional Business Leader
Mr.Sanjay Mandavkar President & Regional Business Leader
Mr.Aditya Sanghi President & Sr. Managing Director
Mr.Nikhil Sahni President - Branch Banking
Mr.Sanjay Agrawal President - Business Banking
Mr.Aspy Engineer President - Direct Banking
Mr.Sanjay Agrawal Senior President
Mr.Sumit Gupta Senior President
Mr.Ashish Agarwal Senior President
Mr.Deodutta Kurane Senior President
Mr.Jaideep Iyer Senior President
Mr.Manavjeet Singh Senior President
Mr.Kapil Juneja Senior President
Mr.Rajnish Datta Senior President
Mr.Tushar Pandey Senior President
Mr.Abhishek Bhagat Senior President
Mr.Ajay Desai Senior President
Mr.Amit Sureka Senior President
Mr.Asit Oberoi Senior President
Ms.Chitra Pandeya Senior President
Mr.Devang Rawal Senior President
Mr.K Somasundaram Senior President
Mr.Kingshuk Chakraborty Senior President
Ms.Lata Dave Senior President
Mr.Aspy Engineer Senior President
Mr.Jyoti Prasad Ratho Senior President
Mr.Mahesh Rajaraman Senior President
Mr.Malcolm Athaide Senior President
Mr.Manish Agarwal Senior President
Mr.Manish Vora Senior President
Mr.Munindra Verma Senior President
Mr.Narendra Kumar Dixit Senior President
Mr.Neelesh Sarda Senior President
Mr.Nikhil Sahni Senior President
Mr.Nipun Jain Senior President
Mr.Nitin Puri Senior President
Mr.Nitin Sane Senior President
Mr.P Rakesh Senior President
Mr.Pran Jain Senior President
Ms.Preeti Sinha Senior President
Mr.Rajanish Prabhu Senior President
Mr.Rajat Mehta Senior President
Mr.Rajeev Mahajan Senior President
Mr.Rajesh Jhunjhunwala Senior President
Mr.Rajiv Anand Senior President
Mr.Rakesh Arya Senior President
Mr.Ramanand Pulavarti Senior President
Mr.Vijay Kumar Senior President
Mr.Vinod Bahety Senior President
Mr.Vivek Bansal Senior President
Mr.Yogesh Kapoor Senior President
Mr.Ajay Mehta Senior President
Mr.Ajit Chandgude Senior President
Mr.Akash Prasad Senior President
Mr.Akshay Sapru Senior President
Mr.Amit Dhawan Senior President
Mr.Amit Shah Senior President
Mr.Anup Purohit Senior President
Mr.Aseem Gandhi Senior President
Mr.Astitwa Pandey Senior President
Mr.Bhadresh Pathak Senior President
Mr.Dhavan Shah Senior President
Mr.Gaurav Goel Senior President
Mr.Kanwar Vivek Senior President
Mr.Karan Ahluwalia Senior President
Mr.Kingshuk Jagat Chakraborty Senior President
Mr.Ramesh Sharma Senior President
Mr.Ratan Kumar Kesh Senior President
Ms.Rinki Dhingra Senior President
Mr.Ritesh Pai Senior President
Mr.Sanjay Mandavkar Senior President
Mr.Sanjeev Pandey Senior President
Mr.Sanjiv Misra Senior President
Mr.Satya Mohapatra Senior President
Mr.Subramanian Ayyar Senior President
Mr.Sushil Budhia Senior President
Ms.Swati Dakalia Senior President
Mrs.Chitra Pandeya Senior President & Country Head
Mr.Amit Kumar Senior President & Country Head
Mr.Sandeep Baid Senior President & Country Head
Mr.Sumit Gupta Senior President - Commercial Banking
Mr.Amit Kumar Senior President - Corporate & Inst. Banking
Mr.Manavjeet Singh Senior President - Retail Banking
Mr.Pralay Mondal Sr. Group President
Mr.P Kumar Sr. Group President
Mr.Ashish Agarwal Sr. Group President
Mr.Sanjay Palve Sr. Group President
Mr.Sanjay Palve Sr. Group President & Sr. Managing Director
Ms.Shubhada Rao Sr. President & Chief Economist
Mr.Umesh Jain Sr. President & Chief Information Officer
Mr.Surendra Shetty Sr. President & Chief Information Officer
Mr.Asit Obero Sr. President & Chief Operating Officer
Mr.Jaideep Iyer Sr. President & Country Head
Mr.Amit Dhawan Sr. President & Regional Business Head
Mr.Manish Vora Sr. President & Regional Business Leader
Mr.Deodutta Kurane Sr. President - Human Capital Management
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