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Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar (23rd January 2017)

In Odisha, most of the people are fond of buying gold. People from all classes in odisha are so active in buying gold and they use to wear and gift in numerous festivals, family functions & marriages. You need to always check gold rates in Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha, which has the best gold prices you would get in any city.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Bhubaneswar (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 2,822.80 ₹ 2,822.80 ₹ 0
8 gram ₹ 22,582.40 ₹ 22,582.40 ₹ 0
10 gram ₹ 28,228 ₹ 28,228 ₹ 0
100 gram ₹ 2,82,280 ₹ 2,82,280 ₹ 0

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Bhubaneswar (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 3,008.40 ₹ 3,008.30 ₹ 0.10
8 gram ₹ 24,067.20 ₹ 24,066.40 ₹ 0.80
10 gram ₹ 30,084 ₹ 30,083 ₹ 1
100 gram ₹ 3,00,840 ₹ 3,00,830 ₹ 10

Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Jan 22, 2017 ₹ 28,228 ₹ 30,084
Jan 21, 2017 ₹ 28,228 ₹ 30,083
Jan 20, 2017 ₹ 28,227 ₹ 30,084
Jan 19, 2017 ₹ 28,378 ₹ 30,233
Jan 18, 2017 ₹ 28,377 ₹ 30,233
Jan 17, 2017 ₹ 28,258 ₹ 30,113
Jan 16, 2017 ₹ 0 ₹ 0
Jan 14, 2017 ₹ 27,978 ₹ 29,832
Jan 13, 2017 ₹ 28,016 ₹ 29,872
Jan 12, 2017 ₹ 27,868 ₹ 29,723

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Bhubaneswar

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Bhubaneswar

  • Gold Price Movement in Bhubaneswar, December 2016
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st December rate Rs.26,722 Rs.28,622
    31st December rate Rs.27,027 Rs.28,912
    Highest rate in December Rs.27,027 on December 31 Rs.28,912 on December 31
    Lowest rate in December Rs.26,438 on December 23 Rs.28,333 on December 23
    Over all performance Rising Rising
    % Change +1.14% +1.01%
  • Gold Price Movement in Bhubaneswar, November 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Bhubaneswar, October 2016

Where to Buy Gold in Bhubaneswar

One of the reputed home growth gold jewelers in the state of Odisha is Khimji Jewellers. The company has showrooms in not only Bhubaneswar, but, also Cuttack and Rourkela. The outlet boasts of necklaces gold rings, gold pendants, earings etc. If you are looking at 22 karats and 24 karts, you can buy all of these in the cit of Bhubaneswar. Apart from this you can check todays gold rates in Tanishq through the company's showrooms. Lalchand jewellers Bhubaneswar can also provide you gold rates in the city.

22 Karats Gold in Odisha vs 24 Karats

We often receive queries whether one should buy 22 karats or 24 karats gold in Odisha. In fact, you can buy both of these. The simple explanation is this: If you are buying gold coins just go for the 24 karats gold in Bhubaneswar. On the other hand if you are buying 22 karats, you have to buy it in the jewellery form, because gold being brittle tends to break when made into jewellery.

Apart from this you have a number of choices to buy gold in Bhubaneswar. These include the popular gold coins. And, we wish to emphasize one thing for our readers. If you are investing in gold, make sure you are not investing in gold jewellery. This is because when you want to sell the precious metal all your making charges paid go down the drain. So, the better option is to buy gold coins which can be easily sold. Whether you buy 22 karats or 24 karats is your choice.

How to buy gold in Bhubaneswar?

When you are buying gold in Bhubaneswar, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost is the fact that you should check with your jeweller on gold rates whether it is Khimji Jewellers or Lalchand Jewellers in Bhubaneswar. If you find the rates are all the same at all the Jewellers, you should look for the making charges. This definitely differs from jeweller to jeweller. If the rates are reasonable go ahead and buy. Remember that making charges make-up a significant portion of the overall charges, so be careful. Afterwards you must also check the reputation and also go in only for hallmarked gold. The faster you realize that it will lead you to buy only genuine gold jewellery.

Gold ETF's in Bhuwaneshwar

Bhubaneshwar, is the Capital and largest city in Odisha. There are many individuals in Bhubhaneshwar who invest in gold. Mainly investing in gold is of two types: one is Investing on the physical form of gold and the other is buying ETF's (exchange traded fund). Few Individuals who interested in investing in the physical form of gold go for Jewellery and few goes for gold coins or gold bars. Buying gold bars or coins will be more profitable than investing on jewellery.

There are individuals who go for ETF's. Usally investors who go for ETF's will have more advantages than those who invest in physical form of gold. The main reasons are easy liquidity, ease in selling and safer method. Buying gold ETF's is secured and easy method when compared to buying physical form of gold. Of course, if you want to use gold for personal consumption such as for gifting or making jewellery or sentimental purposes, there is no way you are going to buy gold ETFs.

Buying gold Gold ETFs is like making a fixed deposit it provides an opportunity to investors of Bhubaneshwar to accumulate gold over a given period of time. One can plan the procurement as per future requirements such as for the marriage of children or planning to buy properties etc.

Its very important to check the gold price in Bhubaneshwar before selling gold in physical form or ETF's which you can check on gold rates in Bhubaneshwar in good returns.in

Latest Updates on Bhubaneswar Gold Rates

Gold rates in Bhubaneswar stay steady

Gold rates in Bhubaneswar were trading steady in trade, as investors continued to buy into the precious metal at lower levels. Gold for 22 karats was last seen trading at Rs 27,483 per 10 grams, which were up by almost Rs 14. Gold for 24 karats also moved higher in line with 22 karats gold. Gold prices in Bhubaneswar will continue to trade higher as investors digest a lot of data, especially that coming from the US. This is particularly true for interest rates, which have been on a rise in the US, which has an influence on gold prices.

13 January 2017
Gold rates Bubaneswar

Gold rates in Bubaneswar were trading flat, as investors declined to make any major commitment over the Christmas season. Gold for 22 karats was last seen trading at Rs 26,636 per 10 grams. If you are looking to buy gold for 22 karats, go in for gold coins and bars, in case you are an investor. In case you are not an investor you can buy gold jewellery in Bubaneswar and can accumulate the same on declines at regular intervals. However, look for the hallmarkings and do not forget the same, before buying and spending your money. Also, look for the days of manufacture of the jewellery. A buy on decline strategy would be good for you. Remember, that gold prices have always yielded good returns in the long term and do not hesitate to buy on declines.

24 December 2016
Gold prices in Bubaneswar trade flat

Gold rates in Bubaneswar were trading flat as global cues were not supportive for prices. Today, Gold prices in Bubaneswar were trading around the Rs 2260, which was just about Re 1 down over the rates seen for the precious metal on December 21, 2016. In fact, gold rates in Bubaneswar have been on a constant decline for the last several weeks. In fact, this is ever since Donald Trump became the US President, which led to a rise in the prices of equities and a drop in the rats for gold. This also impacted the price of the precious metal in the city of Bubaneswar. If you are now looking to buy into gold, you can buy the same only if you want to hold for about 5 years. This is the only way you can make money in the precious metal, is buying the same on declines and then holding the metal for the very long term.

22 December 2016

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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