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Gold Rate in Delhi (23rd January 2017)

Gold price in Delhi has been seeing some momentum, since the start of the year. This is because, equity markets took a beating at the start of the year, which pushed investors to invest in safe haven asset like gold.  The precious metal may not be a favorite in the last few years, as prices have moved in a tight range. A fall in equity prices at the start of the year, saw some attraction to gold as an investment. We have given todays gold rate in Delhi to those who wish to buy the precious metal.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Delhi (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 2,817.80 ₹ 2,817.80 ₹ 0
8 gram ₹ 22,542.40 ₹ 22,542.40 ₹ 0
10 gram ₹ 28,178 ₹ 28,178 ₹ 0
100 gram ₹ 2,81,780 ₹ 2,81,780 ₹ 0

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Delhi (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 3,003.30 ₹ 3,003.30 ₹ 0
8 gram ₹ 24,026.40 ₹ 24,026.40 ₹ 0
10 gram ₹ 30,033 ₹ 30,033 ₹ 0
100 gram ₹ 3,00,330 ₹ 3,00,330 ₹ 0

Gold Rate in Delhi for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Jan 22, 2017 ₹ 28,178 ₹ 30,033
Jan 21, 2017 ₹ 28,178 ₹ 30,033
Jan 20, 2017 ₹ 28,178 ₹ 30,033
Jan 19, 2017 ₹ 28,351 ₹ 30,206
Jan 18, 2017 ₹ 28,348 ₹ 30,203
Jan 17, 2017 ₹ 28,218 ₹ 30,057
Jan 16, 2017 ₹ 27,920 ₹ 29,846
Jan 14, 2017 ₹ 27,938 ₹ 29,792
Jan 13, 2017 ₹ 27,987 ₹ 29,843
Jan 12, 2017 ₹ 27,856 ₹ 29,705

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Delhi

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Delhi

  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, December 2016
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st December rate Rs.28,205 Rs.30,165
    31st December rate Rs.27,016 Rs.28,902
    Highest rate in December Rs.28,205 on December 1 Rs.30,165 on December 1
    Lowest rate in December Rs.26,458 on December 23 Rs.28,352 on December 23
    Over all performance Falling Falling
    % Change -4.22% -4.19%
  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, November 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, October 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, September 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, August 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Delhi, July 2016

 In the last few years, the city has seen a flattish demand for the precious metal. While earlier, there used to be a big demand, the lack of movement in prices has proven to be a big deterrent for investors.

In fact, gold has hardly moved in terms of prices. Gold rates in Delhi have also stagnated in line with the prices prevailing in the global markets.  Globally, itself golf prices have not seen an uptick in demand. In india also the government has been coming up with schemes to prevent investors from making large scale investment in gold. We believe that this could prevent any sharp upmove in the prices of gold. The demand for gold was placed at 929 tonnes for the third quarter, though jewellery demand has softened in the last few months as investors buy into shares.

Gold Prices in India which had fallen in the last 1 year, have seen some decent recovery since the start of tthe year, as investors dump equity shares. There is a possibility that gold prices may remain steady rather than seen any runaway in prices.

Gold: Why it is the easiest piece of investment?

Many individuals, especially the aged have tried and tested gold investment and find the same, the easiest investment possible. One would have to agree over this, given the fact that you just need to walk into your local jeweller and sell the same. It is easy even while buying the same, though these days, if you make a large purchase you need to give your PAN card. If you are planning to buy gold in excess of Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 lakhs, you must give your PAN card. This is largely in compliance with what the authorities require for tax purposes. So, it is important to also remember that if you make large scale purchases of gold, the authorities could also chase you, if your income is not legitimate. it is always a good idea to come clean in what you all do.

Can you lock money in Gold ETFs

If you are a keen investor in Delhi, you can also look at locking money in gold ETFs in Delhi. We thing that this is one instrument that you should try for various reasons. Just imagine that you can sell the gold extremely quickly as the liquidity in the instrument is pretty high. Another reason for buying is that it is more convenient to store and you do not have to rush to the bank locker everytime you want to take your jewellery. The other reason is that you can buy and sell at the same time. it is also more liquid.


Where to check gold rates and buy gold in Delhi?

Delhi has a number of places with a heavy concentration of jewellery shops and you can check gold rates there. For example in the South Extension you can find gold shops like Tanishq and Mehersons. Karol Bagh too has a number of shops where you can buy the precious metal.

Most of the shops are pretty competitive when it comes to gold rates. You are not going to find too much of a price difference, though it is highly likely that you may find a difference in the making charges of gold.

There are various other places, where you can find many jewellery shops. In fact, if you are going to the less popular ones, it is better to check for quality and the standard hallmarking quality that you may require.

How live gold prices in Delhi for 22 karats and 24 karats move

If you are tracking live gold prices in Delhi, there are two things that you should keep in mind. The first is that live gold gold rates in the cpot market in Delhi change only twice a day. On the other hand rates in the futures market change more often. These live gold rates in Delhi today are determined by a host of factors including, international prices, which are determined by interest rates in the United States and also a host of other factors like how inflation would move. If you are looking to into the precious metal, it is important to track such prices. In India, there are numerous other factors that influence Delhi gold rates including the taxes levied by the government. In the past the government, has changed the levies to influence the gold prices. It is unlikely that we will see a frequent change in these rates. If you are looking at gold prices falling to buy in Delhi, it is unlikely to happen very soon.

Buying hallmarked gold jewelery in India?

We suggest that you go to shops where they sell hallmarked jewellery. In fact, all of the shops today sell hallmarked jewellery. Even in case you have a doubt you can ask for a purity test to be done. At the established gold and jewellery makers, this should not be a problem, but, at the less established players, you may find that a little difficult. So, what do you check when you buy hallmarked jewelery. If you are looking at 916 hallmarked gold in Delhi, you must understand that the same would be hallmarked by some of the essaying centres, allocated by the Bureau of Indian standards. The BIS as it is popularly called has earmarked these essaying centres. When you are buying hallmarked gold in India, it is best to check a few things like the BIS logo, the year of manufacture and the name of the jeweller. This would be very helpful, though once you get gold jewelery that is hallmarked, you could be rest assured that it is of the finest quality.

Understanding wastage charges in Delhi

If you are planning to make new gold, take a look at the jewellery that you can sell and make money from it for buying additional ones. At times, we have the old ones that we hardly ever use. However, we strongly advocate that you do not sell the old gold or ones that are broken to the goldsmith. In fact, what you can do is you will waste money on wastage charges, which is a big drawback.

Where to sell gold in Delhi?

There is always likely to be an emergency at times, when you would like to sell your gold. In Delhi, there are many places that can sell your gold, including 24 karats gold. For example, we found a website called 24 karat.co.in, where they buy gold. We are not sure, if they take 22 karats as well. The company has eight locations in Delhi and Gurgaon where you can sell the gold. However, we wish to warn readers that it is important to watch when you sell gold, as compared to buying, as you should not get fooled. You have to first compare the rates and other things before you venture into selling the precious metal. Most people who buy the gold that others sell use very sophisticated karat meters to check the purity of gold. If you have any apprehensions, you should contact the shops. It is always better to ask for several quotes before you decide on a single seller to sell your gold.

Why is Gold so Precious Metal?

The basis for its preciousness is it's nature itself. Gold is a difficult resource to find but not impossible. That makes it immensely valuable. It is easy to store, easy to transport, and also it is very useful in many modern applications. Gold is the appropriate metal for the job that will not deteriorate or disintegrate. Gold will not cause any potential safety issues for its holder.

The elemental properties of gold clearly state that the Gold provides a globally neutral, natural unit of the account in relation to all other elements required to us. The scientific properties of gold in our natural and human systems reconciled independently over thousands of years.

Gold is also the best conductor. So in precision electronics gold is used as the conductor. From ages, the gold standard is backing up the currency.

Whenever the economic climate starts experiencing turmoil. Traders, governments, investors all head towards Gold As it is safe havens in such conditions. Silver is also a participant for protection as a safe haven for the general investors in economic breakdown conditions.

There are many alternative views of gold's usefulness. Which makes gold so precious metal.

Buying gold bars in Delhi

Buying gold bars in Delhi requires a lot of money. So, you should either be a wholesaler or a retail jeweller to be buying into the precious metal. This is simple because the weight is very high of gold bars. For example, they could weigh anywhere between 500 grams to 1 kg, which is why they are very much preferred. No, you can imagine what would be the cost of 1 kg of a gold bar. It would be a staggering Rs 26 to Rs 27 lakhs based on the current market price and the city that you are living in. For example, if you are living in the city of Mumbai the cost would be slightly higher then some other cities like Kolkata for example. You can buy these gold bars from many places. Some large wholesalers may sell these gold bars. Also, one is not sure if banks do keep gold bars. But, you would require to have your identity proof before you buy gold bars in Mumbai. Typically, since it is a very large scale purchase you would also require to keep your PAN card ready.

Demand for gold across the globe

Do you know which is the biggest consumer for gold across the globe. The biggest consumer for the precious metal is gold jewelry. In 2014, these ornaments saw a consumption of 2,479 tonnes, as compared 2,390.3 tonnes in 2015. What this means is that gold demand actcually fell in 2015 for use in various forms of jewelry. There is also a heavy demand for gold in  the electronics industry. For example, gold demand was 277.5 tonnes in 2014 for use in the electronics industry, while the same declined to 262.3 tonnes in 2015. One interesting feature of the demand is the use of the precious metal in dentistry. Do you now that in the year 2016, almost 19 tonnes of the metal was used in dentistry. But, one thing is clear at the moment and that is the fact that gold demand is showing a flatteing trend. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that gold demand is in fact falling and there seems to be no reason to believe the trend would reverse.

Caution that you need to exercise when buying gold

Whether you buy gold in Delhi or any other city, there are certain things that you should look for. One of the most important of these is to take a look at the quantity of stone in the jewellery. Remember that most gold smith will buy gold, after deducting the stone charges. So, go for the actual weight of gold. Remember that you would lose money on the stones. One question that individuals often ask is: What is time limit to exchange the gold jewellery? This is something very difficult to answer. Most of them would allow you to exchange your stuff after a week. However, here again it depends on the jeweller in question. Lastly, while buying gold in Deli, make sure that you negotiate the making charges. Though to a large extent negotiation can be minimum.

Have you ever tried investing in gold futures in Delhi?

If you wanted to buy gold in Delhi and have been weary, you should try the gold futures market. For example, gold prices in the spot market at the jewellery shop is largely determined by the gold in the futures market. If you are a short term investor in Delhi it makes sense to buy for 3 months and then sell gold petal. These instruments are very liquid and is much better than buying gold in the physical form as an investment. However, we wish to emphasize that a contract has to be settled within the time frame, which is a big disadvantage. What this means is that Delhities who buy gold in the futures market, must settle the same contract before it expires. So, unlike physical gold where you can hold for a lifetime and even pass on the same from generation to generation this is not possible in the case of gold futures.

How to know if you are buying fake gold?

The first important thing to know us what is fake gold. Well, the standards are clearly defined. Anything that is below 10 karats gold is defined as fake gold. What this means is that there is more of alloys in these then real gold. The best way is to look for markings like the hallmarking from one of the essaying centres of the Bureau of Indian Standards. There is also a way to note if there is a discolouration of the gold. This would happen along the edges of the gold. The precious metal is not a material that would stick to magnet. So, if it sticks it is got to be fake, because there is metal in it. There are various other density tests that gold undergoes to know if it is genuine or fake. Gold can also undergo nitric test, which would show whether the metal is pure or not.

Where to purchase gold in Delhi?

If you are looking to buy gold in Delhi, there are a number of places. Delhi is very unlike the Zaveri Bazaar of Mumbai, where there is a heavy concentration of jewellery shops in the city. In Delhi, you can find many shops in the Karol Bagh area. There are shops like Mehasrons and not to forget the Tanishq range of brands and P C Jewellers. However, what you must do is compare the rates between different jewelers to see and arrive at the best rates possible. What we must also mention is that you must also compare the making charges. Remember, that you do not get your making charges back, so do not invest in gold jewellery. It is better to do the same through gold coins and biscuits. This is because you would not have to worry about a loss on making charges, though there would be a tax that is applicable, which you have to recover and hence need to make more money when you sell the metal.

Why gold rates in Delhi fluctuate?

Gold rates in Delhi fluctuate for a number of reasons. The first and the foremost is the international gold rates. If international prices rise, the gold rates in Delhi also move higher. Currently, gold is trading at dollar 1327 an ounce. So, we add to this the currency rates and than also the applicable import duties, to arrive at the gold rates in Delhi.

The government also from time to time changes the applicable duty rates, which pushes gold rates in Delhi either lower or higher.

Is it worth investing in Gold schemes in Delhi?

Jewellers in the city of Delhi run many schemes from time to time. Investors often ask whether it is worth investing in some of these schemes. It all depends on your need to be honest. For example, if you feel that you need to gather money for an occasion like marriage or a wedding anniversary, you should go for these schemes. Remember you need to look at the benefits that the jewellers in the city of Delhi offer. For example, if you are looking at charges then some jewellers reduce the making charges, if you have taken a gold jewellery scheme from them. So, make sure that you negotiate such kind of deals before you buy any into any gold scheme. Are suggestion is that it is always a good idea if you are planning an anniversary or birthday gift to stay invested in gold schemes. Also, there are many jewellers who lock the prices of gold, the day you make the deposit in the scheme. So, this way you are hedged against risks of any sharp drop or rise in the prices of gold.

22 karats vs 24 karats gold; Which to buy?

You can check the 22 karat hallmarked gold rates in Delhi and buy or you can for the 24 karat hallmarked gold. In either case, people are confused. There is no confusion actually. It is simple, if you are buying gold jewelry, you need to go for the 22 karats one, while if you are looking at 24 karats, you need to pursue gold coins or gold biscuits. The difference between 22 karats and 24 karats is simple. The latter has hold content of 99.9 per cent purity, while 24 karats, just about has 91.6 per cent purity.

These days individuals are looking to increasingly look at other investment options like gold exchange traded funds, though the government's measures to introduce sovereign gold bonds, has failed to see good response. Consider a variety of options before you decide to plunge into just any one.

How to track gold rates in Delhi today?

There are many ways to be tracking gold prices in Delhi today. If you have a share broking account, the surest way would be to track gold futures, which would also reflect the rates of gold you would get at your local jeweler. Remember trading starts early before some shops open, so if you want to know if Delhi gold prices in the spot market (that is at your local jeweler) would be higher, you can go ahead and see the rates on the MCX, which is also known as the multi commodity exchange. Also, remember that we at gooderturns.in update are prices frequently, so do not miss visiting. It is extremely important to check gold rates as you can avoid, buying into the precious metal, if prices have risen substantially during the day. It is another matter if the buysing is for marriage or any other event.

How interest rates affect gold prices in Delhi?

One of the biggest factors that tends to influence gold prices in Delhi is the behaviour of interest rates. In fact, gold rates and interest rates are very closely linked. This is why what happens to interest rates worldwide assumes paramount importance. It is very simple - when interest rates across the globe go up, gold rates will fall and vice versa. Apart from this there is also monetary expansion, which tends to impact gold prices. For example, when the global central bans engage in quantitative easing, what happens is that there is more liquidity in the global financial system and when that happens, it leads to a sharp rally in gold prices. Let us give an example. The last time when the US Federal Reserve hiked interest rates gold prices fell and the same is likely to happen. On the other hand when there is fresh supply of money through quantitative easing gold prices tend to do exactly the opposite and move higher.

Shops that sell gold and jewelery in Delhi

There are many shops that sell gold in Delhi. These include the renowned ones like P C Jewelers, Tanishq etc. the most important thing when buying gold is to compare the prices. There maybe no variation in the prices of gold, though we must admit that there could be a huge variation in the making charges. These days the making charges on gold and gold jewelry has become pretty expensive. What we also suggest is to compare these rates.

If you are looking to buy gold coins, you can check with some of the banks. Almost all of the banks, sell gold coins. However, what is important to remember is that these banks do not buyback the coins.

Understanding the difference between spot gold and gold futures

Individuals looking to invest in Delhi in gold, should figure out the options including the various means of investing from spot gold and gold futures. Spot gold is nothing, but, the investment that an individual makes in gold coins, bars etc. On the other hand, in the futures market one buy the precious metal and settles the contract at a later date. There is a remarkable difference between both that individuals should note. The futures market is always risky as the exposure is way too high. So, since you are trading in volumes, a slight difference in the price could mean a lot. The exposure is limited in the spot market, as one has to pay cash and buy the precious metal. In the futures market one just pays the requisite margin money and squares up the position before the contract expires.

Gold prices in Delhi in 2017

It is unlikely that we will see windfall gains for gold prices in Delhi in 2017. In the year 2016, gold has already given decent returns and gold rates in Delhi have moved in sync. The global markets were flush with funds and a lot of money got pumped into gold. This fuelled a rally in gold prices in 2016. But, it is unlikely that the same trend would continue in 2016. In fact, gold prices could be headed lower, as interest rates rise and  quantitative easing measures are relaxed. Thus, if international gold prices fall, it is highly likely that we will see a drop in prices of gold in the domestic markets as well. Gold prices in Delhi, which began the year at Rs 24,900 have steadily moved higher giving a return of almost 24 per cent during the year. It is highly likely that we not see the same returns, unless there is political chaos or geo-political tensions across the globe.

Different types of purity of gold

Gold comes in purity of various forms. The most common of these is the 22 karats. This is not completely pure gold and has a 91.67 per cent purity. It is generally found in gold jewelery as gold being brittle, needs to be added to alloy or else you could have your gold snap. This is also popularly called as 916 gold. On the other hand, if you want to go for the highest level of purity of gold, you have to go with gold of 24 karats. These can be bought in the form of gold biscuits and also in the form of gold bars and coins. There is also 18 karats gold, which is not the most popular in India. In fact, it has just 75 per cent purity, as compared to the 24 karats, which is nearly fully pure.  If you are looking at buying this precious metal, it would be the best bet.

Different choices in Buying gold in Delhi

While you can buy the tradional gold jewelery and gold coins, you can also look at a host of other investment options. Investors can buy the Gold ETFs in Delhi.

Gold ETFs are like shares. You can open a demat account and buy and sell the same. They are traded in the electronic form. The big advantage of these gold instruments is that there is no worries of any thief coming and stealing your gold.

Apart from this, since they are in the electronic form, you do not have to worry about charges for storage, say for example, bank lockers.

Why Delhi investors should buy gold?

There are many reasons that Delhi investors should buy gold. First is that there is no better investment than gold when you want to diversify your portfolio. Let us explain this with an example.  Say, you have placed all your money in shares. What happens when there is a share price collapse, due to say a financial crisis. All your money is sunk. But, gold is a perfect hedge in bad times. When things are bad people take shelter in gold. This is why people of Delhi should be buying gold, when gold prices in Delhi fall.

Gold as we discussed can be bought and sold in many forms, which is why we should not worry too much. But, as we mentioned it is imperative that you put at least put a part of your wealth into different forms of gold, including gold ETFs. However, what is important is that you buy into gold, keeping in mind gold prices in Delhi. In fact, since the global financial crisis of 2008, gold has rallied almost 2.5 times. This is one reason why gold can be a great bet and a hedge against bad times.

Buying Gold coins vs Gold ETFs Vs Gold Jewelery in Delhi

Today, you have a plethora of options, when it comes to buying gold and gold related products. Among the many choices that you have include gold coins, gold jewelery and gold ETFs. If you buy gold jewelery, you do not get the making charges back. On the other hand there are applicable taxes when you buy gold coins, which increases the costs of the gold. So, if a 10 per cent cost escalation happens, due to taxes, you need gold prices to rally by at least another 8 to 10 per cent, to get a decent return. So, in order to make decent returns gold has to gain at least 20 per cent. Under the present context, it is difficult to see how that could happen. On the other hand, if you buy gold ETFs, it is a much better proposition simply because you get better value for your gold.  Also, there is no headache with thieves robbing your gold as the Gold ETFs are held in the electronic form.

Historic gold price movement in Delhi

Historically, gold has given good returns to investors, particularly over the more longer term. For example, those who invested in gold, before the US subprime mortgage crisis, managed to triple their returns in the last eight years. In fact, the precious metal has beaten inflation by a good margin. Gold has often been considered as a good hedge against inflation and the returns are pretty decent. Hence, if you are looking to make returns from the precious metal, it may not be a bad time to buy into gold in Delhi. Chances are that you could ending-up making money in the more longer term.

Understanding the finer aspects of gold jewelry

Making of fine gold jewelry in India has had its own charm since the many centuries. Gold jewelry cannot be made in 24 karats, which is why we have jewelry of 22 karats only. This is because 24 karats gold is very pure and hence very brittle and tends to break, which is why it is not suitable to make gold jewelry. You can also have jewelry in 18 karats, but that is not very popular in India. 18 Karats gold has about only 75 per cent gold in it, while the rest is metal that is added to the gold to make it into jewelry. If you are looking at buying gold, you should buy 22 karats in jewelry. If you are looking as investment, it is better to buy gold coins and bars, as you can get them as 24 karats gold. However, the best form which many Delhites should try is the Gold ETFs. These have many advantages and among the few is that they are extremely liquid and can be sold without any worries. You do not have to worry about theft as well, as Gold Exchange Traded Funds can be held in the elctronic form.


Look at other gold options

Over the years, gold investors in Delhi have had plenty of options, including investing in sovereign gold bonds, gold exchange traded funds etc.

The government has over the years discouraged individuals from buying gold to keep the current account deficit under check. It has enabled various options, including sovereign gold bonds and the gold monetization scheme. You can invest in these schemes, if you do not like physical gold.

In fact, it is a better option, since physical gold means storage issues and also worries over theft.

These days there are a plethora of options and investors should not think twice.

How gold prices in Delhi differ from other Cities?

Gold prices in Delhi are almost slightly higher than some other cities. This is because there is some transportation costs that are involved, moving gold to the city from major ports. In fact, prices of gold is slightly lower in cities like Mumbai, where investors can get a bargain deal. However, if you are in another city, where you are travelling, you can always buy gold from that city.

Gold prices also differ in Delhi city from other cities, because of muncipal and other taxes that are applicable from time to time. In any case check with your jeweler before buying.

Rupee and gold price movement in Delhi

 The rupee movement against the dollar tends to impact gold rates in Delhi. For example, when the rupee gets stronger against the dollar, gold prices fall. On the other hand, when the rupee dips against the dollar, gold prices tend to gain ground. In fact, in the last few years, gold prices have gone higher in India, also due to the sharp fall of the rupee against the dollar. Apart from this local tariffs and duties also tend to change the gold prices in India and Delhi. So, watch for cross currency headwinds to see if gold prices in Delhi have moved either way.

Gold in futures markets vs spot market

You can buy gold in two ways: one is in the spot market in Delhi at the local jewelers shop or through the futures market. In the first instance, you pay the entire amount and you take possession of the gold that you purchased. So, you buy 10 grams at Rs 2,700 per gram, you pay Rs 27,000 for the same. On the other hand in the futures market, you buy 10 grams, but, you only pay margin money, probably of 10 per cent. So, you have higher exposure by paying very less. This is of course very risky way of buying and selling gold, but, you can also end-up making higher money. One important thing that we need to mention is that you have to sell the gold you buy, before the expiry of the contract in the futures segment. On the other hand in the cash segment, since you have already paid the cash, you can take possession and sell the gold at the time you like.

What does white gold mean?

While gold is very much in vogue these days. If you tell somebody, you want to buy white gold it no longer surprises them. There are many who still go by the traditional means of the normal yellow gold. White gold is nothing buy an addition of other metals to the normal yellow gold that we have. So, what are the metals that are added to gold is the common question. Among the metals that are added include Nickel, palladium, and silver. Now, it is important to remember that you can never get white gold in 24 karats or even for that matter in 22 karats. This is because the colour of the original gold can never change unless the mixture of the component is high and that is more than 25 per cent of the other metal. Generally speaking white gold would be around 21 karats. Remember, that 22 karats is just about 75 per cent gold.

A period of stability to gold prices

Delhi has seen great stability in prices of the precious metal, as investors have been buying in small quantities for the last few months. This has kept prices very stable across the world. Also, some diversification and purchases in the metal have been seen in the recent past. There are reports that hedge funds have been active, across the globe, which has led to gold prices to remain steady and find support at lower levels. However, how far prices would stay elevated is difficult to say. Gold prices largely depend on a host of factors, some of these include the movement of the rupee against the dollar and other factors like geo political tensions. At least as far as the latter is concerned, we are seeing some stability, which is why gold prices are finding excellent support.

A perking of gold rates

While we did mention that gold rates in Delhi have given good returns, a lot would now depend on how international global cues pan out. For example, if there is a meaningful hike in interest rates in the US, we would see gold rates falling and vice versa. This is because investors would rush to invest in US treasuries as interest rates there rise. Remember, rising interest rates in the US, is not good for gold rates. In fact, we have seen some decline in the prices of gold, as investors have sold into the precious metal. If you are looking to hence buy into gold, it is a good idea to buy the metal on declines. The other factor that might help support rates is the fact that the government might not use to many interventionist policies. For example, the current account deficit, which went for a toss on account of gold is now very much under control. So, the government may not really change policies too much to discourage the use of gold.

What to look for in Delhi Gold rates before buying?

If you ever thought of buying gold in Delhi, you need to do a thorough research. For example, among the things that you need to look at is how prices of gold in Delhi are determined. Among the top factors is the international gold rates. Having said that another big factor that influences gold prices in Delhi is the duties that are applicable and made payable by the government from time to time. These days there are not too many changes that are happening on the gold duties and taxes front. However, there are times when the current account deficit goes for a toss and the government to curb gold imports has to levy duties on the same. This is done because gold form the second highest imports in the country and a lot of foreign currency outflows happen when we import gold.

Latest Updates on Delhi Gold Rates

Gold prices to move higher in Delhi on Jan 23, 2017

Gold prices in Delhi were seen moving higher, following the Donald Trump swearing-in. Delhi has witnessed good demand as well as demand from large funds for Gold ETFs. The wedding season in December and January has also resulted in good demand across the board for the precious metal. Going ahead we are likely to see higher prices in the months to come, as investors worry about the policies of newly elected US President Donald Trump. How far it will move is a guess that nobody can make. Many advocate a strategy where you buy gold at lower rates and then ramp-up by selling at higher rates. However, the patience can be endless given that gold prices may not fall too sharply. Delhi also has a plethora of options when it comes to buying gold. These include the lesser preferred ETFs, as well as the tried and tested gold coins and bars. If you are looking to invest both of these would be good options.

22 January 2017
Gold eyes Donald Trump swearing in

Gold prices were stable ahead of the swearing in of newly elected US President Donald Trump. His policies would be key to the movement of gold, given that there are some uncertainties surrounding the same. If policies remain volatile on an ongoing basis, we may see sharp movements in the prices of gold. Both 22 karats and 24 karats gold would see movement and these could mostly be on the higher side.

20 January 2017
Gold rates see subdued price movement

Gold rates in Delhi were trading steady in Jan 2017, and also flat on Jan 19, 2017. Gold for 22 karats and 24 karats were little change and there are hopes that we might see a rally in the gold prices of Delhi sometime later this year. Most gold observers feel that there is a long way to go as far as a jump in gold prices are concerned. This is because in the last few years, there has been a subdued demand for the precious metal. The government too has been trying to curb the consumption of the precious metal, given the fact that it has in the past been draining the precious forex resources of the country. In any case, one has to be careful when buying into the precious metal as any sharp fall, especially in view of rising interest rates in the US, could result in some fall in the precious metal.

19 January 2017
Prices see a smart rally on January 12, 2017

Gold prices in the city of Delhi saw a smart rally, as investors turned their attention from equities to gold. This is the fourth consecutive day that gold prices in Delhi were seeing a positive momentum. It might be a little difficult to sustain that momentum and we might see prices dipping in the near future. This is because gold prices have seen a sustained rally in Delhi from levels of Rs 26,600 per 10 grams to the current levels of Rs 27,300. There maybe some technical fall, as profit booking emerges at higher levels. This is particularly true for prices in the futures market, which first see selling pressure, followed by the Indian markets. Remember, that gold prices in Delhi is a reflection of what happens in the international markets. For example, today in Delhi we are seeing prices being stuck at levels of Rs 27,000 for sometime now. Technical analysts are of the view that if the momentum does not sustain above these levels we could see prices dropping once again below the Rs 26,500 mark. It is hence a good idea to sell on rallies and then buy gold all over again.

12 January 2017
Gold rates to hold steady in Delhi

Gold rates in Delhi are expected to trade marginally higher, as global cues continued to remain robust on the back of dollar gains. Both the metals of purity 22 karats and 24 karats were seen gradually rising as investors bought into the precious metal on declines. It has been a slow steady and gradual increase in gold rates in the city. However, most jewellers feel that 2017 could well be the year of gold in India.

9 January 2017
Gold prices edge higher

Gold prices in Delhi edged higher, as investors bought into the precious metal on declines. Gold has been seeing constant gains in the last few trading sessions and today was no exception. Gold for 22 karats was higher and so was gold for 24 karats in the city of Delhi. If you are looking to buy gold, jewellers are advising to wait and for sometime, as we could see some decline, which would be a good opportunity to buy into the metal. Gold prices in Delhi have seen very good demand in the last one year. On the other hand, we have also see a significant demand emerging from various quarters, including the gold exchange traded funds. If the trend continues we may see gold outperforming a host of other asset classes in 2017.

6 January 2017
Another day of steady movement in gold

It was another day of steady movement in gold, which hovered around the same levels of Wednesday. Gold for 22 karats and 24 karats in Delhi were little changed, as international prices were more or less steady. In fact, for the entire year we have seen a more or less steady trend emerge in the price of gold, which is a good for stability. Gold is unlikely to see any great voltility unless there emerges a clear trend for the precious metal. Technically, it is seeing some support near the Rs 26,500 levels and once this is breached we might see a further downside.

5 January 2017
Gold prices in Delhi hold steady

Gold prices in Delhi were trading steady as investors bought into the precious metal in early trade. In the futures market, gold for 22 karats was trading at Rs 27,500 per 10 grams for February 2017 delivery. We are unlikely to see great movement in prices of gold in Delhi given the price volatility in the global markets. Jewellers in the city of Delhi feel that there is not much of a demand given that the Christmas and the festive season is now over. However, demand may once again merge if prices of the precious metal fall. However, how far prices would fall is always difficult to predict.

4 January 2017
Gold prices in Delhi gain momentum

Gold prices in the city of Delhi rallied as international prices of the precious metal saw some traction. Gold for 22 karats was last seen trading at Rs 26,890 per 10 grams, marginally higher over the previous days closing. Trading volumes in Delhi have now seen a remarkable recovery, following the holiday season. Delhi brokers say that there might be further momentum in prices if volumes across the globe improve in the next few days. Gold for 24 grams was also trading higher, as investors bought intto the metal. There were reports of buying of gold coins and gold bars in the city of Delhi. Investors are hoping that it would be a year of tremendous returns for investors in gold this year, even as the precious metal gave decent returns for invesors in 2016.


3 January 2017
Delhi rates in Delhi marginally higher

Gold rates in Delhi were trading higher, as investors began the new year with buying in small quantities. Gold for 22 karats was last seen trading at Rs 26,800 per 10 grams in Delhi. We are unlikely to see solid gains in the price of the precious metal, given that the volumes are always low at the start of the year. This is because investors tend to take it easy on account of the extended holidays. However, if you are looking to buy gold, the volumes would most likely surge, and interest would be back in the next few days.

2 January 2017

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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