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Gold Rate in Hyderabad (23rd January 2017)

Gold price in Hyderabad has been fluctuating in the last few years. Demand for gold remained steady throughout last year with some rise seen in the first quarter of 2016. While investment demand has remained subdued gold demand for jewelery has been on the rise. Prices of gold in India in the first quarter of 2016 was more or less steady and has been in line with global markets. But, gold consumption in cities like Hyderabad continue to rise. We have given gold rates today in Hyderabad for our valuable readers. We hope you find the updated rates really useful.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Hyderabad (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 2,823.90 ₹ 2,823.80 ₹ 0.10
8 gram ₹ 22,591.20 ₹ 22,590.40 ₹ 0.80
10 gram ₹ 28,239 ₹ 28,238 ₹ 1
100 gram ₹ 2,82,390 ₹ 2,82,380 ₹ 10

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Hyderabad (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 3,009.40 ₹ 3,008.80 ₹ 0.60
8 gram ₹ 24,075.20 ₹ 24,070.40 ₹ 4.80
10 gram ₹ 30,094 ₹ 30,088 ₹ 6
100 gram ₹ 3,00,940 ₹ 3,00,880 ₹ 60

Gold Rate in Hyderabad for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Jan 22, 2017 ₹ 28,239 ₹ 30,094
Jan 21, 2017 ₹ 28,238 ₹ 30,088
Jan 20, 2017 ₹ 28,238 ₹ 30,091
Jan 19, 2017 ₹ 28,388 ₹ 30,242
Jan 18, 2017 ₹ 28,388 ₹ 30,242
Jan 17, 2017 ₹ 28,237 ₹ 30,093
Jan 16, 2017 ₹ 27,930 ₹ 29,851
Jan 14, 2017 ₹ 27,988 ₹ 29,842
Jan 13, 2017 ₹ 28,016 ₹ 29,873
Jan 12, 2017 ₹ 27,878 ₹ 29,733

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Hyderabad

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Hyderabad

  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, December 2016
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st December rate Rs.27,655 Rs.29,577
    31st December rate Rs.27,029 Rs.28,914
    Highest rate in December Rs.27,655 on December 1 Rs.29,577 on December 1
    Lowest rate in December Rs.26,448 on December 23 Rs.28,343 on December 23
    Over all performance Falling Falling
    % Change -2.26% -2.24%
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, November 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, October 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, September 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, August 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, July 2016

Gold prices in Hyderabad have made a blockbuster return in 2016, thanks to way international cues have panned out. The precious metal has so far seen a return of near 10 per cent this year and it is primed for more. 

Economic slowdown across the globe has ensured that 2016, maybe a good year for gold. In any case, if you want to look at investing beyond fixed income securities and shares, gold would be a better option. 

This year, a sharp drop in the Indian rupee to near record levels, has ensured that gold rates in Hyderabad would be more expensive, as compared to the same time last year. We believe that any global recession across the globe, may lead to fresh buying in the precious metal, which could lead to a spurt across the globe in the precious metal.

Gold in India tracks international gold prices, while the other two variables remain the rupee rates against the dollar and import duties levied by the government of India.

If you are looking to track gold rates in Hyderabad, you need to first track international rates and than the movement of the rupee against the US dollar. 

Methods to buy gold in Hyderabad

Once you check the live gold rates in Hyderabad for 22 karats and 24 karats, it is time to buy gold in Hyderabad. You can buy gold in a number of ways in Hyderabad. The most popular of course is the physical gold, where you can go ahead and buy 22 karats and 24 karats gold. The other mechanism for buying gold is the coins and bars. You can buy gold through the futures and options mechanism as well from Multi Commodity Exchange, also called MCX. On this exchange, you receive gold in the form of 22 karats and 24 karats. Once you purchase gold in Hyderabad through this mechanism, it is important that you square up your position. This is because in the futures market you cannot take physical delivery of shares, but need to settle the position. There are other mechanisms where you can buy gold and these include the sovereign gold bonds, gold coins etc. You can choose the one that best suits you.

Where to buy gold jewelry in Hyderabad?

The tradition of making gold and gold jewelry in Hyderabad is very old. Today, making of gold has rather evolved with the latest machines and designs. It is very easy to get good quality hallmarked gold in Hyderabad. If you are looking at fashion and exquisite gold, there are shops like Jagdamba Pearls, Krishna Pearls, Magatrai Jewelers at Liberty Cross Road which are among the very popular ones. Apart from these you have shops like Shree Jewelers, Meena Jewelers etc., which are famous. Hyderabad as one may know is not only known for gold and gold jewelry, but, also for pearls. The place is famous for some of the finest pearls in the country. Of course, you also have the Tanishq and the famous Kalyan Jewelers, which are known to be the reputed gold jewelry chains in the country.

What is the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold?

For those buying gold in Hyderabad, it is necessary to understand the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold in Hyderabad. You must know that 24 karats gold is almost 100 per cent pure gold. Of course, nothing can be 100 per cent pure, so let us say that it is 99.9 per cent pure gold. 22 karats on the other hand is not that pure. In fact, it is just about 91.6 per cent pure gold and the remaining is alloy. This is one reason why 22 karats gold in Hyderabad is often called 916 gold. Whereas in other cities also it is called the same. It all depends on your own need and the choice of the metal youw ish to purchase. If you want you can go for the 22 karats gold or the 24 karats. You also get the lower purity gold like 18 karats. Take your pick from the choices that you have.

Understanding fluctuations in Hyderabad gold prices

There are many reasons why gold prices tend to fluctuate in Hyderabad. If the government imposes some duties say for example, excise, the chances are bright that gold prices in the city would go higher. This is largely done to curb the consumption of gold, especially when prices of the precious metal dip. If you are looking to buy gold, it would be a good idea to buy the precious metals on decline. Also, watch for how the rupee behaves against the US dollar. Any sharp rise in the currency against the dollar means gold prices are bound to fall. However, the movement of the currency depends on a whole host of factors including interest rate movement and the current account deficit of the country. In any case those desiring to buy gold should try and seek some advise from the experts, especially if they are investing large amounts. If you are buying gold for your own consumption there is very little that can be done, but to buy at the current market prices.

Significance of 22 karat and 24 karats gold

Did you ever wonder what would be the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold in Hyderabad. There is plenty of difference between both these metals and it is your choice as to which you want to select. You can buy into both actually. If you want to buy pure and unadulterated gold, your choice has to be the 24 karats gold, which is of course 99.9 per cent pure. Can it get purer than this? The simple answer is no. If you want slightly cheaper variety, which has a mixture of gold in it, then you need to go for 22 karats gold. Most of the jewellery in the country comes as 22 karats gold. Is it restricted to only these two - No. You can also get gold which is of purity of as low as 10 karats. One is not sure whether one would get purity which is so low in India.

Positive trend likely in 2017

Gold is likely to see some positive trend in 2017, as investors continue to chase the precious metal. If you are a buyer, remember that gold rates in Hyderabad are likely to be influenced by a whole lot of factors in 2017. These include the policies of President Donald Trump. In fact, if the US President adopts an inflationary stand and fiscal expansion it may lead to a rise in interest rates in Hyderabad and a subsequent fall in the precious metal price in Hyderabad. India's own policies could also influence gold prices in Hyderabad. This includes the levies like excise duties and import duties. In the past this has been tinkered with and there is no guarantee that it might not happen again. The last time the government imposed some restrictions there was some resentment among jewellers in the country and also in Hyderabad. Apart from this the various other factors that might make gold costly is the currency movement, which is another important concern for buyers of the precious metal in the city.

Should you buy 18 karats gold in Hyderabad?

Like all other cities, you have 18 karats gold, which is also available in Hyderabad. However, investors and individuals would often like to know whether you can buy 18 karats gold in Hyderabad. While you can, the jewellery strength would be more stronger, because of the high metal content. For example, we may see the ornament stronger because there maybe a high content of copper in the ornament. If you do not have the budget to buy a 22 karat ornament, it is fine if you buy a 18 karat one. However, remember when you want to sell the same, you would not get the same price. Another worrying factor is that you may not be able to sell the same. it is hence always a better proposition to buy into 22 karats gold, as you are assured of some value for the precious metal. Those who are looking to buy for the very long term should not worry so much about 18 karts, 22 karats or even 24 karats. just go ahead and buy.

Falling demand

Hyderabad is not seeing the best demand for gold. Jewellers in the city have been reporting lower sales these days. Asked whether it had to do with government policies of dissuading individuals from buying gold. The answer would probably be yes. The government has been having a problem managing the current account deficit, due to large scale gold imports. This led to the rupee falling and hence certain restriction on gold consumption. However, investors in Hyderabad today are looking at various other ways for gold consumption and this includes sovereign gold bonds, which is still not very popular in Hyderabad. However, there are various other options including ETFs, but investors and consumers of gold are not a interested lot when it comes to this option. The traditional way of investing in small amounts through gold coins and bars still continues. However, these are not very interesting ways to invest as they result in more losses.

Things to check before buying gold in Hyderabad

There are a few things that one should do, before buying gold in Hyderabad. The first is that one should check for purity. Look for the BIS standard mark, which you cannot miss. 24 karats is the purest for of gold of 999 . You get 22 karats of 916. Another thing that you must do  before buying gold in Hyderabad is to look at the hallmarking centre. There are many hallmarking centres where the gold is hallmarked. You cannot miss these centres when buying gold. Jewelers also have their own hallmarking that is done. Another important point worth mentioning, when buying gold jewelery is not to forget to take the cash memo. This is very important, if you want to sell the gold at a alter stage, either to the jewelery showroom or to any third party in the future.

Stay invested in Gold in Hyderabad

If you had to buy gold in Hyderabad sometime in 2006, you would have tripled your money by 2016. This is pretty decent returns and beats most asset classes, including the real estate and fixed deposits, though shares could have performed slightly better as compared to gold. However, if you are now investing with a long-term perspective gold investment has always yielded good results. It is hence a good idea to stay invested in gold for investors in Hyderabad. However, the problem for gold is that returns from the precious metal tends to get taxed, which reduces the overall returns. However, for investments like equities, there is no tax if you sell the investment after one year. The other problem for gold is that some things like coins and bars maybe relatively less liquid, as compared to equities. So, if you are looking at investment gold etfs would be the best option.

Purity of gold an important factor in Hyderabad

It is extremely important to check the purity of gold, before buying gold in Hyderabad. You can buy various quality of gold whether it is 22 karats or 24 karats gold. However, it is very important to check the purity of gold before buying. You can buy only hallmarked jewelery in India. Most jewelers go for hallmarked jewelery and get the same at essaying centres across India, through the BIS. So, if you are buying gold in Hyderabad look for the hallmark logo, including the date of manufacture of the gold and gold ornaments. Gold prices in Hydeabad have dipped over the last few months and we hope that there maybe no further downside in the prices of gold.

 Would gold prices in Hyderabad give decent returns in 2017?

It is extremely difficult to get similar returns of almost 25 per cent, that gold prices had seen in 2016. As we head into 2017, it is likely that we may see a more stable set of returns in the coming year. The problem right now for gold prices in Hyderabad to move higher, is the international gold rates, which are moving in a range. For example, it is likely that we may see higher interest rates in the US. When that happens, we would see gold rates fall, because individuals would start disposing of gold and placing money in bonds, which would start yielding higher returns. From that point of view, we are little pessimistic, when it comes to gold prices moving higher. So, if you are looking to buy gold in Hyderabad, it would be best to buy in small quantitities or rather buy gold on dips.

How is gold rates in Hyderabad determined?

Today gold rates in Hyderabad are determined based on various factors. These include things like currency movement, local tariffs and also the international gold rates. However, a major portion of the fluctuation for gold rates in Hyderabad depend on the latter. For example, when gold prices internationally move up, it would automatically be reflected in the prices in Hyderabad. Now, gold prices in the international markets depend on a host of factors including currency movement, global bonds yields and how interest rates are expected to move in the future. In short, if you are trying to predict gold rates in Hyderabad today, do not do it. This is because, as we mentioned gold rate movement depends on a host of factors.


Hallmarked gold rates in Hyderabad

It is always a good idea to buy hallmarked gold jewelry in Hyderabad. However, there is a genuine problem in doing so and the problem is that there are very few essaying centres in India. The Bureau of Indian Standards needs to set up more essaying centres, so all individuals would get easy access to hallmarked gold in the country. This is easier said then done and there is also need to create awareness among individuals to buy only hallmarked gold in the country. Of course, before doing so you need to check for a few things including the logo of the essaying centre, the date of manufacture of the gold etc. It is always better to buy hallmarked gold since you are at least assured of the purity of the gold. This is of course unless you want to buy the same from a reputed jeweler in the city.

Factors influencing gold prices in Hyderabad

There are many factors that tend to influence gold prices in Hyderabad. Among these include various global and local factors. The local issues are the duties on the precious metal, which when reduced tends to bring down gold prices in Hyderabad. The international factors are plenty and include things like how bond yields abroad behave and also the dollar's movement against a basket of currencies. If the dollar gains ground against many other currencies then gold prices tend to fall and vice versa. There are also worries that when interest rates, then gold prices fall. This is because investors sell gold and buy bonds that begin to give higher interest rates. In any case, a rise and fall in gold rates in Hyderabad is always a temporary aberration and gold has given good returns in the long term.

 How is white gold made?

White gold is not a favorite of all gold gold buying consumers. However, there are a section of people who still like to buy white gold in Hyderabad. If you are one them, there are a few things to be worried about. The first is that one is not so sure what is the kind of price one would get when we sell white gold. The second is that there are many people who complain that they get an allergy when they wear white gold. Now, one reason for the allergy would not be the gold per se, but, the metals that are mixed with the original gold. This would include things like silver, which is widely used in making of white gold. So, if you are thinking of investing in white gold you must weigh the pros and the cons before investing. You must remember that it always pays to be a little prudent at times.

Why taking bill is so important while buying gold jewellery?

Taking bill may be painful for few individuals due to which they end-up paying extra charges such as value added taxes. Even sometimes one has to share their PAN card details for the purchase more than Rs 50,000.

Even few jewelers offer discounts for not taking bills. Though it seems profitable at that moment, it will be a loss in the long term. Paying taxes actually helps in the growth of our economy. Even if you have any problems with your purchase you can reach the consumer court and the bill helps you in such conditions.

Gold is a very good refugee at bad times as you can sell gold instantly and there will be a lot of jewellers who buy gold jewellery, but for getting the right value and right price for you gold you must have a bill.

Even if you are planning to exchange gold and if the jeweller from whom you are buying has a buyback term you can avail it very easily, if you have a bill handy or else you cannot sell or exchange your gold jewellery. Even if any jeweler is ready to buy he will pay you very less price as you are not having the bill.

Hazy outlook for gold in 2017

Anybody trying too predict gold rates in 2017, is trying to be too clever. In fact, it is never too easy to predict the price of the precious metal. In 2016, gold did go higher and very few analysts saw that coming. In 2017, the trend may playout, depending on how global factors pan out. Gold rates in Hyderabad take cues from international markets, which saw a meaningful returns of almost 9 per cent in the price of the precious metal. Gold for 22 karats and 24 karats, both gave decent returns for investors, though post taxes the returns of gold investing in Hyderabad were not very great. If you are a long term investor, these things make very little difference and hence you should wait patiently for prices to rally. Hyderabad gold prices at some stage would rally and this is when you could reap a bountiful. Gold is a must buy on declines as it is a perfect hedge against inflation. Those who are looking to buy can do so, keeping a time frame of 5-7 years in mind.

Latest Updates on Hyderabad Gold Rates

Gold rates in Hyderabad trend higher

Gold rates in Hyderabad were trending higher, as investors bought into the precious metal on declines. Gold for 22 karats was seen trading at Rs 27,300 per 10 grams, while gold for 24 karats too was exhibiting a steady trend. it is likely that we may continue to see a good trend prevailing for the precious metal, as demand has been robust in Hyderabad for gold. Gold rates in Hyderabad on January 12, also reflected a slightly bullish trend prevailing for gold in the international markets. Both 22 and 24 karats gold were continuing to see very firm trend. If you are planning to hold into gold for say 3-5 years, it would be a good idea to buy into the precious metal. Gold rates in Hyderabad have been moving in line with prices prevailing in the international markets and we expect that to be firm in the coming days.

12 January 2017
Gold rates in Hyderabad hold ground

Gold rates in Hyderabad have been steady in the last few days. In fact, this has largely to do with international gold rates, which have hovered around the $1155 an ounce mark. At one stage when Donald Trump one the US Presidential nominee, gold prices hit a high of as much as $1290 an ounce. This also reflected in gold prices in Hyderabad, which rallied sharply higher. It is highly likely that we may see some upside in the prices of gold in the coming days. How high it would go is difficult to say, though gold prices should move in a tight range in the next few days.

5 January 2017
Gold rates trade steady on December 24

Gold rates in Hyderabad were steady On December 24, as the gold futures pointed to very low volumes. The MCX too reported very low volumes as investors stayed away due to the forthcoming Christmas holiday. All in all, it has been a flat trade for gold rates in Hyderabad this year, as investors continue to stay away from the precious metal. If you are looking to invest in the precious metal, it would be a good time to buy in Hyderabad as prices are very low. In fact, we suggest investors to buy on every rally, as we could see gains in the precious metal in 2017. Hyderabad gold rates have moved in a range throughout the year and it is highly likely that until December 31, 2016, we might see the metal trade at these levels. Whatever the levels, remember that you should regularly be checking the gold rates in Hyderabad and if you find the same attractive you can buy. Gold has always given returns to investors and we see the precious metal continuing to churn returns.

24 December 2016
Gold rates flat

It was a flat day of trade for gold in Hyderabad with gold prices going nowhere in the city. Prices of the precious metal were not seeing too many buyers nor sellers. Jewellery shops in the city were reporting some buying interest in the precious metal at lower levels. Demand has been genuine this Christmas season, as prices had drifted considerably lower then what they were in the months of June and July 2016.

23 December 2016
Gold rates Hyderabad stay flat

Gold rates in the Hyderabad city on December 22 were trading flat as investors sold heavily into the precious metal. In fact, there has been a trend of sell on rallies as far as gold rates in Hyderabad are concerned. This year has been a trend of flattish returns for investors from the precious metal. In fact, gold for 22 karats, which began the year 2016 around levels of Rs 26000 and above might end the year around that range. So investors who have been looking for stupendous returns from the precious metal in Hyderabad are a disappointed lot. If you are looking to buy, maybe now would be the right time.

22 December 2016
Gold rates hold ground

Gold in Hyderabad, which managed to claw back in the last two days, lost ground again. Comments by US Federal Reserve Chairperson that interest rates would be hiked, led to cautious sentiment for the precious metal. It is unlikely that gold would see great buying support in the days to come. However, if you are a long term investor, wit would be great to buy into the precious metal on declines.

21 December 2016
Gold prices to stay steady

Gold prices in the city are expected to stay steady in trade, even as investors look to buy the precious metal on decline. Gold prices last closed at Rs 26,690 in Hyderabad closer to the levels of Rs 27,300 seen at the same time last week, but, no here closer to where they were a few weeks back. Next week may see some demand emerge on account of the Christmas, New Year and the marriage season. If you are looking to buy gold, it should be a buy on dips strategy.

19 December 2016
Gold prices unchanged in Hyderabad

Gold prices are unlikely to change too much in the city of Hyderabad, given the fact that there is no trading on the weekend. Gold for 22 karats was last seen trading at Rs 27,200 per 10 grams, as against a price of Rs 27,700 seen last week exactly at the same time. While gold began the start of the year on a very buoyant note, the prices of the precious metal in the city has only receded. On December 17, we see gold prices not showing too much of a decline in Hyderabad as buying support may emerge.

17 December 2016
Gold rates decline on Dec 16

Prices of Gold in Hyderabad are slated to decline, following a sharp drop of Rs 400 on Thursday in Hyderabad. Today, was the second successive day that prices declined, following an increase in interest rates in the US. It is highly likely that we may see a further decline in gold prices in Hyderabad before buying emerges at lower levels. In fact, we are likely to see some buying emerge at lower levels for gold, which has had an exceptional 2016. In fact, with prices becoming attractive all over again, investors may seen get back to buying gold biscuits and coins in the country. If you want to hold for a few years, ignore the noise surrounding the gold drop.

16 December 2016
Gold rates set for a steep decline

Gold prices in Hyderabad on December 15 were set for a strong decline in trade, as the dollar strengthened against many currencies. Gold rates in Hyderabad tend to react to how the dollar behaves against the Indian rupee as well. These days the rupee has also remained steady against the dollar, which has not impacted gold prices too much. Gold in 22 karats in Hyderabad was last seen trading at Rs 27,200 per 10 grams, as against Tuesday's rate of Rs 27,350. Gold for 24 karats on the other hand was seen trading at Rs 29,100 against the rate of Rs 29,200 pe 10 grams. Always a great opportunity to buy gold at lower rates. The pace of increase in the US Reserve Funds rate may impact gold prices adversely today, later in trading.

15 December 2016

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.

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