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Gold Rate in Hyderabad (25th April 2017)

Gold price in Hyderabad has been fluctuating in the last few years. Demand for gold remained steady throughout last year with some rise seen in the first quarter of 2016. While investment demand has remained subdued gold demand for jewelery has been on the rise. Prices of gold in India in the first quarter of 2016 was more or less steady and has been in line with global markets. But, gold consumption in cities like Hyderabad continue to rise. We have given gold rates today in Hyderabad for our valuable readers. We hope you find the updated rates really useful.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in Hyderabad (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold
22 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 2,817 ₹ 2,882.90 ₹ -65.90
8 gram ₹ 22,536 ₹ 23,063.20 ₹ -527.20
10 gram ₹ 28,170 ₹ 28,829 ₹ -659
100 gram ₹ 2,81,700 ₹ 2,88,290 ₹ -6,590

Today 24 Carat Gold Rate Per Gram in Hyderabad (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold
24 Carat Gold
Daily Price Change
1 gram ₹ 3,011.80 ₹ 3,079.40 ₹ -67.60
8 gram ₹ 24,094.40 ₹ 24,635.20 ₹ -540.80
10 gram ₹ 30,118 ₹ 30,794 ₹ -676
100 gram ₹ 3,01,180 ₹ 3,07,940 ₹ -6,760

Gold Rate in Hyderabad for Last 10 Days (10 g)

Date 22 Carat 24 Carat
Apr 24, 2017 ₹ 28,170 ₹ 30,118
Apr 23, 2017 ₹ 28,829 ₹ 30,794
Apr 22, 2017 ₹ 28,227 ₹ 30,792
Apr 21, 2017 ₹ 27,890 ₹ 30,425
Apr 20, 2017 ₹ 28,340 ₹ 30,916
Apr 19, 2017 ₹ 28,344 ₹ 30,914
Apr 18, 2017 ₹ 28,250 ₹ 30,818
Apr 17, 2017 ₹ 28,420 ₹ 31,003
Apr 16, 2017 ₹ 28,421 ₹ 30,397
Apr 15, 2017 ₹ 28,420 ₹ 31,004

Weekly & Monthly Graph of Gold Price in Hyderabad

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Hyderabad

  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, March 2017
  • Gold Rates 22 Carat 24 Carat
    1 st March rate Rs.28,508 Rs.30,493
    31st March rate Rs.27,678 Rs.29,608
    Highest rate in March Rs.28,508 on March 2 Rs.30,493 on March 2
    Lowest rate in March Rs.27,098 on March 14 Rs.28,985 on March 14
    Over all performance Falling Falling
    % Change -2.91% -2.90%
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, February 2017
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, January 2017
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, December 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, November 2016
  • Gold Price Movement in Hyderabad, October 2016

Gold prices in Hyderabad have made a blockbuster return in 2016, thanks to way international cues have panned out. The precious metal has so far seen a return of near 10 per cent this year and it is primed for more. 

Economic slowdown across the globe has ensured that 2016, maybe a good year for gold. In any case, if you want to look at investing beyond fixed income securities and shares, gold would be a better option. 

This year, a sharp drop in the Indian rupee to near record levels, has ensured that gold rates in Hyderabad would be more expensive, as compared to the same time last year. We believe that any global recession across the globe, may lead to fresh buying in the precious metal, which could lead to a spurt across the globe in the precious metal.

Gold in India tracks international gold prices, while the other two variables remain the rupee rates against the dollar and import duties levied by the government of India.

If you are looking to track gold rates in Hyderabad, you need to first track international rates and than the movement of the rupee against the US dollar. 

Gold Rate in Hyderabad, 22 & 24 Carat Gold Price Today

Things to look for when buying gold in Hyderabad

When you are buying gold, the first few things that you need to look is the prices and the quality. First, let us begin by explaining the prices part of it. You should compare the prices of gold with different jewellers in the city of Hyderabad before you buy gold. This is not so much for the gold prices per se, but for the prices or the making charges. Making charges differ from individual to individual and hence they are good and ideal. The other thing that you always keep in mind is the quality. These days of course this has improved tremendously over the previous years, but, nonetheless, you never know. if you are looking to bet on the precious metal, you need to buy and hold for the long term in Hyderabad. This is the best that you could do to make money from gold in Hyderabad. Another thing that we would like to mention is that it is a myth to state that gold rates in Hyderabad rally, during the festive season - actually it does not. Gold rallies in Hyderabad on account of reasons and festivals in India have little or no role to play in the movement of gold in Hyderabad. In fact, if you want to buy gold, it does not matter where there is a festival or not. In any case, if you are buying for a marriage or an anniversary, it does not matter where gold prices are heading, you have to buy in any case. There are many other things that you need to look for when buying gold and it not as if you would have information of all of these. For example, if you are trying to figure out prices, it would be very difficult given the fact that there are no one factor that influences gold prices in Hyderabad today. So, even trying to buy into gold thinking you know everything about movement is a dangerous thing to do. You need to rightly predict from interest rate movements, to currency fluctuations you should be in tune with everything. It is therefore better if you ask people on how gold prices in Hyderabad would move, especially those who are experts in the field. In this way you would be better advised as to where prices are actcually heading and the possibility of profiteering from the movement of the metal. 

Where to buy gold in Hyderabad?

There are many places where you can buy gold in Hyderabad. There are also places where you can sell your gold. Hyderabad also has many jeweller shops of renowned chains like Tanishq.  Apart from this there is also the populat Mangatrai Jewellers in the city. The most important thing to do when buying gold is to make sure that you buy at the right prices.  For example, if you buy at high prices there are chances that you could lose money. Interestingly, gold jewellers in the city of Hyderabad are spread through the length and breath of the city, unlike Mumbai where you have a heavy concentration of jewellers in the Charni Road area. The one good thing while buying in the city is that you have the hallmarked variety, which at once can assure you peace of mind. For those who are not aware it is important to remember that when you are buying, it is best you buy gold jewellery of the hallmarked variety. Also remember that these days we can patronize many of the smaller jewellery shops in Hyderabad, which also sell a variety of good gold. Earlier, there have always been doubts over the nature of changes that we  were seeing in the quality that was being sold. These days there is no such concern and investors can buy with some certainty into the precious metal. You have another good option as well of buying from online jewellery shops in Hyderabad. However, in this case you have to only make sure that you work with the ones that are the largest and the biggest in the business.

Importing gold into Hyderabad

It is not as if you can import any quantity of gold in the country. In fact, there is a restriction on importing gold into India. Let us study the norms, if you are bringing along with you gold in Hyderabad. Firstly, it depends on the type of traveller you are. If you are a lady traveller, you can import gold jewellery upto Rs 1 lakh without any duties that are applicable. On the other hand, if you are a male traveller, you can import gold worth Rs 50,000 only. It is important to note that in case, you have carried gold away from Hyderabad on your way out of the country it is always better to declare the same. This would ensure that you do not have to prove that it was bought into the country or else you may-end up paying taxes on the same. Importing in Hyderabad is no too difficult and these days the mechanisms have become very easy. However, under no circumstances can you bring more than 10 gold. Another thing that is worth mentioning here is the fact that you cannot have stayed less than 6 months outside the country, before the present norms apply. Now interestingly, there are also custom bonded warehouses like those owned by the State Bank of India and the Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation from where you can buy the gold in case you missed importing it from outside the country.  It is also important to adhere to all the norms before bringing the gold in. However, since gold is mostly purchased by the large importers you should not worry too much of importing them.

How do gold traders assume future gold rates in Hyderabad?

There is no equation or formula which gives the probable gold rates in Hyderabad. There are a number of reasons which affects the gold rates in Hyderabad. But few investors buy and sell gold in Hyderabad depending upon the moment in following factors.

1. Gold related News

Everyday there will be some or other news regarding gold, which you can follow on goodreturns.in. For example gold goes down due to firm US Dollar or sometimes due to weak global cues or sometimes Gold up is due to feeble US Dollar. There will be some or other news which help the investors to buy or sell gold. Like when the gold prices in Hyderabad or down the investors start investing in gold and will sell the gold whenever the gold rates in Hyderabad goes high.
2. Silver rate in Hyderabad

There will be some relation between metals not only silver all the metals. One can also follow silver rates in Hyderabad on goodreturns.in. Few Investors follow all precious metals rates to assume the future moment of gold rates in Hyderabad.

3. Exchange rates of Indian Rupee

The market includes rupee rates, gold rates, stock prices and etc. All these are interrelated in some or other way. So the exchange rates of Indian rupee with other currencies will also affect gold rates in Hyderabad.

Not only these market moment also plays a key role in gold price moment in hyderabad. But most of the investors follow above parameters to assume gold rates in Hyderabad.

Methods to buy gold in Hyderabad

Once you check the live gold rates in Hyderabad for 22 karats and 24 karats, it is time to buy gold in Hyderabad. You can buy gold in a number of ways in Hyderabad. The most popular of course is the physical gold, where you can go ahead and buy 22 karats and 24 karats gold. The other mechanism for buying gold is the coins and bars. You can buy gold through the futures and options mechanism as well from Multi Commodity Exchange, also called MCX. On this exchange, you receive gold in the form of 22 karats and 24 karats. Once you purchase gold in Hyderabad through this mechanism, it is important that you square up your position. This is because in the futures market you cannot take physical delivery of shares, but need to settle the position. There are other mechanisms where you can buy gold and these include the sovereign gold bonds, gold coins etc. You can choose the one that best suits you. Now there is nothing called an ideal method of buying gold. Most of the time, you need to make a choice on which is the best method of buying gold in Hyderabad. If you are not familiar with gold ETFs then it is the best to stay away from them. On the other hand, if you are aware of the nitty gritties of buying and selling physical gold, you should go for them. There is no single way that you can make money in gold. All of the methods lead to the same objective. The one thing that we need to mention is that you need to hold onto the long term to really make money from gold in Hyderabad. You have to be patient and patience would ultimately pay rich dividends. Choose from the many plethora of options that you get for buying gold in Hyderabad. The best of course is the electronic form, which is cheap and also very reliable.

Hyderabad: A city of pearls and gold

The city of Hyderabad is as famous for gold, as it is famous for pearls. In fact, those visiting the city, make it a point to buy pearls, which are known for great quality. There are select places in Hyderabad where you are ensured when you buy pearls, that are of very high quality. Having said that it is not as if, they only invest in that. Gold has and will also be a great favorite of the people of Hyderabad. They have been investing in the precious metal for many centuries now.

We all know that gold has both a rich history and tradition in Hyderabad and that is no surprise. Gold is as old as the history of Hyderabad itself. However, the penchant and desire to buy pure gold has always remained with Hyderabadis. Today, ornaments also find a touch of pearls and gold in it.

Is Sovereign Gold Bonds the ideal choice?

If you are looking to invest in gold, we no doubt have a host of choices. Taking a decision on what to buy is the biggest problem today. Or put it rightly, we need to take the right decision. This comes with risks and sometimes this risk can be dangerous and can result in losses. One of the best gold schemes we believe in this market is the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. There are numerous advantages of this scheme. The biggest of these is that you get interest rates. In fact, this is the only gold scheme in the country, which offers you an interest rate, which is why we like this scheme very much. Apart from the interest rate, there is another big advantage that the scheme has. One of these is the fact that when these bonds are redeemed there is no tax on them. This makes these both as major advantages. The most interesting part is that they track gold prices themselves. So, each time you are investing, you know that you are buying into gold, which is a big positive. There are many individuals who do not know of these bonds. So, if you are in Hyderabad and looking for some decent investment in gold related instruments this should be it. These instruments are also listed on the exchanges, which makes it a big postive for investors in gold. We suggest that you take a long term view of this scheme.

Understanding the futures market for gold trading in Hyderabad

If you like to buy and sell gold, the best thing would be to buy and sell gold in the futures market in Hyderabad. There are various reasons that you shoud be doing so. Consider the first and the foremost reason and that is you can get more quantity of gold for lesser amounts. The futures markets largely works on the principal of margins, just like shares in the futures and options segment. So, you can buy a large amount with a limited quantity of money. The one thing that we need to mention is that you need to square your position in the gold futures market. For example, if you buy gold for March delivery, then you need to ensure that you have cut your position by the end of the contract. These are not very complicated to understand and investors might need to take some professional advise at the initial stage. If you are looking to bet on gold, the right way would be the futures and options segment. Another good way of investing would be to buy into gold ETFs. In this you could hold and keep your gold with you but it is not in the electronic form, but, in the physical form. A longer trem investor would like to hold his positions more in the long term. If you wish to buy gold in the godl futures market in Hyderabad, you can contact one of the local brokers in the city, who would gladly be able to assist you. You can open a trading and demat account, which would help you hold both in the gold ETF form, as well as trade in the futures market. The latter of course is a high risk business and you should be careful before taking positions. This is ofcourse, not the most popular way for buying gold in Hyderabad today. Individuals still prefer the tried and tested mechanisms of buying physical gold in Hyderabad. Seek expert advise whereever you are not able to understand how to buy and sell the precious metal.

Is there is a particular time when prices are cheap?

Prices of gold in Hyderabad can change two times a day. If international prices have hardly moved and the currency has also not fluctuated, it is highly possible that gold rates in Hyderabad would not change at all. While that is a remote possibility it could very well be the case. Generally speaking there is no fixed time of the day when it could be changed. In some cities, it changes twice a day and some say at 11 am and 3 pm. In some cities the prices change at around 1 pm and 4 pm. We cannot pin point with certainty the timings of the change and so you need to buy when you are comfortable with the prices of gold in the city. In any case, if you are buying as an investment, you can buy at anytime, while if you are buying for occasions like marriage, you have to buy anytime irrespective of the prices. So, do not concern yourself on the prices of the metal.

916 Gold prices in Hyderabad

If you ever wondered what is 916 gold prices in Hyderabad today, it is nothing, but the normal 22 karats gold that you purchase. In fact, investors often ask the question: why 916? This is because the precious metal is 91.6 per cent pure, when you call it 22 karats.  In fact, 2 karats is 99.9 per cent pure, which is why it is called 24 karats gold. In any case, it depends which types of gold, you wish to buy in Hyderabad. If you are looking at gold jewellery, then you can buy the 22 karats gold. This is because you can never have gold jewelry of 24 karats. Let us give an example. When you buy gold jewelery in Hydeabad it has to be mixed with alloys, otherwise it will break. On the other hand you can get gold coins in 22 karats and 24 karats and also the lesser purity of 18 karats. We wish to state that if you are looking for higher variety of the precious metal, it would be a great idea to buy into gold coins and bars. Now another thing that is worth mentioning is that you must check the purity of gold that you are buying, before you buy the same. This is because the chances are very bright that you may be in for trouble, if you have not bought into hallmarked gold. So, go for the hallmarked variety of gold, so you are assured on the quality and the other aspects in Hyderabad. Remember, that if you are not buying hallmarked gold you could very well be fooled. This is because then quality becomes a big question mark. Another reason is that not many know that there could be some place where you could still not get pure gold. So, stay on guard at all times, when buying gold in Hyderabad.

Where to buy gold jewelry in Hyderabad?

The tradition of making gold and gold jewelry in Hyderabad is very old. Today, making of gold has rather evolved with the latest machines and designs. It is very easy to get good quality hallmarked gold in Hyderabad. If you are looking at fashion and exquisite gold, there are shops like Jagdamba Pearls, Krishna Pearls, Magatrai Jewelers at Liberty Cross Road which are among the very popular ones. Apart from these you have shops like Shree Jewelers, Meena Jewelers etc., which are famous. Hyderabad as one may know is not only known for gold and gold jewelry, but, also for pearls. The place is famous for some of the finest pearls in the country. Of course, you also have the Tanishq and the famous Kalyan Jewelers, which are known to be the reputed gold jewelry chains in the country. There are many small shops that are spread across the length and breadth of Hyderabad, where you could buy into the metal. It is best to buy and check the credibility. Some families have their own traditional jewellers, from where they buy and sell the precious metal. They have been buying from these places for many years now and that is unlikely to change. So,  in case you wish to buy you too can follow the same strategy of going to your traditional jeweller.

What is the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold?

For those buying gold in Hyderabad, it is necessary to understand the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold in Hyderabad. You must know that 24 karats gold is almost 100 per cent pure gold. Of course, nothing can be 100 per cent pure, so let us say that it is 99.9 per cent pure gold. 22 karats on the other hand is not that pure. In fact, it is just about 91.6 per cent pure gold and the remaining is alloy. This is one reason why 22 karats gold in Hyderabad is often called 916 gold. Whereas in other cities also it is called the same. It all depends on your own need and the choice of the metal youw ish to purchase. If you want you can go for the 22 karats gold or the 24 karats. You also get the lower purity gold like 18 karats. Take your pick from the choices that you have. If you want purity then you do not have to look beyond the 22 karats and the 24 karats gold and can go ahead and buy the same. If you want strength an tensility then you can buy some ones, which are blended with gold, so they are also strong as well. In short, you need to make a choice on which one to buy.  Now, there are also the cheaper variety of golds like the 10 karats and below as well. However, these are not very popular in Hyderabad as people generally prefer the 22 and the 24 karats variety. So, in case you are looking at s slightly lower variety you can buy the same.

Understanding fluctuations in Hyderabad gold prices

There are many reasons why gold prices tend to fluctuate in Hyderabad. If the government imposes some duties say for example, excise, the chances are bright that gold prices in the city would go higher. This is largely done to curb the consumption of gold, especially when prices of the precious metal dip. If you are looking to buy gold, it would be a good idea to buy the precious metals on decline. Also, watch for how the rupee behaves against the US dollar. Any sharp rise in the currency against the dollar means gold prices are bound to fall. However, the movement of the currency depends on a whole host of factors including interest rate movement and the current account deficit of the country. In any case those desiring to buy gold should try and seek some advise from the experts, especially if they are investing large amounts. If you are buying gold for your own consumption there is very little that can be done, but to buy at the current market prices.

Significance of 22 karat and 24 karats gold

Did you ever wonder what would be the difference between 22 karats and 24 karats gold in Hyderabad. There is plenty of difference between both these metals and it is your choice as to which you want to select. You can buy into both actually. If you want to buy pure and unadulterated gold, your choice has to be the 24 karats gold, which is of course 99.9 per cent pure. Can it get purer than this? The simple answer is no. If you want slightly cheaper variety, which has a mixture of gold in it, then you need to go for 22 karats gold. Most of the jewellery in the country comes as 22 karats gold. Is it restricted to only these two - No. You can also get gold which is of purity of as low as 10 karats. One is not sure whether one would get purity which is so low in India.

Positive trend likely in 2017

Gold is likely to see some positive trend in 2017, as investors continue to chase the precious metal. If you are a buyer, remember that gold rates in Hyderabad are likely to be influenced by a whole lot of factors in 2017. These include the policies of President Donald Trump. In fact, if the US President adopts an inflationary stand and fiscal expansion it may lead to a rise in interest rates in Hyderabad and a subsequent fall in the precious metal price in Hyderabad. India's own policies could also influence gold prices in Hyderabad. This includes the levies like excise duties and import duties. In the past this has been tinkered with and there is no guarantee that it might not happen again. The last time the government imposed some restrictions there was some resentment among jewellers in the country and also in Hyderabad. Apart from this the various other factors that might make gold costly is the currency movement, which is another important concern for buyers of the precious metal in the city.

Should you buy 18 karats gold in Hyderabad?

Like all other cities, you have 18 karats gold, which is also available in Hyderabad. However, investors and individuals would often like to know whether you can buy 18 karats gold in Hyderabad. While you can, the jewellery strength would be more stronger, because of the high metal content. For example, we may see the ornament stronger because there maybe a high content of copper in the ornament. If you do not have the budget to buy a 22 karat ornament, it is fine if you buy a 18 karat one. However, remember when you want to sell the same, you would not get the same price. Another worrying factor is that you may not be able to sell the same. it is hence always a better proposition to buy into 22 karats gold, as you are assured of some value for the precious metal. Those who are looking to buy for the very long term should not worry so much about 18 karts, 22 karats or even 24 karats. just go ahead and buy.

Falling demand

Hyderabad is not seeing the best demand for gold. Jewellers in the city have been reporting lower sales these days. Asked whether it had to do with government policies of dissuading individuals from buying gold. The answer would probably be yes. The government has been having a problem managing the current account deficit, due to large scale gold imports. This led to the rupee falling and hence certain restriction on gold consumption. However, investors in Hyderabad today are looking at various other ways for gold consumption and this includes sovereign gold bonds, which is still not very popular in Hyderabad. However, there are various other options including ETFs, but investors and consumers of gold are not a interested lot when it comes to this option. The traditional way of investing in small amounts through gold coins and bars still continues. However, these are not very interesting ways to invest as they result in more losses.

Things to check before buying gold in Hyderabad

There are a few things that one should do, before buying gold in Hyderabad. The first is that one should check for purity. Look for the BIS standard mark, which you cannot miss. 24 karats is the purest for of gold of 999 . You get 22 karats of 916. Another thing that you must do  before buying gold in Hyderabad is to look at the hallmarking centre. There are many hallmarking centres where the gold is hallmarked. You cannot miss these centres when buying gold. Jewelers also have their own hallmarking that is done. Another important point worth mentioning, when buying gold jewelery is not to forget to take the cash memo. This is very important, if you want to sell the gold at a alter stage, either to the jewelery showroom or to any third party in the future.

Stay invested in Gold in Hyderabad

If you had to buy gold in Hyderabad sometime in 2006, you would have tripled your money by 2016. This is pretty decent returns and beats most asset classes, including the real estate and fixed deposits, though shares could have performed slightly better as compared to gold. However, if you are now investing with a long-term perspective gold investment has always yielded good results. It is hence a good idea to stay invested in gold for investors in Hyderabad. However, the problem for gold is that returns from the precious metal tends to get taxed, which reduces the overall returns. However, for investments like equities, there is no tax if you sell the investment after one year. The other problem for gold is that some things like coins and bars maybe relatively less liquid, as compared to equities. So, if you are looking at investment gold etfs would be the best option.

Purity of gold an important factor in Hyderabad

It is extremely important to check the purity of gold, before buying gold in Hyderabad. You can buy various quality of gold whether it is 22 karats or 24 karats gold. However, it is very important to check the purity of gold before buying. You can buy only hallmarked jewelery in India. Most jewelers go for hallmarked jewelery and get the same at essaying centres across India, through the BIS. So, if you are buying gold in Hyderabad look for the hallmark logo, including the date of manufacture of the gold and gold ornaments. Gold prices in Hydeabad have dipped over the last few months and we hope that there maybe no further downside in the prices of gold.

 Would gold prices in Hyderabad give decent returns in 2017?

It is extremely difficult to get similar returns of almost 25 per cent, that gold prices had seen in 2016. As we head into 2017, it is likely that we may see a more stable set of returns in the coming year. The problem right now for gold prices in Hyderabad to move higher, is the international gold rates, which are moving in a range. For example, it is likely that we may see higher interest rates in the US. When that happens, we would see gold rates fall, because individuals would start disposing of gold and placing money in bonds, which would start yielding higher returns. From that point of view, we are little pessimistic, when it comes to gold prices moving higher. So, if you are looking to buy gold in Hyderabad, it would be best to buy in small quantitities or rather buy gold on dips.

How is gold rates in Hyderabad determined?

Today gold rates in Hyderabad are determined based on various factors. These include things like currency movement, local tariffs and also the international gold rates. However, a major portion of the fluctuation for gold rates in Hyderabad depend on the latter. For example, when gold prices internationally move up, it would automatically be reflected in the prices in Hyderabad. Now, gold prices in the international markets depend on a host of factors including currency movement, global bonds yields and how interest rates are expected to move in the future. In short, if you are trying to predict gold rates in Hyderabad today, do not do it. This is because, as we mentioned gold rate movement depends on a host of factors.


Hallmarked gold rates in Hyderabad

It is always a good idea to buy hallmarked gold jewelry in Hyderabad. However, there is a genuine problem in doing so and the problem is that there are very few essaying centres in India. The Bureau of Indian Standards needs to set up more essaying centres, so all individuals would get easy access to hallmarked gold in the country. This is easier said then done and there is also need to create awareness among individuals to buy only hallmarked gold in the country. Of course, before doing so you need to check for a few things including the logo of the essaying centre, the date of manufacture of the gold etc. It is always better to buy hallmarked gold since you are at least assured of the purity of the gold. This is of course unless you want to buy the same from a reputed jeweler in the city.

Factors influencing gold prices in Hyderabad

There are many factors that tend to influence gold prices in Hyderabad. Among these include various global and local factors. The local issues are the duties on the precious metal, which when reduced tends to bring down gold prices in Hyderabad. The international factors are plenty and include things like how bond yields abroad behave and also the dollar's movement against a basket of currencies. If the dollar gains ground against many other currencies then gold prices tend to fall and vice versa. There are also worries that when interest rates, then gold prices fall. This is because investors sell gold and buy bonds that begin to give higher interest rates. In any case, a rise and fall in gold rates in Hyderabad is always a temporary aberration and gold has given good returns in the long term.

 How is white gold made?

White gold is not a favorite of all gold gold buying consumers. However, there are a section of people who still like to buy white gold in Hyderabad. If you are one them, there are a few things to be worried about. The first is that one is not so sure what is the kind of price one would get when we sell white gold. The second is that there are many people who complain that they get an allergy when they wear white gold. Now, one reason for the allergy would not be the gold per se, but, the metals that are mixed with the original gold. This would include things like silver, which is widely used in making of white gold. So, if you are thinking of investing in white gold you must weigh the pros and the cons before investing. You must remember that it always pays to be a little prudent at times.

Why taking bill is so important while buying gold jewellery?

Taking bill may be painful for few individuals due to which they end-up paying extra charges such as value added taxes. Even sometimes one has to share their PAN card details for the purchase more than Rs 50,000.

Even few jewelers offer discounts for not taking bills. Though it seems profitable at that moment, it will be a loss in the long term. Paying taxes actually helps in the growth of our economy. Even if you have any problems with your purchase you can reach the consumer court and the bill helps you in such conditions.

Gold is a very good refugee at bad times as you can sell gold instantly and there will be a lot of jewellers who buy gold jewellery, but for getting the right value and right price for you gold you must have a bill.

Even if you are planning to exchange gold and if the jeweller from whom you are buying has a buyback term you can avail it very easily, if you have a bill handy or else you cannot sell or exchange your gold jewellery. Even if any jeweler is ready to buy he will pay you very less price as you are not having the bill.

Hazy outlook for gold in 2017

Anybody trying too predict gold rates in 2017, is trying to be too clever. In fact, it is never too easy to predict the price of the precious metal. In 2016, gold did go higher and very few analysts saw that coming. In 2017, the trend may playout, depending on how global factors pan out. Gold rates in Hyderabad take cues from international markets, which saw a meaningful returns of almost 9 per cent in the price of the precious metal. Gold for 22 karats and 24 karats, both gave decent returns for investors, though post taxes the returns of gold investing in Hyderabad were not very great. If you are a long term investor, these things make very little difference and hence you should wait patiently for prices to rally. Hyderabad gold prices at some stage would rally and this is when you could reap a bountiful. Gold is a must buy on declines as it is a perfect hedge against inflation. Those who are looking to buy can do so, keeping a time frame of 5-7 years in mind.

Reasons to buy gold in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the only city in India to be a common capital for two states Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The main reason to buy gold in Hyderabad is political turmoil like the division happened in 2014. In such chaotic conditions, people invested in gold than real estate will stay safe. So, to stay safe in such conditions investing in gold is an obvious choice.

Another major reason to buy gold is that gold has always been an excellent hedge against inflation, then doing a fixed deposited. If you have invested in gold you would have got good returns comparatively then a fixed deposit.

Gold is an asset on which we can opt a loan very easily. The process is very simple and even the banks and NBFC gives loans on gold instantly if you have the required documents. So in emergency conditions gold can help better than any other asset.

Majorly these conditions are main reasons for buying this precious metal in Hyderabad. It is more important to check gold rates in Hyderabad every day if you are planning to invest in gold. Because of the various conditions, gold rates in Hyderabad are changing day to day. So it's better to keep gold price in Hyderabad and its preferrable to visit a website which gives accurate rates of gold in Hyderabad such as goodreturns.in

Remember that in the long run gold has and would always give you returns.

Physical gold vs gold ETFs in Hyderabad.

Investors in Hyderabad have various options when it comes to investing in gold. They can invest in the physical form of gold or gold ETF's. The problem with investing in the physical form of gold is the worry over storage. It's a worry to store physical gold though it is in form of jewelry or bars or coins. But physical gold is useful in case you want to take a loan which we cannot take on ETF's.

When it comes to gold ETF's one can sell, buy and store very easily as it will be in electronic form. One need not worry about theft or ancillary problems as it is electronic form and also investor has to pay a capital gains tax on it when it is sold.

So the decision of investing in which form of gold completely depends on the type of investor. If the investor wants to take a loan on the gold or interested in gold jewelry he can go for physical gold or else it is better to go for Gold ETF's which is a simple safe and easy method of Investing. Though one is investing in the Physical form of gold or Gold ETF's it is better to check for gold rates in Hyderabad everyday.

Why is gold so precious than other metals in Hyderabad?

There are many reasons due to which gold is so precious metal of all the metals here are some of the reasons:

Scientifically, the nature of gold and some of its properties are elemental. It is the highest thermal conductor of all metals. It is a non-reactive metal and dosen't corrode. Excluding gold, there are metals which corrode and get reactive which makes it precious of all metals. Due to this reason, gold will never lose its value over the time. And, this is why it is always in demand in Hyderabad.

Gold is a soft metal of all the metals and Gold has shiny nature which makes it attractive to the eyes. Due to this shiny nature, few individual feel it a sacred metal and this shiny nature also makes it fashionable.
Gold is malleable and tensile metal it is one of the natural neutral elements.

Out of 92 natural elements in nature, only 8 elements which are not- reactive to air and gold is one of them. That's the reason it is called Immortal metal. Not only gold, Silver Platinum, palladium are also called as Immortal metals.

Because of divergent and unique nature of gold, these days gold is being used in many expensive electronic devices and spaceships. There will be the very high impact of corrosion space on spaceships and satellites, Earlier satellites used to have problems with seized bearings. So to overcome this problem and to make the spaceships resistive to Corrosion. Now the bearings of the spaceships are being coated with a thin layer of gold.

The relation between gold and currency in Hyderabad?

Of all metals, Gold is the metal which plays a prominent role in consumer as well as investment world. From thousands of years, gold was used as the currency or exchange. Lot of things changed with time but not the value of gold. Though gold is not an exchange or currency now, but, whatever currency in whichever country either be a developed nation or developing nation, gold has its impact on the currency they are using. There is a strong correlation between the currency one is using and the value of gold.

Normally the value of the currency is highly affected by the imports and exports they do. If a country is importing more than they export then the value of the currency of their country will decline. Similarly, if a country is exporting more than importing the value of the currency will increase. Thus the countries which export gold or have access to gold reserves their currencies will be strong when compared to countries which imports.

When central bank of a country purchases gold it affects the supply and demand of currency which can result in inflation. Many individuals think or assume that the currency in a country is printed on the basis of the gold available in a country which is wrong. Though there is relation ship between gold rates in Hyderabad and value of currency.

This can be explained with an example let's assume a production company needs a lot of gold for manfacturing. Due to which there will be increases the gold rates in Hyderabad. This does not have anything to do with currency. However, trying to predict currency movements and gold prices in Hyderabad is a very compliacted affair and involves a whole lot of other parameters. For the time being this is best avoided.

Is gold is a depreciating asset in Hyderabad?

Gold is an all time favorite investment for people in Hyderabad. Regardless of class, every individual has the love for gold in Hyderabad.

The interest towards gold is because of many reasons including the tradition of Hyderabad people. For Fashion or as a symbol of status and etc. they are using gold. For investors in Hyderabad gold is the most popular asset.

Gold is not a depreciating asset in Hyderabad. The gold trend changes sometimes the gold rates in Hyderabad moves upwards and sometimes it goes downwards. However, the gold price goes up, people won't stop buying or selling gold in Hyderabad.

If you check the gold rates in Hyderabad, you can see, over the past few decades individual investors in Hyderabad was buying gold when the price of gold is low in Hyderabad and selling when the price of gold in Hyderabad is up.

It is common in Hyderabad to gift gold at the time of marriages and other family and social functions. During wedding seasons and other festive seasons, the demand for the yellow metal in Hyderabad will be very high.

Individuals in Hyderabad are emotionally attached to this shining metal. They also feel satisfaction by investing in this asset. Even investing in gold proved handy in difficult times. These days even the investment become easier as new options have come up such as Gold ETF's and E-gold etc. One can buy and sell gold just by making a call or doing few clicks on their smartphone.

Is investing in equities better than investing in commodities like gold in Hyderabad?

To understand which is better to invest the first one needs to understand the difference between equities and commodities.

Equity means a stock, by buying which you will own some percentage of ownership of a company. You invested in equity means you have bought and holding a share of the company in the stock market. Individual Investors, mutual funds companies, Insurance companies, Investment banks etc., invest on these in the stock market.

They buy with an expectation of stock appreciation and some income from dividends. The rise and fall of their stock prices depend on companies profitability.

Commodities are products such as gold, silver, crude oil, copper, natural gas etc. Simply we can tell that commodities mean natural resources. They trade as Futures on commodity exchange in India. Similarly to equities individual Investors, mutual funds companies, insurance companies, etc. invest in the commodities.

The commodity price will change depending mainly on supply and demand. If the supply is of any commodity is high then it leads to a fall in the price of that commodity and if the demand increases or because of the scarcity of commodity products lead to a rise in the price of that commodity. MCX & NCDEX are two major commodity exchanges in India.

One will not be receiving any dividend on gold like one will be getting on equities. But Commodities such as Gold are safe heavens during few situations such as economic breakdowns. So its better to have both equities and commodities both in your portfolio than depending on any one of them.

How to find the gold is Genuine or Not in Hyderabad?

There are many jewelers in the market. Individuals in Hyderabad get confused where to buy because they need to satisy themselves on the quality of gold they are getting. Worries over fake jewelry is always on the minds of invetsors and users of gold alike. You may even end-up getting lesser purity then you liked. So its very important to know how to find the gold jewelry in Hyderabad is genuine or not.

 Here are few methods of testing by using which one can identify is the gold jewelry fake or real. So the first test one can do is the magnet test. This is the easiest method of all methods. For doing this test all you need is a magnet. Gold is not a magnetic metal. So if you keep a magnet in a distance to gold. If it pulls the gold towards it then it is not pure gold. This test can be done on only 24 karats gold, as we know that 22 karats and fewer karats gold is mixed with other metals. So its obvious that the jewelry will have magnetic nature.

 Even one can do a density test. This test is not so simple as magnetic test and this test can be done only on 24 karats pure gold. As we know that there are very few metals which are denser than gold. Normally the density of pure gold is about 19.3 grams/ml which is higher than most other metals. For doing these there are apparatus one well need which is not possible for every individual to get it. So, you can visit a trusted jeweller of yours and get this test done. Remember that it is better to get this done, then not doing any test at all.

The gold standard in Hyderabad?

Gold is one of the most precious metal and also a metal with very high standards. Gold carries few unique abilities due to which its standards are high such as portability, lasting, trustworthy, stability, diversion.

1) Portability - The most important ability of gold which increases its standard is its nature of portability and its extreme density. Due to this nature, one can carry and handle it very easily.

2) Lasting - Gold lasts longer. It doesn't corrode so there will be no chance of losing it value due to corrosion. This nature of gold is very easy to understand for people in Hyderabad because one would have seen the gold ornaments in Salar Jung museum which are hundreds of years old but haven't corroded. This nature of non-corrosion is there for only a few noble metals in which gold is one.

3) Trustworthy - Gold will never lose its value and there is no chance that gold will lose its purity and quality due to climate, time or any other changes. Until it is manually alloyed with any other metal.

4) Stability - The supply of gold in the world is stable from ages. There is no chance that at a sudden gold production will increase and gold rates in Hyderabad will fall.

5) diversion - Few metals are having very high industrial use such as silver and platinum. When it comes to gold annually only 100 tons of gold is used for manufacturing of conductors.

 Not only the above five reasons which have set the standard of gold. There are many properties gold is having which makes it unique. These standards and properties of gold attract investors in Hyderabad towards gold. Even the live gold rates in Hyderabad explains you few things such how the world economy is connected to gold. If the live gold rates in Hyderabad changes that mean there is some instability in the economy somewhere.

How to invest in gold in Hyderabad?

Investors in Hyderabad can invest in gold in mainly two ways. It can be either in the physical gold or in the Electronic form of gold.

Investing in physical gold is a very famous method and most individuals are following this method. Investing in physical form includes gold jewellery, coins, and bars.In this three, investing in gold jewellery is not advisable because there will be a lot of other charges such as making charges or wastage charges etc. which the investor lose while selling jewellery. It is highly preferable to go for gold coins or bars.

If the purpose is not an investment, and are buying gold as an asset then he or she can go for gold jewellery. The one thing to understand is the difference between coins and jewellery. Most of the jewellery will be of 916 gold which means 22 karats. But coins and bars are of 24 karats.

The biggest advantage of buying physical gold is one can apply for a loan against the physical gold. This facility is not available with the electronic form of gold.

In electronic form there are many options, such as one can invest in gold ETF's, futures, or even can invest in gold mining companies in stock exchange.

Gold ETF's is the most famous method of investing gold among this. Investing in futures and gold mining companies will also be profitable depending upon how much time one want to hold the gold.

If an investor is investing for a short time such as less than a month, then investing in gold mining companies will be preferable as one cannot hold an ETF or futures for such short time. If an Investor is planning to invest for few months then futures are preferable. If the plan is for long term like more than 6 months, then ETF's are preferable.

How are the Taxes on Gold in Hyderabad?

For every asset and profits, one makes need to pay some tax. For gold also there are few taxes which one needs to pay. Regardless of the city in which you are living. In Hyderabad, there are few charges as well on gold you have.

There is a tax called capital gains tax. This tax is not applicable to every individual who holds gold. This tax applies to only those Individuals who do trading with gold and earn profits. No need not pay tax for every single rupee you earn. There will be some Tax slab, and the taxes will be different for every different slab. Few Investors or traders trade with gold electronically like by buying gold ETF's or by Investing in future, etc. One thing to remember is no matter how you are trading and where you ate trading if you are coming into tax capital gains slab. Paying the taxes is Mandatory.

The other important tax to pay is the wealth tax. If we see wealth tax is also not mandatory to every Individual who has wealth tax will not be applicable until and unless you have gold which costs more than 30 lakhs. If you are having so, then you need to pay 1% tax on the gold you are having. One important thing to monitor is if you have gold nearby or around 30 lakhs better you follow gold rates in Hyderabad to make sure you have gold less than 30 lakhs.

Where is the best place to keep my gold bars safe in hyderabad?

There is no location or place which is 100 per cent safe and secure where you can keep your physical gold. The best plan is to diversify where you store your gold.

For some immediate accessiblity it is better to store some of your gold at home this isn't risk free there will be chances of fire, theft, and natural disaster. So but for good flexbility it is better to keep some gold at home.

Bank Safe - A bank safe deposit is also a good option as it is easy and cheap. The hassles one will be facing due to bank safe is - one has to access only during the business hours. So during public holidays or during non banking hours you will not have any access to your gold.

Private storage - Private storage is also a good option. this is recommended if you are holding a lot of gold. In this your gold will be fully segregated so that you can have access to your gold online. There will be few charges for this but it is reasonable.

There are a lot more ways and companies which are specialised in storage even you can do insurance for the gold if you are going for such type of options.

It will better to go for Electronic gold than going for the above methods if your are buying gold as an investment. Electronic gold means you will be having majorly three options ETF's, Futures and buying shares of a company which do gold mining.

The main advantage of going for electronic gold is your Gold will be 100 per cent safe and secure and even the trading will be very easy when compared to trading in physical gold.

It is advisable to go for electronic gold if one is buying gold as investment purpose and also to check live gold rates in Hyderabad before buying.

Is it safe to buy gold jewelry from online in Hyderabad?

It is completely dependent on where you are buying from. It is not mandatory that every online portal is safe or unsafe. It is better to go for a standard website.

Mostly individuals in Hyderabad buy Gold online for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, engagements or gifting purposes. It is very important to buy appropriate gold that fits if one is buying for gifting purpose which cannot be done online.

If one is buying gold jewellery online one will be having many choices and also can get good discounts and offers when compared to buying gold by visiting a jewellery shop.

All one need to do is check on few things such as whether it a BIS hallmarked gold.

There may be chances of the jewellery may not being a hallmarked one. So better to check the mark.

Is there any buyback terms

There will be few attractive policies of jewelers where the buyer can exchange or return the jewelry without giving any explanation within the given time. Also, few jewelers offer buyback offers so check once before buying all these offers will be mostly mentioned in the description. It is better to check all the details before buying.

Even the payment method is also becoming simpler where one can pay in cash or swipe the card on delivery.

There are a number of jewellers who sell gold jewellery online even the famous shopping website such as amazon and flipkart sell gold jewellery online. It is advisable to go for some online portals who are specialised in selling gold jewellery because they will be having a lot of various models to select from and will be offering good deals.

Every Individual who is going to buy gold jewellery online or by visiting directly it is advisable to check gold rates in hyderabad before buying gold. As the gold price in Hyderabad will be changing everyday.

How to sell physical gold at best price in Hyderabad?

It is not a simple job to sell physical gold in Hyderabad. To get the best price for it is even harder task to do. There are few guidelines by following which one can get the best price for the gold when they are selling.

1) The first move is to find out gold rates in Hyderabad from a website where you will get accurate gold rates in Hyderabad like goodreturns.in. By doing so one will have a better idea and expectation how much they should get.

2) It is advisable to go for a well-known jeweller than going to a goldsmith. It will be easier if we buy gold with the jewelers who have to buy back terms.

3) Following stock market will also help a lot. As we know gold is inversely proportional to the US Dollar and also there are many more parameters in the stock market which affect gold prices in Hyderabad, such as currency rate . So by following stock market, you may understand which is the right time to sell your gold.

If you are an investor, it is advisable to go for gold ETF's than investing in physical gold. ETF trading is a hassle free method when compared to trading in physical gold. There will be fund managers and other brokers who will be following market time to time and will suggest you when to buy or sell.

Purchasing hallmarked gold in Hyderabad

Everyone always has to purchase only hallmarked gold, when you are buying gold in Hyderabad. There will be chances of getting duped when buying hallmarked gold is almost zero. If you are purchasing hallmarked gold. Normally BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is assigned with a very clear task of hallmarking gold in India. So, before you buy hallmarked gold in Hyderabad, there will be a set of things including the logo of the BIS. Apart from the BIS logo there will one more logo or name of the jeweler. Also one needs to check the date of manufacture of the gold.

Equally taking a bill receipt is also very important you should take the receipt of the gold that you purchase. This will be very helpful in the future while you want to sell the gold jewelry. As the bill acts as the proof for its purity and Genuity.

If one is planning to sell the jewelry then it better to go for gold coins and bars while buying because you lose on making charges if you are selling jewelry. Hallmarked gold of 916 purity is the most popular set of gold jewellery. Normally the jewelry will be buying is of this quality. This is 22 karats pure gold. 24 karats gold is 99.9 pure which is normally available in gold bars and gold biscuits.


Latest Updates on Hyderabad Gold Rates

Gold prices to hold ground

Gold prices are expected to hold ground in Hyderabad as investors eye for global reaction to prices. The precious metal has not seen any movement in the last one week and prices have traded flat to lower, as the fast gaining rupee has prevented a sharp surge in prices.

In fact, gold prices have rallied in the last few days, as investors gradually buy gold in Hyderabad. Gold prices in Hyderabad are almost near levels, in many other cities like Bangalore. The year began on a more upbeat note for gold prices in Hyderabad, but, later we saw a very gradual decline that came into the picture. However, buy and large, it has been trading in a range of Rs 27,500 to Rs 28,200 for the last few weeks now. There is unlikely to be any great wedding season demand as well, with the vacation months and than the rainy season keeping large scale demand for the precious metal very well under check.



19 April 2017
Gold prices in Hyderabad race towards the Rs 28,000 levels

Gold prices in Hyderabad are fast moving towards the levels of Rs 28,000. In fact, had the rupee not supported gold, we would have gold rates in Hyderabad cross the Rs 29,000 rather easily. Gold rates in the city are expected to be hover around the Rs 28,000 mark and could breach these levels only if the tensions on the Korean peninsula escalate. Barring that or the French Presidential elections, we do not see any major reason why gold rates should be heading upwards.

In fact, it is a time when we are seeing risk aversion, that is leading to more and more investors turning their attention to equity shares and less to gold.

Demand for gold in Hyderabad has also stagnated and there is unlikely to be any large scale demand as the wedding season is almost done. In fact, the April season is largely considered as a  dull season because of the exams.

18 April 2017
Gold prices in Hyderabad gain ground

Gold prices in Hyderabad continued to remain higher, as investors look to buy into gold at lower levels. Tensions across the world with the French elections and the threats by North Korea on a nuclear war have pushed gold prices to higher levels in the international market. In fact, gold prices have now crossed levels of $1288 an ounce from levels of $1200 seen a few weeks ago. One is not sure, how prices would react in the next few weeks, but it is extremely difficult to see gold prices falling too much in the days to come. So, if you are looking to buy as a longer term strategy or diversify your portfolio, now would be the time. On the other hand, it would also be a good time not to sell your precious gold, as there is a brighter possibility that gold prices head higher. In any case, look to buy on declines, if you want to make money.

15 April 2017
Gold prices in Hyderabad to stay steady

Gold prices in Delhi are expected to stay near levels of Rs 28,000 and may even move in tandem with international prices and in line with the trend prevailing in other cities in India. Hyderabad prices have been on the rise ever since gold prices in the international markets gathered steam.  Gold for 22 karats and 24 karats both have been on the rise and we expect further momentum. Gold rates in Delhi have largely been taking cues from developments in the international markets, even as investors bet on the metal rising on the back of geo-political tensions. There is an anticipation that prices will rally further in the coming days. However, there are hopes that there would be a wait and watch policy that would be adopted. Hyderabad has always seen buying at lower levels in gold and the demand starts dropping, as and when gold prices rally. That trend may continue into the future.  

13 April 2017
Steady opening of gold in Hyderabad

Gold prices in Hyderabad are likely to see a soft opening, as the dollar lost momentum against a basket of currencies. The trend of steady prices in gold is likely to continue in Hyderabad as investors weigh the prospects of buying the precious metal on declines. Today, the large part of the decline of gold in the city of Hyderabad has largely to do with a strong rupee more than anything else. In fact, the rupee has made gains from levels of Rs 68 to Rs 64.22, which has prompted a drop in the prices of gold. In the international markets worries that the US Fed would raise interest rates faster than expected has also played a part on the sharp fall in the prices of gold. If the steady trend continues, investors may not be too interested in gold, as alck of volatility means poorer returns from the precious metal. In any case watch out for gold, due to the recent attacks by US on Syria.

10 April 2017
Hyderabad gold rates to open steady

Gold prices in Hyderabad have been on an upswing, ever since the beginning of the year. However, in the last two weeks or so, we have seen gold prices move higher steadiily from levels of Rs 27,777 to the current price of Rs 27,900. 22 karats gold in Hyderabad is now steadily inching closer to the levels of Rs 28,000 and it would be rather possible for the precious metal to beat rates of even Rs 30,000, if the present trend continues. We believe that there is a high possibility that gold rates would hover around this range of Rs 27,000 to Rs 30,000 and there could also be a technical bounce in these rates. If you find a sharp rally in the next few months, it might be a good idea to exit long positions. In fact, one can also consider buying in small quantities in the futures market in Hyderabad. If you buy in these markets you get the same rates and the quantity that you can buy is much higher.

2 April 2017
Gold rates Hyderabad stay steady

Gold rates in Hyderabad were seen trading flat, even as investors continued to buy into the precious metal. Gold for 22 karats was seen trading at Rs 27,863 per 10 grams, while gold for 24 grams was seen higher. Hyderabad gold prices have been seeing a downward trend as the rupee has gained against the US dollar. At one stage when rates were at Rs 28,500 per 10 grams has now moved below to Rs 27,800 per 10 grams. This has left investors with the opportunity to buy gold at lower levels. Gold jewellers say that every opportunity for a decline would lead to buying into gold. Thiss would keep prices of the metal at elevated levels and hence those who want to buy lower may really miss that opportunity. Whether that is true is an obvious question, but, investors who are long term holders of the metal will not bother too much about fluctuations. As long as prices are good, they would buy.

23 March 2017
Hyderabad gold rates to decline marginally

Gold prices in Hyderabad are set to dip marginally as investors digest a slew of data and speeches from US Fed officials. Gold rates have dipped last week and then bounced back, as investors saw a slight technical bounce and buying. This lent some support to gold rates in Hyderabad, which moved higher. Both 22 and 24 karats gold prices have moved higher, as investors and some support may emerge for the precious metal at prices around the Rs 27,900 levels. It would be a good opportunity to buy into the metal at the current rates. Hyderabad has been seeing good demand and there could be some more buying before the month of April and May as the wedding and the festive season would be in vogue. Those desiring to make purchases can buy the 22 karats and the 24 karats gold. In fact, if prices fall at around Rs 27,200 per 10 grams it would be a great time to buy into gold at these levels. What can be done is to buy into very diverse gold assets like gold bonds and sovereign gold bonds. In fact, these could hold you in good stead in the coming years, as they are easy to sell and have immense liquidity. So, go for these different instruments.

21 March 2017
A weekly fall for gold rates in Hyderabad

It was a weekly drop for gold in the last few days, as investors digest good data. Firstly, the week saw the US Federal Reserve increasing interest rates and this was followed by the rupee gaining ground in India and prices of gold in Hyderabad losing ground. So, the week saw gold prices in Hyderabad dropping below the Rs 28,000 mark. Going into next week it is difficult to say whether the downfall of gold rates in the city of Hyderabad would continue. Much would depend on international behavious of the metal, as also how the rupee behaves against the US dollar. Any solid gains in the rupee could lead to a ddrop in prices of gold, which are now slightly below the Rs 28000 levels in Hyderabad for 22 karats. There was also reportedly some buying from the gold ETFs this week, but gold rates in Hyderabad were also being influenced by the curency movement in India. We may well see the upward movement of the currency in the Indian markets, which could have a telling impact on gold prices in the country. It is also the festive season until May, after which we may clearly see gold prices on the decline again.

18 March 2017
Hyderabad gold prices to dip marginally

Gold prices in Hyderabad are expected to dip marginally as investors await the outcome of the US Fed meeting slated to end later today. Gold prices in Hyderabad were last trading at Rs 28,500 pe 10 grams in the city of Hyderabad. Both gold for 22 karats and 24 karats were higher as investors waited to see if the US Fed raises the interest rates sharply and its predictions. If it signals that there would be a faster pace of US Fed interest rate hikes, we might see gold prices falling more sharply. On the other hand, if there is some reaction to prices, you could buy into gold in Hyderabad. All in all it is a situation where it is always difficult to study in which direction gold prices would move.  At Rs 28,200 per 10 grams in Hyderabad, gold prices are not really cheap. There should be a possibility of a dip, which is when you should should buy. The rupee has been falling in the last few days and hence gold prices in India could fall lower, and it could also have an impact on gold prices in India. All in all, it is a good time to buy into the precious metal, if it falls below Rs 27,000.

15 March 2017

Disclaimer: The gold rates are sourced from local jewellers in the city. There maybe variance in rates and prices. GoodReturns.in has made every effort to ensure accuracy of information provided; however, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries and associates do not guarantee such accuracy. The rates are for informational purposes only. It is not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. Greynium Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, its subsidiaries, associates do not accept culpability for losses and/or damages arising based on gold information provided.