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Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund scheme can be categorized based on the risk and tenure. Define your investment goal and risk appetite and select the funds based on that. One can select a fund type that best suit your need such as income schemes, liquid schemes, tax saving schemes, equity schemes etc
Most Retail Investors Prefer Equities, MF Is Second
Most retail investors prefer equities over other asset classes to park funds and play in the market only when they have surplus cash, says a survey. The survey findings indicate that markets watchdog Sebi's investor awareness campaigns have finally begun to ...
Most Retail Investors Prefer Equities Mf Is Second
Why We Should Pay Heed To Disclaimers?
Disclaimers are put forth while a new investment option is kept open for the public in fine print or announced on the different media platforms has a very unusual life span ...
Balanced Funds: Are They Risk-Free?
While the inflow in the fund category has been the highest in the month of May, primarily triggered by stock indices performance, the fund is certainly a good bet for first ...
Balanced Funds Are They Risk Free

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