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Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund scheme can be categorized based on the risk and tenure. Define your investment goal and risk appetite and select the funds based on that. One can select a fund type that best suit your need such as income schemes, liquid schemes, tax saving schemes, equity schemes etc
How Do Expense Ratio Affects Return In A Mutual Fund Scheme?
As is with other goods and services, financial products and services do entail a cost and mutual funds are no exception. Fund management fee, agent commission, selling and advertising expenses and registrar fees all fall under expense ratio head. The ratio ...
How Do Expense Ratio Affects Return A Mutual Fund Scheme
What is CKYC?
To get away with the hassle of repeatedly complying with KYC requirements for customers of mutual funds, central know Your Customer (CKYC) is in place. The process requires ...
Best Debt Funds To Invest For 2017
Debt funds have typically given returns that could even surpass the returns from bank deposits. They are more tax efficient than bank deposits and are hence preferred. Befor...
Best Debt Funds Invest
What Are Index Funds In India?
An index fund is a kind of mutual fund with a portfolio developed to track the segments of a market index (a single number which represents a market and tracks its ups and d...

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