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4 Ways To Get HDFC Bank Debit Card Re-issued Or Replaced In Case You Lose It


Nowadays, nearly a majority of us maintain not just one savings account but there can be many and with them comes the quintessential debit or debit cum ATM card. And as it can happen with anyone if you too have lost your HDFC Debit card, after reporting the loss or theft of the financial instrument to the bank for getting the same blocked and filing FIR for the same, you may avoid getting it re-issued and instead prefer doing online fund transfer (assuming that you get your salary or other major amount credited to this particular bank account) to other savings accounts for may be cash withdrawal and other transactions.


Lost An HDFC Bank Debit Card: Here’s How You Can Apply One

While these debit cards come with some annual charges for usage, maintenance etc., if utilized optimally can reward us also. Say for instance, as part of the Festival Treat, NPCI has only lately announced discount up to 65% on purchases of various branded items as well as on a host of services ranging from health to education. And now if you also had a HDFC Rupay card previously which you lost it, you will not be able to tap these offers.
So, here is suggested the methods to apply for HDFC Debit card again or getting the debit card of HDFC Bank reissued.

As per the HDFC Bank's website, customers can apply for the reissue of debit cum ATM cards through multiple channels. Below here are listed all such ways:

1. Through net banking:

-Considering that you have not got your debit card blocked, you can log in to your net banking account by entering your credentials. Now under the cards tab, Debit cards link on the left hand side corner will flash under which there will be a sub-link saying Request where you need to click.

- Now, here you have the debit card hotlisting or blocking option using which you can get your lost or stolen card blocked permanently by just clicking on the respective ATM card number.
- And now if you raise a reissue request which appears next you in no time will be issued a new debit card bearing a new Card number online.
- While it shall be delivered physically to your correspondence address in some days time, you can begin to use the same by generating PIN for it online.


2. Through mobile banking:

The process of applying for the reissue of debit cum ATM card via mobile banking can serve those who do not have access to net banking. Now, the process is exactly the same as that using net banking method i.e. Go to cards section > service request> Select the card (enlisted quoting the card number) against which a new card is to be issued> New or re-issued debit card shall be dispatched to your registered mailing address.

3. By contacting customer care:

Then there is this simplest of option i.e. you can call up on the customer care numbers and ask the executive to raise an ATM re-issue request on your behalf with the bank. As and when the request is fed in the system, do not forget to note down the service request reference number for your easy follow up on the issue at a later time.

4. Visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch:

And if you prefer going to the bank branch you can always do so for placing re-issue request for the lost or stolen debit card and either may collect the same in person or ask the institution to send it across on your mailing address.

Now, the cost aspect, this replacement of the stolen or lost debit card with a newly reissued card comes with a small charge and this may vary from bank to bank. And as and when the new card is issued, this fee is auto-debited from one's bank account.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 28, 2020, 1:49 [IST]
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