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How To Find Bank Account Name From SBI Account Number or Any other Account Number?


Yes, there are situations when we don't recall the exact name on the account. If you have several accounts or accounts with different names, you can get confused about the exact name of the account.


It is often seen as a concern when someone is asked to submit money to an account number, but they want to double-check the account holder's name for reassurance. This becomes more complicated, as not everyone knows how to obtain the account holder's name using the account number.

There are two methods for determining the account holder's name from the account number.

How To Find Bank Account Name From SBI Account Number or Any other Account Numbe

Option 1: Making use of a cash deposit machine

Step 1: Visit a Cash Deposit Machine of the Bank
Step 2: Enter the Bank Account number
The process may vary depending on the bank. But following few steps will get to know the bank account name.
Step 3: CDM will display the account holder's name.
Note: In Axis Bank, for example, the machine will show the name as soon as you enter the account number. In ICICI Bank, however, you must enter the account number, deposit the cash (notes), the device will count them, and then it will show the account name before final submission.
Step 4: The name of the account holder will appear on your screen. You will easily obtain the beneficiary's name from the bank's records.
Step 5: To receive your cashback, you can cancel the transaction phase at the last stage.


How to Know Account Name from SBI Account Number?

Step 1: Visit SBI CDM
Step 2: Click on Cardless Deposit
Step 3: Select the Language
Step 4: Enter Your Mobile Number
Step 5: Account Type- Savings or Current
Step 6: Add Beneficiary Account Number
The account holder's information will appear on the screen

Option 2: Internet banking

Only if your own bank account is in the same bank can you use this option. You can log in using a different account and add the account number as beneficiary or payee. When the process is complete you will know the name on the account number

Step 1: Log into your internet banking
Step 2: Fund Transfer.
Step 3: Use the option to add a new beneficiary
Step 4: Enter the account number of the beneficiary
Step 5: The account name would then be shown by the machine. According to bank records, it will show the beneficiary's name.
Step 6: You can either cancel the process or add the payee at that stage.

Both of these techniques for determining a bank account's name from an account number can only be used for information purposes. Ideally, you can simply ask the person who provided you with the account number for the account name. If it is your bank account, you can visit the bank and provide the details to confirm it is your account.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 22, 2021, 9:35 [IST]
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