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DIL Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1951 - The company was Incorporated on 1st May, as a private limited
company under the name International Franchise Pvt. The Company
manufacture drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and
toileteries. It started its activities with the manufacture of a
brand of tooth paste and antiseptic lotion and extended them to
the manufacture of pharmaceutical specialities of foreign
companies on leave licence scheme.

- DIL was promoted by Solvay Pharmaceuticals based Brussels and
Mr. D. Vasant Kumar and family in India.

1962 - The Collaboration agreements were concluded with N.V. Philips -
Duphar of Amsterdam and the Crookes Laboratories Ltd., London.
The Company became a public limited company with effect from 9th
April, 1963 and simultaneously its name was changed to Crookes
Interfran Ltd.

- The Company was entitled to obtain technical know-how for the
manufacture of basic chemical, Vitamin `D' from N.V. Philips
`Gloeilampenfabrieken, Holland.

1967 - The first phase of vitamin `D' manufacture was undertaken in May
from imported resin. Import substitution was implemented in
certain chemicals like neo-ferrum flakes, iodine concentrate and

- 800 No. of equity share and 200 pref. shares issued by Feb. 1963.
Around March 1963, 800 No. of equity shares issued at par to
collaborators. Around Dec. 1964, 800 right equity shares issued
at par in prop. 1:2 and pref. shares redeemed. In Sept. 1967,
1,200 No. of equity shares issued at par in prop. 1:2. In Sept.
1969, Rs 9 lakhs capitalised to make partly paid shares fully

1971 - The name of the Company was changed to Duphar-Interfran Ltd.

1975 - The second phase was (irradiation) of vitamin `D' was
implemented. The Company's products included `Crookes'
transfusion, crocin and lacto-calamine, Duphar's research
specialities of vasodilators and progrestational agents.

- In Dec. 1970, shares subdivided. In Oct. 1975, 36,000 bonus
shares issued in prop. 1:1.

1977 - On 24-12-1976, shares subdivided. During July 1977, 2,00,000
shares offered (prem. Rs 2.50 per share) to the public.

1979 - The Company undertook to set up a joint venture company under the
name Fermentapharma Biodil Ltd., at Takoli village, Mandi
district in Himachal Pradesh for the manufacture of basic drug
intermediates used in the production of essential semi-synthetic

1984 - A modernisation and replacement to programme was taken up at the
cost of Rs 100 lakhs.

- 4,60,000 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:2.

1985 - Profitability was affected by a strike in the Vapi unit. The
Vapi factory could not make adequate contribution to sales on
account of low employee effectiveness.

- The Company obtained registration for the manufacture of some
bulk drugs and their formulations.

1988 - The Company privately placed with financial institutions
1,20,000-14% non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each for Rs 120

- 4,60,000 bonus shares issued in prop. 1:3.

1991 - 3,22,000 shares issued (prem. Rs 35 per share), 3.06,667 shares
rights (prop. 1:6) and 15,333 shares to employees (all were taken
up). Allotment was made on 1.6.1991.

1992 - The Company continued to concentrate towards development of new
formulation, bulk drugs and intermediates in the field of
synthetic and fermentation technology and in improving process
of the existing formulation and bulk drugs.

- The Company proposed to set up a third manufacturing unit at
Takwe, Maharashtra for the commercial production of formulation.
The company proposed to introduce Vitamin D3 combination for
veterinary use.

- The Company has developed chemical preparation of Sulbactam, a
beta-lactamase inhibitor. Amoxycillin Dispersible Tablet was
introduced in the market.

- During the year the company's Pilot Plant was engaged in the
scaling up of in-house processes developed by the company's R & D
Division for the manufacture of 7-ADCA by enzymatic conversion of
Ceph-G, jCephalexin and Sulbactam. Besides , locally developed
technology for Cholorzoxazone was tried out in the Pilot Plant.

- It is proposed to install Heat Recovery System and a high
efficiency boiler at the Vapi Works.

1993 - The Company has undertaken expansion programme by recreating its
Vitamin D3 plant at Thane.

- Vitamin D3 preparation in Arachis Oil for Animal Feed was
developed. The Company proposes to introduce Vitamin D3
combination for veterinary use.

- During the year the company's Pilot Plant was engaged in the
scaling up of in-house processes for Sulbactam and Chlorzoxazone.

1994 - The Company, proposed to issue 3,60,333 New Equity Shares of Rs.
10/- each as Rights Shares at a premium of Rs.45 per share. These
shares will be offered to the Shareholders of the Company in the
ratio of one such New Equity Share for every six existing shares

- Two new bulk drugs namely Chlorzoxazone and Sulbactam Sodium
which were developed through indigenously developed in-house
technology have been successfully manufactured on commercial
scale essentially for captive consumption.

- Vitamin D3, liquid formulation for Animal Feed has been developed
and is being launched in the market.

1995 - The Company offered 3,60,333 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each
at a premium of Rs 45 per share on rights basis to the existing
shareholders in the ratio of 1:6. The number of shares offered
was increased to 3,62,871 on account of rounding off of
fractional entitlement. All were taken up.

- The Company set up a third manufacturing unit at village Takwe
(Budruk), Taluka - Maval, District - Pune.

1996 - The Company effected sale of its main product namely, "Crocin
range" during the year since it was not giving the expected
growth and yield and its contribution to profit was at a
decreasing rate.

- The Company has already launched in February one of the Gynaec
products under the brand name "Yutopar". The other new products
in the pipeline are Luvox, a psychotropic product.

- The Company introduced Voluntary Retirement Scheme for its
workmen and staff members at Thane Factory and Head Office.

1997 - During the year, the Company launched a new product under the
brand name UDILIV for chronic hepatitis, cholestasis and
dissolution of gall stones indications.

- The Company has an R & D Laboratory approved by DSIR for
chemicals and pharmaceutical research and development activity.

- A wage settlement was signed with Unions of Medical
Representatives. Similarly, a wage agreement with the Union of
Thane and H.O. Workmen and Staff was also signed.

1998 - Duphar-Interfran is present in categories like antibiotics,
anti-stress therapy, iodine therapy and muscle spasm. Some of
its well-known brands include Moxydil, Ginsec and Duodil

- Duphar is also planning to launch new formulations in various

- The company's R&D laboratory is now trying to develop and
market new animal-feed supplement containing vitamins and

- Duphar-Interfran also plans to launch formulations in various
categories. The company launched a product under the brand name
Udiliv for chronic hepatitis, cholestasis and dissolution of gall
stones indications.

1999 - The Company has DSIR approved R&D Centre. During the year,
research programme for finding out new lead molecules of
medicinal importance and development of indigenous technologies
for major drugs and intermediates were continued.

- Electrical capacitors of sufficient size were installed at main
electrical distribution and at key motor control panels by which
the power factor was maintained at the efficient level resulting
in considerable power saving.

- The Company has an extensive computer network.

2000 - Duphar-Interfran Ltd (DIL) has said it is demerging its
pharmaceutical business into a new company.

- The Company has signed agreements with NSDL and CDSL for
dematerialisation of the company's shares and for electronic

2002-Duphar-Interfran Ltd has informed that Mr Kunal Kashyap has been appointed as a Director on the Board of the company.

-Registered Office of the Company has been shifted From Worli, Mumbai to Thane


- Dil Ltd has appointed Mr. Sanjay Buch as an additional director (Independent Category) with effect from April 28, 2007.


-Dil Ltd has recommended an equity dividend of 100%


-Dil Ltd has declared Interim Dividend & recommended Final Dividend of Rs 7.50 per share respectively.


-Dil Ltd has recommended final equity dividend @ Rs. 7.50/- per equity share

-Dil Ltd has declared Interim Dividend @ Rs. 7.50/- per equity share


-Dil Ltd has recommended final equity dividend @ Rs. 10/- per equity share

-Dil Ltd has declared interim equity dividend @ Rs. 15/- per equity share


-Dil Ltd has recommended final equity dividend @ Rs. 15/- per equity share

-Dil Ltd has declared interim equity dividend @ Rs. 15/- per equity share


-Dil Ltd has signed "Agreement with Advertising Agents and Consultants".


-Board has been appointed Dr. Gopakumar Nair as an Additional Director of the company.

-Dil Ltd has informed the shifting of registered office of the Company from "DIL Complex, Ghodbunder Road, Majiwada, Thane (West) - 400 610, Maharashtra, India" to "A -1601, Thane One, DIL Complex, Ghodbunder Road, Majiwade, Thane (West) 400 610, Maharashtra, India".