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Escorts Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mrs.Vibha Paul Rishi Additional Director
Mr.D J Kakalia Additional Director
Mr.G B Mathur Additional Director
Mr.Nitasha Nanda Additional Director
Dr.Sutanu Behuria Additional Director
Mr.Hardeep Singh Additional Director
Mr.P H Ravikumar Additional Director
Mr.Rajan Nanda Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Rajan Nanda Chairman and Managing director
Ms.Nitasha Nanda Director
Dr.Sutanu Behuria Director
Mrs.Vibha Paul Rishi Director
Mr.P H Ravikumar Director
Dr.M G K Menon Director
Dr.S A Dave Director
Dr.P S Pritam Director
Mr.S C Bhargava Director
Mr.Hardeep Singh Director
Mr.G B Mathur Director
Mr.Nikhil Nanda Joint Managing Director
Mr.Nikhil Nanda Managing Director
Ms.Nitasha Nanda Whole Time Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Ajay Mandahr Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Ravi Menon Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Sunil Saksena Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Dipankar Ghosh Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Lalit K Pahwa Chief Executive Officer
Mr.G V R Murthy Chief Executive Officer
Mr.S Sridhar Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Ajay Kumar Sharma Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.Ajay Sharma Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.G B Mathur Exe. Vice President - Law & Co. Secretary
Mr.G B Mathur Exe. Vice President Law & Co. Secretary
Mr.G B Mathur Exe. Vice Presodent - Law & Co. Secretary
Mr.O K Balraj Exe. VP & Group Chief Financial Officer
Mr.G B Mathur Exec. Vice President & Co. Secretary
Mr.Ishan Mehta Executive Vice President
Mr.O K Balraj Group CFO & Exec. Vice President
Mr.Bharat Madan Group Financial Controller