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Notes to Accounts of Max Alert Systems Ltd.

Mar 31, 2012

1. Information pursuant to paragraph 4c of part II of Schedule VI to the Companies Act.1956

As explained to us as the company deals in various types of installation commissioning charges erection of Telecom projects and are accounted on completion of sale / installation and completion of projects, it is impracticable to give quantitative details. Therefore the same are not given.

Other Miscellaneous:-

A) In the opinion of the Board of Directors current assets loans and advance are approximately of the value stated, if realized in the ordinary course of business. Provision of all liabilities is adequate and not in excess of the amount considered reasonably necessary however the balance in personal account in subject to confirmation.

B) The closing stocks have been accepted as valued, verified and certified by the management.

C) In respect of some of the expenses in absence of supporting evidence the vouchers as signed by the payee and /or management are relied upon.

D) Figures have been rounded off to the nearest Rupees and previous Year figure are regrouped and /or reclassified wherever necessary.