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Notes to Accounts of Real Growth Commercial Enterprises Ltd.

Mar 31, 2015

1. CONTINGENT LIABILITIES & COMMITMENTS Figures Figures as at the as at the end of end of Current Previous Reporting Reporting Period Period

Contingent liabilities in respect of (As certified by the management)

Guarantees given by the Company NIL NIL

Claim against the Company not acknowledged as debts NIL NIL

Capital commitment (net of advances) provided for NIL 97,166


During the Financial year, the Company was primarily involved in three kinds of business activities namely Real Estate, Steel Trading and Tradings in Securities /Commo profitability and the assets as a basis of identification of reportable segments, all the three segments have been qualified as a reportable segments. Whi le disclosing the segment results loans given or taken from corporates has been disclosed under unallocated segment.


List of Related parties with whom transactions have taken place

Rajesh Projects (India) Private Limited (Common Control)

RG Residency Private Limited (Common Control)

RG Services Private Limited (Common Control)

4. In the opinion of the Board of Directors, Current Assets, Loans & Advances has a value on realization at least equal to the amount at which these are stated in the Balance Sheet.

5. The Comp any has sought information from its suppliers/service providers about their status under micro small & medium enterprises development (MSMED) A ct 2006. Bas ed on the information provided by the venders and from the company knowledge no interest is payable.

6. Balance of Sundry parties, debit or credit, are subject to confirmation / reconciliation