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Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

1986 - The Company was incorporated on 6th January, 1986. It was
promoted by General Goods Pvt. Ltd. and Ruchi Pvt. Ltd; of the
Shahra Group of Industries. It manufactures Soya proteins,
Speciality Soya products, Soya snack foods and Nutrela.

- During September, the Company offered 4,46,666-13.5% convertible
debentures of Rs 150 each on rights/private placement basis, the
proportion of rights being 35 debentures for every 100 equity
shares held.

- Only 1,87,126 debentures were taken up by shareholders. The
balance 2,59,540 debentures were allotted on private placement
basis. Additional 64,554 debentures were also allotted on
private placement basis to retain over-subscription. Another
22,333 debentures were allotted to employees/workers of the
Company and those of the associated companies on an equitable
basis. A total of 5,32,543-13.5% convertible debentures of Rs
150 each were thus allotted for Rs 7,98,81,450.

- As per the terms of the issue, Rs 50 out of each debentures of
Rs. 150 was automatically converted into 5 No. of equity shares
of Rs 10 each of the Company at par on 20th July, 1987. The
balance of Rs 100 per debentures shall be redeemed at par in
three annual instalments on the expiry of 7th, 8th and 9th years
from the date of allotment.

- 70 shares subscribed for by the signatories to the Memorandum of
Association, 12,49,930 shares were then issued at par (including
25% retention) of which 4,99,930 shares were reserved and
allotted to promoters, directors at par. Out of the remaining
7,50,000 shares, the following shares were reserved for
preferential allotment; (i) 62,500 shares to employees of the
company (4,500 shares taken up); (ii) 12,000 shares to business
associates of the company (all were taken up) and (iii) 2,40,000
shares to NRIs (only 2,36,800 shares taken up). The balance
4,35,500 shares along with the unsubscribed portion of 61,200
shares out of the preferential quota were offered for public
subscription during February-March 1986.

1987 - 26,62,715 No. of equity shares allotted at par in part conversion
of debentures on 20.07.1987.

1988 - The Company proposed to expand its capacity from 6,000 tonnes per
annum to 12,000 tonnes per annum.

1989 - New texturised soya protein plants near Noida, U.P. and near
Indore, M.P. were commissioned.

- During November-December, the Company offered 2,69,949-13.5%
secured fully convertible debentures of Rs 150 each on `Rights
basis' in the proportion 1 debenture: 15 No. of equity shares
held. Additional 19,464 debentures were allotted to retain

- Another 1,34,970 - 13.5% debentures were issued to the
employees/workers of the Company and associate companies.

- Rs 70 of the face value of each debenture was automatically and
compulsorily converted into 5 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each
at a premium of Rs 4 per share during 1990-91.

- The remaining Rs 80 of the face value of each debenture was
converted into four equity shares of Rs 10 each, at a premium of
Rs 10 per share, during 1991-92.

1991 - The Company increased the texturised soya protein capacity from
12,000 TPA to 24,000 TPA and vanaspati from 7,500 TPA to 15,000

1992 - During August, the Company offered 65,17,432 No. of equity shares
of Rs 10 each at a premium of Rs 50 per share on Rights basis in
the proportion 1:1. Out of this, 65,07,678 shares were allotted
to shareholders/renouncees leaving a balance of 9,754 shares.

- Application were received for additional shares upto 26,94,800
shares from shareholders/renouncees, the balance of 9,754 shares
were allowed to lapse as the allotment of these shares would
have created fractions and odd lots.

1994 - The Company embarked upon an expansion programme with emphasis on
value addition. It was proposed to expand the capacity of TVP
(Nutrela) plant to increase the range of products. Also the
additional capacity of 200 TPD of refininng soya oil using
state-of-the-art technology was to be commissioned during the

1995 - The Company proposed to enter into marketing tie up with a
reputed international firm. Also, it was proposed to set up a
EOU for soya processing with a capacity of 4,50,000 TPA with a
view to enhancing the total manufacturing capacity.

- Steps were taken to set up a captive power plant for optimum
utilisation of plant.

- The Company issued 17.5% - 4,00,000 non-Convertible debentures of
Rs 100 each on Private Placement with GIC. These are redeemable
in four equal half yearly instalments commencing at the end of
one and half years from date of allotment i.e. 20.12.1993. Also
1,00,000-19% non-Convertible debentures were partially placed
with UTI. These are redeemable at a premium of 5% of the face
value in three equal yearly instalments commencing at the end of
6th years from the date of allotment i.e. 9th January, 1992.

1996 - The company was also planning to set up an oil refinery on the
southern coastal region of India.

1997 - 1,000,000-12.5% and 1,400,000-13% CR Pref. shares issued during
the year.

2000 - A fire accident occurred on December 25 at the refinery section of the
company located at village Talawali Chanda, District Indore (M.P.), in which the
plant and machinery of the refinery section were damaged.

2001 - The Board has allotted 40,98,545 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a premium
of Rs 32 per share to overseas corporate bodies and Indian companies on preferential basis.

-Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd introduces high portein defatted soya flour Nutrela Profilo


-Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd purchases 75000 equity shares of Aneja Solvex Pvt. Ltd. for Rs.201 lacs. Aneja Solvex Pvt. Ltd. becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the company

-Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. has informed that the equity shares of the company have been delisted from the Delhi Stock Exchange Association Ltd., w.e.f. February 11, 2004.


- The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs2/-.


- Ruchi Soya Board recommends dividend of 4%


- Ruchi Soya profit rises by 31.85% to Rs. 63.63 cr

-Ruchi Soya signed MOU with Ethiopian Government for 123550 acres for soybean cultivation

- Ruchi Soya Acquires Palm Tech, a largest palm oil unit in Andhra Pradesh


- Ruchi Soya Successfully Penetrates European Lecithin Market.

- Ruchi Group lines up $150 m for overseas expansion.


- Ruchi Soya in the Global Top 250 Consumer Products Industry by Deloitte

- Ruchi Soya signs MoU with Thermax for one MW Biomass Power


-Ruchi Soya announces Joint Venture with J Oil Mills and Toyota.
-"Ruchi Soya moves up in the list of Deloitte Global Top 250 Consumer Products Companies 2013".
- "Ruchi Soya enters into a Joint Venture with Kagome and Mitsui to revolutionize 17 Million Tons Indian Tomato market".
-Ruchi Soya joins hands with GAIN and CECOEDECON for the Fortification of Mahakosh Soyabean Oil with Vitamin A &D.

-Ruchi Soya Industries acquired oil refinery business of Ruchi Infrastructure Limited.

-Ruchi Soya receives Globoil Diamond Award
-Nutrela (Ruchi Soya Industries Limited) ties up with PFNDAI to enhance awareness on the benefits of Soya in Karnataka & Maharashtra
-Ruchi Soya bestowed Globoil Diamond Awards for being ‘No. 1 Importer of Edible Oil
-Ruchi Soya signs MOU with the Government of Rajasthan
-Ruchi Soya in the Top 250 Global FMCG Companies list by Deloitte

-Ruchi Soya introduces rice bran oil
-titled "Ruchi Soya receives special recognition at Dun & Bradstreet India's Top 500 Companies & Corporate Awards, 2016".
-Ruchi Soya surges 12% on MOU with Govt of Arunachal Pradesh
-Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd has titled "Ruchi Soya launches 'Kisan Kalyan Ayojan' in partnership with SBI To support farmers in availing the benefits of digital banking post".