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Scandent Imaging Ltd. Company Management Team

Board Of Directors
Name Designation
Mr.V S Mohan Additional Director
Dr.Sowmya Gautam Deshpande Additional Executive Director
Mr.Sudhirkumar Deshpande Addnl. & Ind.Director
Mr.Rajnish Kumar Pandey Addnl. & Ind.Director
Dr.Burzin Khan Addnl.Independent Director
Dr.Pratibha Walinjkar Addnl.Independent Director
Dr.Ajit Shetty Addnl.Independent Director
Dr.Mukul Padhye Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Dr.Ajit Gopal Shetty Addnl.Non Exe.Independent Director
Ms.Sarla Doshi Chairman & Executive Director
Mr.Gautam Deshpande Chairman & Managing Director
Dr.Gautam Mohan Deshpande Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Anil Agrawal Chairman & Managing Director
Mr.Anil Agrawal Chairman and Managing director
Mr.R C Doshi Chairman and Managing director
Mr.Vineet Tulsiyan Director
Mr.Anil Agrawal Director
Mr.Abhishek Lath Director
Ms.Ratna Dwivedi Director
Ms.Deepa Agrawal Director
Ms.Manisha U Raval Director
Mr.Vinay S Shah Director
Mr.Viki taksali Director
Ms.Sucheta V Shah Director
Mr.Viki Takshali Executive Director
Dr.Ajit Gopal Shetty Ind. Non-Executive Director
Dr.V S Mohan Ind. Non-Executive Director
Dr.Rajnish Kumar Pandey Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Vineet Tulsiyan Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Vinay Shah Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Abhishek Lath Ind. Non-Executive Director
Mr.Sudhirkumar Deshpande Ind.& Non Exe.Director
Mr.Pradeep Poddar Ind.& Non Exe.Director
Mr.Rajnish Kumar Pandey Ind.& Non Exe.Director
Mrs.Shivani Mayekar Independent Director
Mr.Gautam Deshpande Managing Director
Mr.Gautam Mohan Deshpande Managing Director
Dr.Mukul Padhye Non Exe. & Ind. Director
Dr.Ananya Akash Rao Non Exe. & Ind. Director
Dr.Ajit Gopal Shetty Non Exe. & Ind. Director
Dr.V S Mohan Non Exe. & Ind. Director
Dr.Rajnish Kumar Pandey Non Exe. & Ind. Director
Mr.Uday Raval Non Executive Director
Dr.Sowmya Gautam Deshpande Whole Time Director
Key Executives
Name Designation
Mr.Anil Agrawal Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Amit Tyagi Chief Financial Officer
Ms.Kanchan Parab Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Priyanka Mukherjee Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Rachana Shridharani Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Ms.Vaibhavi Shah Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mrs.Dipti Modi Co. Secretary & Compl. Officer
Mr.Vijay Tiwari Compliance Officer
Ms.Keenjal Zaveri Compliance Officer