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Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. Company History and Annual Growth Details

The Company was incorporated on 16th May, 1991 under the name and style of Vantage Financial Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. with the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra at Bombay. The Company's name was changed to Vantage Financial Services Ltd. and converted into public limited
company with effect from 30th October, 1992 to reflect the company as a full fledged financial services company.

Background of the Industry

The Company is engaged and operating in the financial services and finance-related activities - an emerging Industry.

Strengths & Weakness

The Company is already in the line of financial services and is a Category IV Merchant Banker registered with SEBI. An the same is awaited. Underwriting is another area which has immense income generating potential. Sensing this, the Company has already applied to SEBI for Registration as Underwriters and the registration is expected shortly.

The Company would face competition from established firms and institutions with large resource base. Moreover, limited funds availability would be a constraint in expanding infrastructure which again could affect the growth of the organisation. However, the company presently proposes to utilise its limited sources to cater to various
needs of its existing clientele and develop the business over a period of time by prudential re-investment plan.


Main objects of the company as set out in the Memorandum of Association are as under :

1. To carry on the business of financiers and to undertake, carry on and execute all kinds of financial and business operations (except Banking and Insurance business under The Banking Regulation Act, 1949, and Insurance Act, 1938) as carried on by financing houses, shroffs, credit
corporation, bankers and general financiers.

2. To carry on the business of Merchant Banking in all its aspects, to act as Managers to Issue and Offers, whether by way of Public Offer or otherwise, of shares, stocks, debentures, bonds, units and deposits and to manage portfolio investments and to act as issue house, Registrar
to Issue and Transfer Agents.

3. To set up, provide and/or participate in providing venture capital, technology funds or any other funds for seed capital, risk capital foundation, including giving guarantees or such other financial assistance as may be conductive for development of new enterprises, innovative methods of production and development of existing and new
technology to identify projects, project ideas, to prepare project profiles, project reports, market research, feasibility studies and reports, pre-investment studies and investigation of industries on micro and macro level.

4. To carry on and undertake the business of equipment leasing, to give on lease or leave and licence basis, or in any other manner and carry on all other operations incidental thereto of all types of equipments, property and assets including all kinds of goods, articles or things
including vehicles, ships, travellers, vessels, aircrafts, aeroplanes, fly machines, office equipments, computers, satellites and any other capital equipment, and whether movable or immovable.


The Company is non-banking financial company and is governed by Non-Banking Financial Companies (Reserve Bank) Directors, 1977 issued by the Reserve Bank of India. The Company is presently engaged in the business of Merchant Banking and is registered with SEBI as a Category - IV Merchant Banker. The Company has applied for upgradation as
Category - I Merchant Banker with SEBI and their registration is awaited.

The Company was engaged in the Business of Registrars and Share Transfer Agents before the enactment of SEBI Act. However, pending registration of the company as Category I Registrars and Transfer Agents with SEBI, the company has discontinued this activity.

The Company has applied to the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for registration as Category I Registrar and Transfer Agent under the Securities & Exchange Board of India (Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents) Regulations, 1993 vide application dated 27th August, 1992 as revised by Application dated 12th August, 1993.

Performance of Merchant Banking Division

The company has been accredited with the status of Category IV Merchant Banker by Securities & Exchange Board of India with effect from 16th March, 1993 under SEBI Act, 1992 in the capacity of Category IV Merchant Banker, the company is authorised to act as Advisors and Consultants to Issue.

The Company has acted as Advisors to four Public & Rights Issues so far.

1. Jhunjunu Investments Limited.

2. Suryamukhi Trading & Finance Limited.

3. Prism Mills Limited.

4. Niyati Leasing Limited.


The Company has been operating from Bombay and as a part of expansion programme, the company has also set up offices in Nasik & Aurangabad and has plans to set up offices in all the important cities of Maharashtra. The Company is in the process of recruiting more professionals to look after the expanding business activities.


The company does not have any subsidiary.


Vantage Share Registry Limited


- Vantage Corporate Services Ltd has informed that Mr. Kirtan Shah has been appointed as director of the Company with effect from April 01, 2009.