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Fuel Prices Hiked; Petrol Prices Near Rs 100 in Patna


Fuel prices in the country were raised again after a day of hiatus, putting a strain on travellers. Petrol and diesel prices were raised in additional state capitals on Thursday, approaching the psychological mark of Rs100.


Petrol has increased in price by 26 paise per litre, while diesel has increased by 7 paise per litre. Following this rise, petrol costs Rs 97.76 per litre and diesel costs Rs 88.30 per litre in Delhi today. Brent crude has also surpassed the $ 75 per barrel mark.

The cost of petrol in Delhi has increased for the thirteenth time this month. In Mumbai, petrol costs 103.89 rupees per litre, while diesel costs 95.79 rupees per litre.

Fuel Prices Hiked; Petrol Prices Near Rs 100 in Patna

Patna, Bihar's capital, and Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala's capital, are on the cusp of joining the list of state capitals where auto fuel prices have surpassed Rs 100.
Today's petrol and diesel prices in your city.

  • Petrol costs Rs 103.89 a litre in Mumbai today, while diesel costs Rs 88.30.
  • Petrol costs Rs 97.63 per litre in Kolkata today, while diesel costs Rs 91.15.
  • Petrol costs Rs 98.88 per litre in Chennai today, while diesel costs Rs 92.89.
  • Petrol costs Rs 108.94 per litre in Sriganganagar today, while diesel costs Rs 101.48.
  • Petrol costs Rs 99.80 per litre in Patna, while diesel costs Rs 93.63.
  • Petrol costs Rs 108.56 a litre in Anuppur today, while diesel costs Rs 99.39.
  • Petrol costs Rs 108.2 per litre in Rewa today, while diesel costs Rs 99.05.
  • Petrol costs Rs 94.95 per litre in Lucknow today, while diesel costs Rs 88.71.
  • Petrol costs Rs 94.02 per litre in Chandigarh today, while diesel costs Rs 87.94.
  • In Ranchi, a litre of petrol costs Rs 93.55 and a litre of diesel costs Rs 93.20.

Across the country, petrol prices are on the verge of reaching the century mark. Extending the range of historically high rates that had previously surpassed Rs 100 per litre in various Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh cities and towns.

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