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Petrol, Diesel Prices Touch Record Highs; Bhopal and Indore Joins Rs 100/litre Petrol Club


On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, petrol and diesel prices were raised for the third consecutive day, reaching new highs across the nation. Petrol prices increased by 25 paise in the national capital, though diesel prices increased by 25 paise.


The price of petrol in Mumbai was raised to Rs 98.36 per litre on Wednesday from Rs 98.12, while diesel prices were raised to Rs 89.75 from Rs 89.48, according to the price notification.

On Wednesday, Bhopal became the first state capital in the world to see petrol surpass the Rs 100 mark. In the capital, a litre of petrol now costs Rs 100.08.

Fuel Prices; Bhopal and Indore Joins Rs 100/litre Petrol Club

The cost of petrol and diesel varies by state, depending on local taxes (VAT) and freight charges. Aside from that, the state government levies an excise tax on automobile fuels.

Petrol prices in Delhi, among other major capital cities, broke the Rs 100 mark for the first time today, making it the first state capital to do so. Petrol costs Rs 100.08 in Madhya Pradesh's capital today, while diesel costs Rs 90.95.

Central and state taxes account for 60% of the retail sale price of gasoline and about 54% of the retail selling price of diesel. Petrol has an excise duty of Rs 32.90 per litre, while diesel has an excise duty of Rs 31.80.


As a result of the price hike, petrol prices in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra have surpassed the Rs 100 mark in more areas.

Petrol and diesel prices in your city:


Petrol prices - Rs 93.84 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 87.49 per litre
Petrol prices - Rs 92.16 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 85.45 per litre
Petrol prices - Rs 98.00 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 88.03 per litre
Petrol prices - Rs 95.11 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 87.57 per litre
Petrol prices - Rs 95.67 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 90.06 per litre
Noida (UP)
Petrol prices - 90.04 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 83.07 per litre
Mohali (Punjab)
Petrol prices - Rs 94.26 per litre
Diesel prices - 85.50 per litre
Petrol prices 88.55 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 82.28 per litre
Gurugram (Haryana)
Petrol prices - Rs 89.96 per litre
Diesel prices - Rs 83.19 per litre

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