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How to become a Binomist and start trading online - Step-by-step guide

By Staff

In this review, we will tell you how to become a Binomist and take your first steps in online trading. In addition, you will know about the importance of learning on the Binomo trading platform, practicing on a demo account, and the convenience of a mobile app for trading on the go.


How to become a Binomist and start trading online?

Binomo is the perfect online trading platform for enthusiasts, those who trade wisely using various strategies and market analysis. They are a community of Binomists who refrain from making guesses and instead make forecasts based on market analysis.
In this review, we'll discuss Binomo, including all about deposits, withdrawals, tutorials, contests, and a lot more.

How to become a Binomist and start trading online - Step-by-step guide

Why Binomo?

What's Binomo and why do traders choose it? It's an online trading platform that allows traders to get extra profit.
It has many benefits that attract users, and the question being asked by beginners is "How to play Binomo", but it's not a game. So what is it and how does it work then? It's a platform that requires analysis, education, and experience; along with that, it provides all the necessary tools for training and learning. If you understand the importance of learning, you are on your way to becoming a Binomist.


Is Binomo legal in India?

Some new traders may have doubts whether Binomo is real and legit or fake and fraud. It's not a scam but a really safe and regulated platform with a certificate by the International Finance Commission (IFC) - proof of Binomo authenticity. It gained a lot of positive reviews on forums for traders and brokers on the net or on platforms like Quora. For more information like office address, contact details, etc. of the company, check their website.

How to start trading on Binomo?

Before making a deposit on Binomo, learn the basics. So you'll understand how the platform works and how to trade.

Registration, and log in

Head to the Binomo website or app and open the login page. Then enter the email address and password to sign up. Select the currency, read and accept the Client Agreement. Click on "Create an account", and your registration is complete. Sign in to start trading.
Note! According to the company's policy and regulations, you cannot change the account currency after registration.

Tutorials and trading tips

How to become a Binomist and start trading online - Step-by-step guide

Some individuals ask how to make money on Binomo. Here you can get extra income, it's not a way for getting a fast profit. Practice on the demo account, apply trading strategies and develop your style in trading. (There are no "winning" strategies and they don't guarantee a 100% result.)
So you'll get empowerment for real trades. There are tips and tutorials on and educational features like Glossary of terms, tournaments, Help Center with FAQs (it serves like Wikipedia for traders). You can learn in Hindi or English by changing the language settings.

First deposit

The minimum deposit in India is $5. Payment methods include such options as NetBanking, UPI, PayTm, etc. (PayPal is not available).
There are no-deposit and deposit bonuses. The no-deposit bonuses depend on the promotion (f.e. a code or coupon giving 100% to deposit). Users can activate a 25% bonus after creating a free account. Go through Binomo terms and conditions to learn more.

How do you open and close the first trade?

Binomo uses fixed time trades (FTT). To open a trade:
1. Make an investment of $5 or more;
2. Choose an asset;
3. Select trade amount and time;
4. Make a forecast, whether the price will go UP or DOWN.
5. When the trade is closed, you get extra profit if the forecast is correct.
Note! Don't use signals as they can misguide you.

Track trades wherever you go

How to become a Binomist and start trading online - Step-by-step guide

You can invest and trade via the web browser on PC or log in via a mobile trading app. Find the Binomo logo and download the app from Google Play/AppStore.
Android users facing issues with downloading the app, don't need to hack. Get the free apk file:
You can't have any software app on a PC desktop (Windows/Mac) as the app works only on tablets and smartphones. For questions, access the chatbot on the app for iOS and Android.

Don't forget about verification

Sometimes a company may request verification of the account holder. Now the automatic service is available on Binomo and it takes a few minutes (vs. IQ Option).

Withdraw funds from Binomo without fees

How to withdraw money from Binomo? You can withdraw cash with the payment methods you used to deposit. The minimum amount is $10; there are also withdrawal limits.

H2 - Result

Binomo offers an opportunity to earn extra profit and helps you learn how to use the tools through tutorials. Besides, there is a BinPartner affiliate program if you want to benefit not only as a trader. By using the tools wisely, constantly learning, and developing your skills you'll become a Binomist.
However, ensure you are clear about the risks involved in online trading before you join the platform.

Disclaimer: This is a partnered post.
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