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Why bank lockers need to be operated once in a year?


Why bank lockers need to be operated once in a year?
When you hire a bank locker to keep your valuables, certain guidelines that are are not explicitly provided by the bank are needed to be followed as else you as a hirer will land in a troubled situation. Some such concerns are listed hereforth.

Operate locker atleast once a while


Depending on your risk profile adjudged by banks based on several factors such as your age, job profile and other such demographics may classify your locker account as either high, medium or low risk profile. Correspondingly, on the basis of it, you are advised to operate your locker account at least once in few year or a year. As banks on the grounds of inoperaing the account can open the locker and allot it to someone despite you paying the cost for it.

High risk profile locker hirers are required to operate their lockers atleast once in a year while the medium risk profile locker customers of the bank should operate once in a three years time. Though banks before claiming their right to keep open the locker and alloting it to someone else, sent a notice for the customer to take heed of the situation.

But not to worry, banks do not seize the held valuables in the account and keep intact in a separate bundle. As seen claiming your own things can sometime turn out to be highly cumbersome as you'll need to follow up for the issue again and again. Nonetheless, it shall be best for you to operate the account as with it not only will you be able to comply with the conditions of the bank but also be able to track the presence of your valuables.

Also, banks may break open the locker account in possession of someone else, in case the annual maintenance fees is left unpaid. Know about the annual fees for maintaining the bank locker account herein


Keep locker key safely

Another major issue seen with maintaing a locker account is that hirers due to their negligence misplace the key for the held lockers. As you must be aware, the locker maintaineds at the bank premise can be opened with 2 keys, the one provided to you by the bank and the one held by the bank, so in case you lose the key, you will not be able to open the account plus banks may ask you heftly for breaking open the locker and even changing the lock.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 29, 2014, 11:05 [IST]
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