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Top-Up SIP: Why You Should Opt For Top-Up SIP When You Have Surplus Funds?


Those who are clear about their financial goals should keep in mind that money management is just as vital. SIP Top-up is a feature that allows a SIP participant to increase the amount of their SIP installment in Mutual Funds by a predetermined amount at pre-determined intervals. As a result, this facility allows the investor to invest larger amounts during the SIP's duration.


SIPs, as previously stated, allow investors to pay a set sum at regular periods. If you like the fund's performance and want to increase your monthly SIP amount, you can choose a top-up SIP. A top-up SIP increases the SIP amount automatically at a predetermined time or period.

Advantages of Top-Up SIP

Advantages of Top-Up SIP

  • For example, if you now invest Rs. 20,000 per month in a mutual fund via SIP and want to increase your monthly commitment to Rs. 25, 000, you can do so with a top-up SIP.
  • A top-up SIP may give you an advantage over a traditional SIP because you are raising the SIP investment amount every year. Because with a top-up SIP, the monthly SIP amount grows every year, whereas, in a traditional SIP, the amount invested remains constant throughout the investment cycle.
  • Every year, you expect your payor income to rise. Employers offer annual increments or bonuses that can be added to an existing SIP.
  • A top-up facility enables you to achieve your financial objectives more quickly or to expand your objectives to match your needs.
  • Because you can expect your income to rise over time, increasing your investment in an existing plan is a sensible way to increase your wealth.
  • Top-up SIP allows you to stay up with the rising cost of living. Because inflation erodes the value of your money over time, it's a good idea to increase your SIP contributions by at least the inflation rate.
SBI terms and conditions for Top-Up

SBI terms and conditions for Top-Up

  • Investors must select the top-up option when enrolling for the SIP service.
  • The minimum SIP top-up is Rs. 500, and multiples of Rs. 500 are allowed.
  • Once you've enrolled, you won't be able to change your top-up information. Any modifications must be made by canceling the existing SIP and enrolling in a new SIP with the Top-up option.
  • SIP Top-up is accessible in the case of Monthly SIP, Half-yearly SIP, and Yearly SIP. If the investor does not indicate a frequency for a top-up, the default frequency will be half-yearly.
  • Only the Yearly frequency is accessible under SIP Top-up in the case of Quarterly SIP.
  • Top-up SIP will be permitted in all schemes that offer the SIP function.
  • All other terms and conditions that apply to normal SIP will apply to Top-up SIP as well.
  • SIP Top-up will be accessible exclusively for SIP Investments made using ECS (Debit Clearing) Or Direct Debit.
How To Opt for Top up SIP?

How To Opt for Top up SIP?

Existing investors must apply for the SIP with the Top-Up option as well as the auto-debit option. They must ensure that details such as the scheme/plan, SIP date, duration, and frequency are appropriately presented. The investors' bank accounts will have two debits, one for the initial transaction and the other for the top-up transaction.

Only multiples of particular denominations can be topped up (eg Rs. 500). The facility is only available for SIPs paid by direct debit or ECS.

At pre-determined periods, the investor can increase the amount of the SIP installment by a specified amount. This increases the investor's flexibility.

A particular form for SIP top-up must be completed.

Forms can be downloaded on the fund house's website. Existing SIP (scheme information, SIP frequency, SIP amount) and investor details (name, folio) must be provided. The amount of the top-up and the frequency of the top-up instalments should be specified.

If the mode of holding is "Joint," all holders must sign the form. Some AMCs additionally demand that a bank mandate be included in the SIP top-up form. For each registered SIP, a separate top-up form must be completed. Between two consecutive top-up requests, the AMC specifies a time interval that must be maintained (typically 3-6 months).

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